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Call your representatives to demand Trump be immediately removed from office

Call your representatives to tell them to demand Trump be removed immediately from office, whether via the 25th Amendment or by impeachment. There is still a good deal of damage he could do in the last 13 days of his term.

You can reach the capitol switchboard (which will connect you to your senators and/or you congress member) at 202-224-3121. You can leave a message if their office is closed.

If you don’t know who your congress person is you can find out here.

If you’re not able to get through to their DC office, or you can’t leave a message, try googling to find their official web page, which will have the numbers of other offices that you can call.

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10 replies on “Call your representatives to demand Trump be immediately removed from office”

I’ve been writing about a few of the specific risks. This post, for instance details some of the problems Trump could create without needing the assistance or capitulation of any aide, advisor, or employee.

While I’m not saying I know what would happen in the even of, say, Trump pardoning the people who attacked the Capitol, I am saying that there are huge risks here and that real damage can result just from Trump being left alone for 60 seconds with a magic marker and a napkin.

Seriously. Call your reps & senators. Thirteen days is way too long to leave him in power when damaging the USA further is so quick and easy for Trump to accomplish.

My congresscritter is one of the traitors. I’ll call him anyway and leave a message since his employees don’t answer the phones.

My Repcritter is Katie Porter.
I think she’s already wielding that whiteboard like a blood-spraying death instrument. I’m also terribly glad she got out of this intact.

One for the lawyers to consider. Be especially interested in what Crip Dyke might have say.

There’s all the talk of the 25th Amendment or impeachment; but what about ‘Contempt of Congress’?

Most of the cases, and some of the specific legislation relates to things like refusing subpoenas or destroying evidence.

But the original procedure is meant to be an inherent jurisdiction to prevent  “obstructing the work of the United States Congress…” 

And using or threatening violence has been considered by the courts to be contempt.

Wonder if anyone will bring this up as an option?

So you know that thing about Pelosi wanting to block Trump’s authority to launch nukes?

Yeah, she can’t do that.

There are some other interesting tidbits in there too, but IMO the thing we should be taking away is that any “democracy” that gives one man (always a man LOL) unilateral authority to destroy the world, is a fake democracy. Unilateral authority to destroy the world, or to demand anything under threat of destroying it, is absolute power. The only thing that’s saved us so far is that prior Presidents haven’t been completely amoral…

And TBH I suspect there have already been cases of Presidents demanding things under threat of a nuking, but if there have we wouldn’t have heard about it, right? “President XYZ once demanded a blowjob from an Iranian-American intern under threat of nuking her parents” would have to be a matter of national security, top secret and all that. Can’t let the plebs find out they’re ruled by absolute monsters. But that’s how people with absolute power, and especially men with absolute power, behave.

Cyborgette: there’s no legal way for a lot of what’s happened in the past couple days. For instance, Pence, Pelosi and McConnell ordered the Secretary of defense to call out the national guard. They can’t do that, only POTUS can. And yet… people do things out of self-preservation.

And there’s no legal way for a sitting president to overturn the election result by calling in a mob to storm the Capitol. And yet…

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