Do women really enjoy sex? A MGTOW Symposium (of sorts)

“An here’s anudda reason youse ladies don’t like sex ..!”

By David Futrelle

Yesterday, I shared with you one MGTOW Redditor’s opinion on why the female orgasm is “the most selfish and pointless thing in the world.” Today, I’d like to share the opinions of a number of equally thoughtful MGTOW Redditors on a related topic: “Do women really enjoy sex as much as men?”

Who better to answer this question than a bunch of dudes who hate women and are probably very bad at sex?

Well, anyone, really, but for the purposes of this post we’ll be sticking with the MGTOWs.

The asker of this important question in the MGTOW subreddit, a gentleman known as psychomantis01, answers his own question with a big “no.”

From what I’ve read, many reasons point in the negative direction.

-Many women lose interest in sex over time

-Lack of desire is the most common sexual dysfunction problem for women

-Approximately 25% of women cannot achieve orgasm through vaginal intercourse (probably because only a tiny part of the vagina is sensitive)

-Testimony accounts from transsexuals:

‘Im ftm and I have to say,when on ‘female’ hormones the orgasms were pathetic to say the least compared to now,but then I thought they were great. It was like waves of a nice feeling,now it’s extreamly wonderous’

‘MTF here. I have to say I actually think a mans is naturally more intense of the two. This is amusing because of what our culture says’ (

And of course, women only have a fraction of the testosterone amount in their blood as we have.

The more I learn about them, the stronger the impression I get that they are only really interested in childbearing, money, and companionship. It seems to me, as somebody here once put it, they are only really in love with the ‘idea of being in love’, and not in love with the actual man himself.

Emphasis mine. It is true that on many occasions when I myself have been having the sex with a woman she will cry out in passion “Money! Money! Companionship ! I’d rather be bearing a child!”

Other MGTOW Redditors have their own theories.

Zombocom1911 answers psychomantis01’s query with an emphatic “no!”

Not even close. Women are always saying they love sex but in my experience they are completely fucking frigid and really low sex drive unless you are already having sex with them. They never, ever really ACTIVELY pursue or initiate sex with a stranger because they really just don’t care about it, unless its to get something out of a man, like love, affection, dinners, cards, romance.

Women will do anything for cards.

They are so completely disinterested in sex and stuck up about it , it makes me fucking sick. This is why they can charge such a heavy price for it, because they really don’t want it and really don’t need it.

A top 5% male like Chad Thundercock may have pussy literally thrown at him though. I am not him, so I wouldn’t know.

Literally thrown at him.

A fellow called Bartand has learned what he knows about sex from a book — and what a book!

The only reason they enjoy sex at the beginning is because it is their only way to be loved since they have nothing else to offer. Then later she start to wonder if you like her for more than sex so she start to cut off sex. *I got this information from the book “Real time relationship” with Stefan Molyneux. The beginning of the book simply blow me away because it is not only truth, it is predictable!

This, by the way, is a recent photo of the author of that book:

Clearly he is someone who understands sex inside and out. Though he doesn’t seem aware that you’re generally supposed to wear shirts underneath your leather jacket.

Raiden627 is apparently worried about getting a bad sex review:

When they don’t have to do any work and you worship them then yeah they’ll probably enjoy it – only if you make them orgasm though. If you don’t, well you’ll never hear from them again and she’ll tell all her friends about how you have a small penis.

Flaye2 suspects a conspiracy:

Women seem to have lower drives and they use that to control men. Wives would cut off the sex but at the same time not allow him to satisfy him urges elsewhere, that is evil.

Feedmecarrots has a two-part answer:

I think that this has to be answered in two parts. With men well above their sexual league, they unreservedly enjoy it. With men in their league, who they are using sex with as a manipulative tool, they can’t enjoy it. It is too much like work. I have heard that foreign women can enjoy sex with their market equals.

Their market equals.

One anonymous commenter has this to add:

they enjoy sex, [inasmuch as] they know the power of it can enslave you for 18 years [in the US] if you fuck up.

Surprisngly, there are a few answers suggesting that women actually do enjoy sex as sex, not just with Chads and not just as a way to get stuff from men. As Antingly, perhaps better connected to reality than some of his peers, notes,

I’m kind of surprised reading the comments. Sure, some girls seem like they don’t enjoy sex that much, but, some girls will black out during an orgasm. I’m sorry, but I have never experienced anything like that – even when it was really good.

Even more unexpectedly, several commenters actually offer some handy sex tips of their own. “If you ever wanted to please a woman sexually,” writes givecake, “it doesn’t hurt to stimulate all 3 areas at the same time.” (Sorry, I’m not sure which three areas he means out of the obviously more than three areas available.)

I fear, however, that Cristoff might be a tad confused in his declaration that “women achieve orgasm similarly to how men do – by stimulating the head of the clitoris,” because I am fairly certain that most cis dudes can’t even find their own clitoris (mostly because they don’t have one).

But perhaps he knows better than me. After all, these guys are the experts on all things sex.

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Dana C.
Dana C.
1 year ago

“Not even close. Women are always saying they love sex but in my experience they are completely fucking frigid and really low sex drive unless you are already having sex with them. They never, ever really ACTIVELY pursue or initiate sex with a stranger because they really just don’t care about it, unless its to get something out of a man, like love, affection, dinners, cards, romance.”

Wow. The fifteen years between losing my virginity and falling in love with my husband — you know, when I was out hitting on men left and right for casual sex — apparently just didn’t happen. For that matter, I guess I never wound up with my husband, because I — a 31-year-old woman who had bedded somewhere north of 100 guys by then — thought his 24-year-old ass was mighty fine, and asked him over for the archaic version of what the kids now call “Netflix and chill.” (I was his 7th.) I never expected to fall madly in love with him, I just figured we’d contract a weekend marriage license, fuck each other senseless, and move on. But, you know, women never hit on guys for sex, so I guess I’ve been doing something else for 30 years.

And I *never* gave a damn about material gain from sex*. I didn’t care if a guy took me out to dinner, or made a lot of money, or drove a fancy car; if I wanted him, I wanted him; if I didn’t, I didn’t. When we got together, the cute 24-year-old was driving a Mazda GLC with 130K miles on it and sleeping on a cot mattress on the floor of the bedroom in the house he shared with two roommates. Didn’t matter at all.

I never was in a relationship where the man wanted more sex than I did, and while I’ve had girlfriends confide that they were dumping a guy because there wasn’t enough or good enough sex, I’ve never had one tell me she was dumping a guy because he wanted too much sex.

Regarding orgasms: has the MGTOW ever had an orgasm last 5-10 minutes? Because I have. For that matter, one particularly hot night, my then-boyfriend, now-husband and I kept count; I came 41 times. What was that about the wonders of the male orgasm?

* Re material gain from sex: I graduated Chicago School of Massage Therapy in ’86, and worked as a serious, legit massage therapist for *years*. I never behaved inappropriately with a client, nor put up with attempts from them, which were thankfully uncommon. Loved sex, I just never wanted to wake up and think, “Oh, damn, Monday. Sex *again*?”

Fred B-C
1 year ago

I also find it hilarious in that vile way that these folks master that they don’t seem to realize that men can get old too. Sorry, young bucks, but there’s a half-decent chance you won’t have the stamina or interest you did in your 20s. But these people are so deliberately ignorant that they can’t even control for the forward passage of time.

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