MRAs are terrified that women are becoming somewhat less underrepresented in management

By David Futrelle

There’s a famous study (cited here) that suggests both men and women dramatically overestimate the amount that women talk, at least in situations where both men and women speak: in one conversation examined for the study, twice as many men than women spoke — but participants in the conversation were convinced that more women than men had spoken.

Something similar happens when it comes to women wielding any sort of power in society — especially amongst men who aren’t too keen on women having much power at all. Consider, for example, what happened when one Men’s Rights Redditor discovered a news article noting that “there has been some progress in female participation rates in management in Irish business in the past two decades.”

The article pointed out that Irish women had made some strides in the general direction of equality in such professions as Human Resources — where women make up 72% of the managerial staff. But there were other segments of the economy where the percentage of female managers is pretty slim — like IT, where women make up 17% of management, or engineering, where they make up only 6%. And there were some sectors in which the number of women in management was sinking lower, from already low levels.

The Men’s Rights Redditor who ran across this article — a fellow calling himself TuckerMcInnes — posted it to the Men’s Rights subreddit under the alarmist title: “When are people going to realise feminism is going to lead to women taking over everything?”

In the post itself, he declared that

Firstly, I love women and I’m not anti-woman, but I think it’s bad and weird to unquestionably sit by as society does everything it can to make women the dominant sex in everything.

Citing the 72% figure for female HR managers, but conveniently leaving out the references to the tiny percentages of female managers in IT and Engineering, he went on to complain that

At no point does the article stop to ask:

“HR and Personnel, customer services, finance and accounting are being dominated by women – do we need to support more men moving into management in these areas?”

It also doesn’t question what the end goal is. Will society finally be happy when 72% of management in all sectors are women? Why? What’s with the obsession to make women dominant at everything? How is this not obviously a problem?

I swear it seems most people are sleepwalking.

Naturally, other Men’s Rights Redditors were as alarmed as he was — and then some. As one put it:

Everyone knows end goal is giving power to women in a silver platter without them having to do any hard work ever in civilization’s progress. ..

Enjoy the decline is only thing you should know now.

Wrote another:

It’s not ‘women’ that are taking over everything, it’s women with a very specific ideology and goal of pushing their identity politics and social justice bullshit onto everybody. … a bunch of rich white brats who would never qualify for these sorts of positions that are taking over these companies using blackmail and extortion against upper management to get in. …

They work their way into these companies threatening upper management and as upper management capitulates they infiltrate with even more people using their new found power to replace or get rid of anyone who doesn’t go along with their bullshit and then when they finally have enough numbers they go after management itself anyway.

These people are hostile infiltrators and criminals and should be treated as such … .

And yet another commenter literally predicted the end of civilization itself:

The fertility rate had already fallen below replacement long before women started taking over everything. A female dominated society is simply unsustainable and will collapse very fast.

So how close exactly are we to this alleged matriarchal dystopia in the business world? Not very. Despite making up roughly half of the workforce, women account for only 29% of top managers globally (31% in North America). And the higher up the organization chart you go, the less matriarchal it gets: Less than 5 percent of the CEOs of Fortune 500 companies are women.

Not that facts matter to MRAs. They’re oddly happy living in their imaginary upside-down world where women are always the villains and civilization is always on the verge of collapse.

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2 years ago

what the actual fuck good do you think it is doing to spend all of one’s time attacking the center-left?

Not to mention that by attacking potential allies, you make them less likely to join you and more likely to see you as radicals.

to think it is takes enormous privilege, which is why you tend to mostly see this attitude from boatshoe socialists.

I’ve noticed that almost all the people who think this are white, which is telling. It is truly a position of privilege.

Kat, ambassador of the feminist government in exile
Kat, ambassador of the feminist government in exile
2 years ago

The boss lady in the illustration looks as serene as a statue and also efficient. I wish I looked half as cool as that when I’m working.

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