MGTOW: Is Meghan Markle part of a secret elite plot to turn all men into simps?

Royal marriage … or Illuminati conspiracy?

By David Futrelle

Reddit’s contingent of Men Going Their Own Way are more than a little bit obsessed with the marriage of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, seeing Markle as a devious manipulator trying to transform her husband into a spineless woman-worshipping simp willing to give up many of his royal privileges for the sake of his wife

Now a MGTOW Redditor called auramirror has a new theory: what if Harry’s wife-pleasing simpery weren’t just a side effect of being married to Meghan but the whole point of the marriage in the first place? What if the entire marriage is part of a plot to turn men in the west into simps? What if Harry isn’t a simp at all but rather a pawn in some vast conspiracy?

In a post to the subreddit last month, auramirror shares his dark speculations about the royal couple:

I understand why everyone here thinks Mr. Harry Markle is a simp who went with Megan and gave up his princehood and his rifles because he’s a blue pilled beta.

But that is wrong.

This is the royal fucking family we are talking about. The elite of the elite. The people who run this world on the surface, connected to the people who pull the world’s strings from the shadows.

So what are these shadowy people (or perhaps evil space lizards) up to?

The media’s constant promotion of “look at all the amazing things this man has done for this woman!” is a form of propaganda. It is norm-setting. It tells men that the standard should be to change yourself and give up everything you have for a woman. It tells women that they are entitled to men changing for them, because “even a commoner can marry a prince.”

This is all intentional. Calculated. Manipulated.

What does this mean to poor, poor Harry, forced into a marriage with an attractive, accomplished woman he seems to love?

Harry is simply a chess piece in the elites’ grand agenda to hand power over to women. This is setting a standard for future generations that continues to fuel the fire in the war between the sexes.

All media is propaganda. Do not believe the constant stream of brainwashing you hear in the news. Harry is being used as a pawn in a game that is larger than you could even begin to imagine, and if he dares walk off the chessboard he could lose his life. …

Be grateful you are not one of the gears in the propaganda machine. Go your own way, and be free.

Apparently the thing these guys are going their own way from is reality.

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1 year ago

@Rabid Rabbit
I’d originally thought it would be short for “sympathizer,” because in the mind of an MRA, a man who sympathized with women is bad.

Rabid Rabbit
Rabid Rabbit
1 year ago


I suppose that makes sense, but then “simpering” has the extra emasculating effect that normally, it’s something feeemales do.

Ah, but according to the Online Etymology Dictionary, “simp” is indeed a circus slang shortening of “simpleton,” attested to as of 1903. “Simpleton” is attested from the 1640s, based on “simple” (1200s), while “simpering” is attested from the 1560s.

But I doubt anyone who has ever unironically used the word “simp” is likely to have looked at the etymology.

Kat, ambassador of the feminist government in exile
Kat, ambassador of the feminist government in exile
1 year ago

@Ohlmann, @Naglfar

One guy litteraly said “I don’t think it’s racism, just a toxic workplace”, even tho the guy pointed his skin color in his declaration.

This sounds a lot like the men who deny misogyny by claiming the patriarchy hurts men too so somehow there isn’t misogyny.

A while ago I got pretty sick of guys telling me that they’re not benefiting from any patriarchy (not much money or status!). The implication was that the patriarchy doesn’t exist. So now I have a three-word response: Hierarchy creates hierarchy. I’ve gotten to use it only once, damn it. But that guy didn’t even bother responding. And he never brought up the subject again. Somebody got his feelings hurt. (Sob.)

NiOg, wandering recluse of social justice
NiOg, wandering recluse of social justice
1 year ago

The entire point of slang is that it combines definitions.

‘Simp’ can simultaneously be derived from a dumb-ass Alt-Right acronym, a 16th-century word that dropped out of common use in the 1920’s, and a contraction of various other pejoratives. It’s all those things stewed together with some extra toxicity from being in a chosen in-group peppered over the top.

Arguing about the ‘correct’ derivation misses the entire point of its use.

1 year ago

Rabid Rabbit: similarly, a stunningly small minority of people who say “cuck” are ornithologists.

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