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Women literally get headaches when they think too hard, complete dumbass explains

Writing this post gave me a headache

By David Futrelle

It’s Friday, which means it’s time for some BAD SCENCE from the manosphere.

Actually, I have never before specified Friday as a day for bad science, but humor me this once, because I found some pretty, pretty bad science in the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit, and I’m going to share it with you.

It seems the fellas were discussing the alleged tendency of women to “scream and yell at the top of their lungs anytime something [bad] happens.” And one of the regulars — a wise fellow in the 12th grade — offered a detailed explanation, which basically boiled down to “women get headaches when they have to logic.”

Take it away, PrinceRaj53!

As much “demeaning” or “misommistic” it sounds, but the truth is: logical evaluation in a situation is exhausting for women.

And apparently correctly spelling “misogynistic” is exhausting for men, or at least for the Men Going Their Own Way variety.

Men rely primarily on logical reasoning, whereas women rely primarily on emotional reasoning. …

For Men- “if it works, do it” (doesn’t care how it will feel)

For Women- “if it feels good do it” (or avoids bad feelings)

Yes, I’m sure that explains why so many men keep throwing such EXTREMELY LOGICAL fits every time a movie comes out featuring a woman as an action hero.

Now, women aren’t children, if we see it from a general perspective, right? However, in reality, women are grown up children who pretend to be adults while their actual actions and words remain the same as a child’s (I think the same about weak blue pilled males as well).

Dude, I don’t even pretend to be an adult.

A woman can handle more information and logic than a 4 year old, sure. But in general, a woman doesn’t really want to and most of the times can’t go beyond a certain point. My sincere belief is it gives them a physical head ache, just like when I study a new subject in my school with intensity(I’m in 12th, so for me the literature subjects are like this).


All the new information, focus, and logic caused mental fatigue and the occasional head ache in the female mind. Sure, these things are helpful in that they create new neural pathways and learning, but it does mentally hurt. Women aren’t equipped to handle this well.

Uh, there are no pain receptors in the brain. You don’t feel anything when your brain creates new neural pathways. Headaches are centered in blood vessels, nerves and muscles outside the brain. Stress can cause headaches, but thinking logically doesn’t.

Your best approach is to use an analogy or story if you really want to get your point across,just like you would do with a child. Bonus points if it’s a real life story about something that happened to her.

For example, you might say “hey, remember when that idiot on the internet tried to tell you that women get headaches from thinking logically?”

He then offers an example of how to use a story rather than logic to outwit a female in this TOTALLY REALISTIC EXAMPLE of a conversation with a women about circumcision.

Her : “Hey! I got my kid circumcised!”

You : “You got your kid circumcised but thought that neutering your dog was mutilation. Both are cutting of the penis. Both against their individual will. Both cause the body parts to work differently and influence the sexual experience of the individual. Do you see how illogical your reasoning is?”

DO NOT do this. Just no. This will not go well, and will end up with more screaming and yelling, nothing else.

To be fair, I’m pretty sure any parent might scream and yell if they told you something about their baby and you responded by trying to outwit them logically.

Instead of that, do the following in such a situation (I am using this as an example) :

Her : “Hey! I got my kid circumcised!”

You : “Oh yeah? Huh. Cool.”

Wait a few minutes.

You : “Remember when you told me you thought neutering your dog was mutilation?”

Her :“Yes. What?”

You : “Just checking.”

Do this.

Yeah, women LOVE THAT SHIT. As ZZ Top once sang, or might have, if they had seen this post, “every girl crazy ’bout a passive-aggressive man.”

She’ll be confused for a bit. But she’ll recognize the interaction as having some sort of clear subtext. She may brush it off in the moment. But she’ll definitely think about it later. Just pass small packets of thoughts to her brain instead of going “direct to the point”.

She’ll have to make her own connections to the similarities in order to figure out the riddle. This will get the point across, and since it was done in a calm manner she can’t come at you yelling her head off. Women actually respect men who do this instead of going “direct cold hard”.

Thanks for you hard-won, mature wisdom on women, Mr. 12th Grader.

Now, lets recall a time in which you were exhausted by a woman’s emotional manipulation. Since we aren’t as emotionally oriented as them, we become exhausted by feeling lots of different emotions …

This is how women feel when a situation like you mentioned happens, they yell and scream because it gives them a mental headache.

What exactly is a “mental headache?”

She doesn’t necessarily want to fix things, not at all. She just wants to feel like creating drama to have the inherent feeling that she is right and special.

