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War breaks out between real cuckolds and the Nazi douchebags who call everyone “cucks”

If only
If only

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Like a lot of people, I’ve watched with a mixture of amusement and incredulity over the past year or so as the term “cuck” has become the insult of choice amongst the Anime Nazis and assorted other miscreants who make up the resurgent far right.

Borrowed from racialized cuckold porn — in which (white) porn husbands watch in aroused horror as their (white) porn wives have sex with more virile black men — the term “cuck” is used to suggest that the recipient of the insult is effete, even effeminate, basically a big fat pussy with a bit of “race traitor” added into the mix.

The word is to alt-right racists what “mangina” is to MRAs. And, much like “mangina,” it’s a consummately ineffective insult. Aside from a few movement conservatives who bristled a bit at being called “cuckservatives,” most of those on the receiving end of the insult see it as being about as meaningful as the clucking of a chicken.

But there is one group of people who have something of a proprietary interest in the term “cuck,” and who aren’t exactly overjoyed that the term has been turned into a Twitter taunt: the actual cuckold fetishists who get off on the complex and kinky psychosexual drama of cuckolding. 

Earlier this week, Vice treated us to an interview with “Dave,” a “Southern California entrepreneur and part-time ‘alpha cuck’ in his mid-forties” who is a little peeved that his sexual identity has become an insult.

“They don’t know what [cuck] means within the scene,” he told Vice’s Mike Pearl. “They believe it means inferior. They don’t realize that there certainly are a lot of alpha cucks out there,” guys who enjoy watching their wife or girlfriend with other men but who aren’t interested (mildly NSFW link) in the ritual humiliation of the cuck that gives many cuck fetishists their big sexual charge.

Naturally, the Alt-Right Knights Who Say Cuck find the very notion of “alpha cuckoldry” risible. On the blog 28 Sherman, reactionary racist blogger Ryan Landry responds to the Vice piece with an intermittently coherent rant expressing his no doubt futile hopes that the use of “cuck” as an insult could drive “sick” cucks back into the sexual shadows where they belong.

“Cucks have existed for a long time,” he argues,

but if your society even grants them a neutral approach or tolerance, it is deeply in decline.

The use of cuck as an insult crushes the literal cucks’ mindset because this destroys whatever fake status they are accruing. … By using cuck as an insult, it pierces the bubble these weak f*ggots have of their choices and their sexual depravity. 

Huh. I don’t think “alpha cuck” Dave sounded much like someone who’d just had his bubble “pierced” or his mindset “crushed.” He sounded, at least to me, just sort of annoyed.

Landry continues on in much the same vein, suggesting that “cuck” has caught on as an insult because it’s no longer socially acceptable to call someone a “f*ggot.”

These people are a symptom of a sick society. These people should not be glorified or open about their deviancy. They should have to hide their depraved lifestyle. Does anyone know if Muslims throw cucks off rooftops? Even Psychology Today wrote how there is an underlying element of homosexuality in the cuck circles. I’ve mentioned before that literal cucks are a tiny number of men, and that people use it as an insult because f*ggot is not PC anymore. Whether you are getting banged by another man or letting another man bang your wife, sorry, but you’re a f*ggot in the true meaning of the word: a weak man deserving contempt.

It’s kind of amazing how worked up some people can get about the sexual activities of consenting adults.

108 replies on “War breaks out between real cuckolds and the Nazi douchebags who call everyone “cucks””

So — completely and utterly out of left field, and having nothing to do with porn or anime or BDSM — but I’ve wanted to say this here for a while.

I’m a prof of English Renaissance drama, and one of the things that I find disturbingly weird about the ‘cuck’ obsession in the MRAs is that they’re basically replicating the 16th and 17th century’s paranoid obsession with cuckoldry, and for many of the same reasons. Both comedies and tragedies of the period often turn on men’s anxiety that ‘their’ women would betray them with another man. This suspicion is usually false, but always leads to murder in tragedies like Othello (among many examples), and is always true, and played for laughs, in satiric comedies. Even in the 1600s, authors recognised cuckoldry as a site for projections of anxieties that had nothing to do with sex and everything to do with fear of losing social status — and, ironically, fears of losing status among other men. It’s an homosocial anxiety, not a sexual one.

I’m fascinated by the porn use of it, which is connected, I suppose. And I’m glad to hear of it, since I know now that I have to explain, very carefully, that this doesn’t mean that Middleton is a MRA.

BTW: the correct term for a man who willingly allows another man to sleep with his wife, for either money, influence, or just because he doesn’t care, is ‘wittol’. There are lots of these in Renaissance Drama, and they are usually happy sorts who quite enjoy their lives.

@PI – that was an absolutely perfect description of the sub/dom dynamic. As far as my experience (personal & research) goes, anyway 🙂

@ jrochest

BTW: the correct term for a man who willingly allows another man to sleep with his wife, for either money, influence, or just because he doesn’t care, is ‘wittol’.

I love learning stuff like that; thank you.

Now to try to work it into a conversation….

Seconding the praise for Paradoxy’s explanation of D/s dynamics. BDSM does nothing for me personally, but most of this is stuff that can be deduced without needing much personal experience. Consent obviously doesn’t become irrelevant just because you’re roleplaying. Whether you’re dominant or submissive, you’re presumably doing it because you enjoy it. This necessitates that all participants set the rules together, or the act would be pointless.

This was bound to hppen eventually. I’m surprised it didn’t happen sooner. Getting called a cuck online is usually about as accurate s being called a cakefart enthusiast. (Yes, that is a real thing). In fact, i propose we use an obscure sexual fetish to be used to describe the cuck-sayers.

I’m a cuckold and I’m glad misogynist and racist hate me. No one should be bothered by being called a cuck. There is nothing wrong with being one. You aren’t hurting anybody. Why find it offensive even if you aren’t one? I think the best way to handle it if someone calls you a cuck is to just embrace it. Of course they’ll make fun of you but who cares? Make fun of them back by how they are wimpy little racist scared of big black dicks and how it secretly turns them on. (I’m pretty sure most of these guys are closeted cucks for real.)


You didn’t fail, dslugia. Meh probably lacked any understanding on what you were saying (or just acting like they do as part of their comeuppance toward an ‘sjws’ such as yourself).

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