Incel: It’s your fault I’m disgusted by vaginas


By David Futrelle

Attention all vagina-havers! Some random incel dude called FrothySolutions thinks your vaginas — or to be more accurate, your vulvas — are disgusting.

“I’m not ready for a real woman’s vagina,” he writes in a post on “Looking at bonafide amateur porn with real vaginas not gussied up for the camera? I can’t do it.”

Oh sure, Frothy here isn’t the first incel to declare his vagina-disgust. These are the guys, after all, who call women “roasties,” a reference to the “roast beef flaps” they think cis women grow down there after having a lot of sex.

And Frothy isn’t the most, er, graphic of the incel vagina-haters. I mean, there’s this guy, who thinks that vulvas are so ugly that they represent a “design flaw” in women.

It looks like an open wound, painful and infected. Its like someone slit open the flesh and then widened it further with a pair of scissors.

Then there’s this guy, who claims the “site” of a vulva causes a nervous breakdown.

Is it just me or can anyone not stand the site of vaginas?

It literally sends my mind into a mental breakdown and I just have to close the tab or my monitor whenever there’s a clear view of one.

I’m not gay, but vaginas are gross.

Meanwhile, this fellow is horrified by any vulva that’s not an “innie.”

Maybe just a low T trait or the roastie meme has consumed my mind but I find 99% of vaginas revolting. It’s almost impossible for me to get hard if it isn’t an innie. When I see those beef curtains and hanging meat I just want to [vomit].

The difference between these guys and Frothy? Frothy knows who to blame for his feelings of disgust: all the women who haven’t had sex with him. (That is, all of them.) Had he enjoyed a “normal sex life,” he thinks, everything would be peachy keen.

Had I had sex at a normal age like a normal person, I’d be acclimated to normal pussy. I’d appreciate it. But absence makes the heart come up with unrealistic fantasies. So if I am shooting for a supermodel vagina, it’s only because I never got the chance to acquire a taste for normal vagina. What am I supposed to do? I’m fucked up, sure. But what am I supposed to do? I happened upon a Twitter GIF of a woman squeezing cum out of her asshole and I literally panicked trying to close the tab.

I don’t know, dude, maybe you’re just following the wrong people on Twitter.

And, more to the point, spending way, way too much time on Seriously, dude, the problem here isn’t that you haven’t gotten used to real-life vaginas yet; it’s that you’re on literally all the time. I mean, you’ve posted there more than 10,000 times, which is about 10,000 times too many. Incels are very good at turning normal problems of life into catastrophes, so it’s no wonder they can turn normal vulvas into something that makes them gag.

Get off, dude. Get some therapy.

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52 replies on “Incel: It’s your fault I’m disgusted by vaginas”

Well, you beat me by some ten years, so, congrats?

The weird part is that I have read descriptions like “about the size of a pear” and still never realised it’s not actually just hanging there being empty.


That was my fear, too. But she had a few other things in her favor:

1) She’s white.
2) She knew her act of protest was being captured on video and would be distributed.
3) She was reasonably attractive from the neck down, so she wouldn’t be dismissed as a (slur related to body type, pick one).

It was a gamble, but luckily the odds were in her favor this time. Girl cooties aren’t always that effective.

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