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Terrible Tweeters respond to Trump’s permanent Twitter ban

About time, too.

So Twitter has gone and done it: they’ve banned Donald Trump from his favorite online hangout, “due to the risk of further incitement of violence.”

Naturally, Trump’s fans on the far right are acting as if Twitter has fired the first shot in an literal civil war.

Some suggested that Twitter’s attempt to shut down incitement of yet another attempted coup … is the real coup

Some saw it as a victory for … China?

James Woods was less upset by the Trump ban than he was about his apparent loss of Twitter followers.

Others thought that a private company’s ban of the literal head of state was somehow evidence of totalitarianism.

I’m not sure what this guy is up to but he seems awfully familiar.

Best of luck finding your way around Twitter, John Barron!

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55 replies on “Terrible Tweeters respond to Trump’s permanent Twitter ban”

I disagree with Arnolds analysis of the situation.

This wasn’t America’s Pogrom Night.

This was America’s Beer Hall Putsch.

And we know how the Beer Hall Putsch ended for Germany.

I really love that the “Trump Shaman” has had his head handed to him by both law enforcement and Conan the Barbarian.

Arnold could probably still fill out that outfit better nowadays that that loser can, and look less stupid.

Being on Twitter probably wouldn’t have saved Trump from confusing Alamo, Texas with the Alamo in San Antonio.

I kinda wish Trump were going to the Alamo. Miss Bella could exercise her solemn duties as the official Alamo cat.

On previous form, I half expected Trump to end up at Alamo vehicle hire.

This wasn’t America’s Pogrom Night

I haven’t listened to him and won’t, he actually said that? This is what he thinks is an American pogrom? He’s a bigger POS than I realized. Tulsa was America’s pogrom night. Wounded Knee, Philadelphia, Gnadenhutten, Thibodeau, Buffalo Gap, and a seemingly endless list of other atrocities are America’s fucking pogrom nights, and Arnold needs to shut his fucking yap forever.

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