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Naomi Wolf Yells at Clouds: How the once iconic feminist become a mask-hating, smile- enforcing CLOUD TRUTHER

Kate Bush busting clouds

Naomi Wolf was once an icon of feminism. Now she’s devolved into a crackpot, railing “skeptically” against masks and vaccines on Twitter and declaring that COVID lockdowns could well turn out to be the “worst policy decision outside of perhaps the Vietnam War, wars, of the 20th and 21st centuries.”

She’s especially cranky about masks. While she admits to wearing a mask in certain circumstances herself, she doesn’t like them on kids; indeed, she seems to think that making kids wear masks outdoors is a form of child abuse. (She at least retweeted someone making that claim.)

In one recent tweet she suggested that kids wearing masks are literally forgetting how to smile.

Hey kids, Naomi Wolf thinks you’d be so much prettier if you smiled.

Her “skeptical” stance on all things COVID-related is a bit weird, coming from someone who used to be at least mostly rational. But just wait until she starts going on about clouds.

When you or I look at the sky on a typical day, we see clouds and maybe contrails; Wolf sees a “geoengineered” nightmare of fake clouds with square edges and discolored rainbows generated by secret weather-manipulating machines funded by Bill Gates and others.

She festoons her tweets with photos that might look to you like unexceptional snapshots of perfectly ordinary clouds but that she sees as PROOF that someone is fiddling with our skies.

Yeah, get right on that, Governor Cuomo.

You too, DiBlasio!

But it’s not just New York city that has the weird clouds. The perpathetic Dr. Wollf wants you to know that the clouds in Gettysburg, PA, are also real pieces of shit.

She’s so obsessed with this cloud stuff that she’s finds herself pondering artificial weather while at the beauty salon: If little lasers can tighten your skin just imagine what big lasers could do in the sky!

Some of her friends seem to be telling her to op-stay ith-way e-they oud-clay ictures-pay.

Mr. Blue Sky, please tell us why you had to hide away.

The following tweets, suggesting that there are stationary clouds that don’t move with the wind makes me wonder if perhaps Dr. Wolf is on acid.

Apparently all this cloud-fiddling makes Dr. Wolf depressed. And possibly the rest of us too?

Well, we didn’t evolve to have cars and skyscrapers either, but evidently it’s the sky here that’s bad.


Stay safe, folks! don’t accidentally poke yourself on that cloud’s sharp corners.

H/T — @Caulimovirus on Twitter

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2 years ago

@Moon Custafar

In a way I’m glad she’s spouting the cloud nonsense, as it might make people tempted to listen to her position on masks think twice about it.

Or it might just draw more people into believing in the cloud nonsense . Those who fall for one conspiracy theory tend to be more open to falling for others

GSS ex-noob
GSS ex-noob
2 years ago

Has anyone encouraged her to see an optometrist? Maybe she’s got a wicked astigmatism that makes round things look square.

(If only it could be fixed so easily)

2 years ago

Good lord.
You know, Elvis near the end thought he could *move* clouds with his mind. And he didn’t even have the Internet to find the crazy.

Last edited 2 years ago by BubbleGrass
Liberty Moonberry
Liberty Moonberry
2 years ago

Life is far too short to spend all your collective time Bitching..Remember Dr Naomi Wolf’s best bits and use critical thinking;Question EVERYTHING…Remember,the Price of being a Sheep is Boredom,and it seems that U lot have far too much time on your hands…Peace lmao!!!!

Policy of Madness
Policy of Madness
2 years ago

Question EVERYTHING…Remember,the Price of being a Sheep is Boredom,and it seems that U lot have far too much time on your hands

Do you also yell at clouds?

Jon H
2 years ago

The comment by “Peace” (

links to a bit of pernicious anti-vax crankery. I mean it actually cites Judy Mikovits as if she were an authority on anything but fraud.

Not sure how you prefer to handle comment hygiene, but just wanted to let you know.

2 years ago

Sadly, now Naomi has been suspended from Twitter, some linked content is unavailable.

Maybe use screenshots from now on?

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