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Pledge drive: Urgent update

The pledge drive is in trouble, and I really need your help.

Though many of you have already donated – and I can’t thank you enough for that – the total so far is considerably less than I need to cover my expenses. So if you haven’t donated yet, please do.

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I know this is an awkward time to ask for money. But if you can spare even a few dollars, you’ll be providing a lifeline to an independent, ad-free blog that deflates some of the most toxic shit out there in the “Red Pill” world. And you’ll enable me to keep serving up daily posts without worrying constantly about how to cover the next rent check.

Or insurance premium. Most of my money problems are due to the US’s mess of a health care system – I spend more on medical expenses than I do on rent. A recent trip to the emergency room for searing back pain didn’t exactly help my financial position.

I’m expecting things to improve in 2020. I’m working on building up my freelance writing business again, and I’ll be unveiling a new project soon. But right now, frankly, I need all the help I can get.

I love doing this blog, and I’m forever grateful that it brings something to so many people’s lives. You folks – pledge drive donors and regular supporters — have enabled me to keep We Hunted the Mammoth going for nine years, and I hope that together we can keep it going for the tenth year and beyond.

— David

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2 years ago

Donated $20. Thank you for your work, David.

epitome of incomprehensibility

@Lucrece –

Living in Australia, it’s easy to forget there are people in first world countries who cannot access free healthcare. And we don’t have universal dental cover, so I had to drop $300 this morning on getting a broken tooth fixed.

Same in Canada. I’m really grateful not to have to pay for basic healthcare, but I don’t have dental insurance so tooth stuff can be expensive. Hope the dentist visit went well and the issue is fixed!

…As for @Sackus, what about comparing David and Trump’s skill with words? David is clear, concise, and often funny. Trump talks like an annoying commercial, tweets like he’s perpetually drunk, and his sense of humour is made up of name-calling and making fun of people’s mannerisms.

(And to the point, I’ll contribute something. Sorry I didn’t last time – I’d planned to do this twice a year, like last year, but I’m not super organized. Best of luck with the writing and everything, and thanks!)

2 years ago

Set up a smallish recurring donation I can wedge into my lil’ Patreon budget. I hope it helps.

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