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We Hunted the Mammoth Pledge Drive! End of the Decade Edition

Today marks the start of the third and final fund drive of 2019 for We Hunted the Mammoth. Let’s close out the decade on a high note! By which I mean: please donate if you possibly can.

NOTE: The PayPal links should be working now!

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If you read this blog regularly, making a donation is a bit like giving a present to yourself. We Hunted the Mammoth owes its continued existence solely to donations from people like you. There are no ads, no secret troves of Soros cash behind this blog. I’m just a guy with a couple of cats in a messy apartment. (And frankly, the cats aren’t much help.)

All you need to do is click on the little button, so here it is again. You don’t need a PayPal account; a credit card is fine.

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If you want to avoid PayPal, you can Venmo me at David-Futrelle-1. (If neither way works for you, email me at dfutrelle at gmail and we can figure something out.)

If it’s easier for you, consider donating on a monthly basis. Even $5 or $10 a month can make a big difference to the financial stability of the blog (and of me).

If you can’t swing a donation right now, there are other ways to contribute – offering tips, publicizing posts on social media, offering technical advice, providing insights in the comments sections, and so on.

Thanks in advance, and thanks as well to those who already donate monthly or between the pledge drives. Sustained support like yours is crucial to keeping We Hunted the Mammoth going!


16 replies on “We Hunted the Mammoth Pledge Drive! End of the Decade Edition”

The paypal page borked for me. It said there was an error, but that’s about it. I will try to donate later.

Yeah Paypal link looks busted, “Your session is invalid or has expired.”

I’ll see if the credit card option works.

Why has a new top-level article appeared between this one and the one chronologically preceding it, instead of becoming the new rightmost article in the chain as it should have?

I noticed that as well. It’s weird, seeing as I saw this article appear a few hours before the other last night, and then the other appeared, then they switched places after it had been up for a few minutes. My guess is it’s just a system glitch.

As usual, David, thank you for your work.

Happy Winter, everyone. This is probably a dumb question, but in Australia & New Zealand, is the period from Dec 20 thru March 20, known as Winter?

Surplus, I wanted this one to be the top post for a bit, couldn’t figure out how to pin it so I fiddled with the timestamp for it.

Thanks to everyone who has donated (or who already donates monthly)!

Already a monthly donor, but put a little extra in. Thank you for the good work you do!


Nope! We’re in the middle of summer here, which in Australia is from December 1 through to the end of February (NZ is the same, but the dates might differ?).
It’s also horrendous, as we’ve been literally on fire for over a month now, and temperatures are breaking heat records, but don’t get me started 🙁

Happy Winter to you though!

@Mish of the Catlady Ascendancy

You’re Australian too? Cool. Nice to see a fellow Australian.


As Mish has said, it’s summer for Christmas for us.

Winter for us is the middle of the year, I think?

Near my birthday anyway.

@Universal Kami,

Greetings, fellow person from the non-existent country! Nice to meet you. There are some other Oz folk on here too, although I’ve not seen them recently. And yeah, winter is June/July/August for us.
Hope you’re surviving the heatwave and the fires!

Greetings to Australian mammotheers from the far north end of the world, where it’s currently excessively wet and dark and also unnecessarily warm. I guess I’ll take that over a fiery smoky inferno.

A year ago this time I found a thrift store copy of the fantasy novel “The Ice Is Coming”* by Patricia Wrightson. Now I have a whole of two favorite novels set in 1970s Australia, mostly around November/early summer. I have previously mentioned here “The Swiftlet Isles” by james G. Porter, which I have in Finnish translation.

*Ironically, it’s about rogue Aboriginal spirits trying to freeze the earth to death, and humans saving the world with fire.

@Lumipuna, greetings back to you, and I’m amazed at your ability to find obscure Australian fiction! I remember when you mentioned The Swiftlet Isles – I couldn’t believe someone else had read it, much less a non-Australian.
I hope your weather improves a bit, and have a fabulous transition to the new year. Let’s hope 2020 has some better things in store for all of us 🙂

@Mish, Lumipuna
Where I live (Massachusetts, United States) we’ve also had a bit of an unusual winter. We got a huge snowstorm in the first 3 days of the month, then another smaller storm last week. Then it got warmer (into the 50ºF/10ºC/283K range) yesterday and a lot of it melted, now it’s forecasted to have more snow next week and get cold again. Winters here are unpredictable.

@Naglfar: I’m envious. I used to I’ve in Connecticut; fall and winter can be so spectacularly beautiful in New England. I miss living there. We here in Pennsylvania got a little bit of snow, but it melted very quickly. We got some treacherous frozen rain, though.

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