Or maybe she’s just annoyed that you’re a smug mansplaining asshole?

Use your logic to come to a conclusion, but once you are there, don’t state it as cold, hard fact, just pass it as a packet of thought to her mind indirectly. Let her figure out how to connect the dots. State the road, she’ll just follow because her hamster will stop spinning.

I’m a little baffled by the quick succession of metaphors here. Can someone draw me a diagram?

No, seriously, someone draw me a diagram, because right now I’m feeling like this little guy:

Have a good weekend, and don’t think too much!

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115 replies on “Women literally get headaches when they think too hard, complete dumbass explains”

Who the fuck believes getting a dog fixed is mutilation. Fix your animals. Shelters are to over populated. Literally the only people I have ever met that won’t get male animals fixed have been men because they get all wincey at the idea of it. One of them being my grandfather which is why ever male cat they ever had ran away.

He’s right about one thing, though. Adult women are grown-up children. So are all adults. That’s literally what an adult is.

Also, I can think of a lot more people who would be in favour of neutering their dogs and not circumcising their children than the other way around, but maybe that’s just me.

Personally, I appreciate Mr. 12thGrader’s admission that too many feels make his head hurt and he is ill-equipped to understand or respond constructively to having emotions.

Both are cutting of the penis


Edit: I first read it as “off”, but even “of” doesn’t make sense because neutering is cutting the testicles, not the penis.

There are people with a penis that choose to get circumcised for what ever reason as well. Be that medical, religious, all sort of things. It be kind of weird if someone went up to them and told them their doing self mutilation. Kind of like those people who try to tell you piercings are mutilations, even though piercings don’t have any medical benefits.

I noticed that too. I’ll make sure to dumb down anything I say to manosphere idiots, because this OP sounds a lot like projection.
Come to think of it, the fact that manospherians get headaches when thinking too much explains a lot…
I’ve never gotten a headache from thinking too much. I do, however, get a lot headaches when I’m really tired, but I think that’s normal.

A friend of mine refused to get their dog neutered and soon regretted that decision. Unneutered male dogs are a nightmare.
My current dog (see avatar image) is female and spayed, so this isn’t really a problem for me.

I don’t have any qualms about circumcision, but I don’t think anyone really publicly brags about circumcising their kids. I mean, maybe it’s just that I don’t really talk about people’s children’s genitals much, but I’ve never once heard anyone publicly tell me or anyone else whether they chose to circumcise their child. Or themself, for that matter.

I haven’t heard anyone call piercings mutilation, but I’ve heard transphobes call genital surgery mutilation. Of course, they were bigots and so they only say that because it serves their political platform.
Then there are the intactivists, who do call circumcision mutilation. They are the only people I’ve ever seen publicly talk about circumcision.

Kupo, you mean there are aspects of understanding that the 12th grade galaxy-brain OP *doesn’t understand*?!

It are unpossible!

Two things: 1) neutering a dog does not involve any “mutilation of the penis”. The vet doesn’t touch the penis in order to neuter the dog. The balls are removed, not the penis. 2) I used to train dogs & we routinely recommended spaying & neutering pet dogs. Women usually listened to our spiel & said, “yes, that makes sense”. Men were the ones who got all upset about having their male dogs neutered. In fact, one guy got so excited, I told him that I wasn’t suggesting neutering HIM, just his dog.


I don’t know anyone who discusses their kids’ circumcision status either. With regards to my son, my husband and I talked about it with each other and our pediatrician, but that’s it. All 4 of my kids’ grandparents have changed diapers, so they’d know which option we went with, but we’ve never talked about it. It would be hugely weird to mention offhand to an acquaintance.

I had a general discussion on the topic with a close friend once, because she was pregnant with a boy and she and her husband didn’t agree on whether to circumcise or not. I don’t know what they finally ended up doing though.

As others have pointed out, it’s not a common thing for women to believe that neutering a dog is mutilation. Everyone I know has their pets fixed. In fact, reputable shelters in my area won’t even adopt out a pet until they’ve spayed or neutered them. Both my cats were spayed or neutered by the Animal Humane Society before I adopted them.

And yeah, this guy does not know how circumcision or neutering works at all.

Now, lets recall a time in which you were exhausted by a woman’s emotional manipulation. Since we aren’t as emotionally oriented as them, we become exhausted by feeling lots of different emotions …

Emotional manipulation is not being emotional. It’s a cold and calculated behavior. When someone is being emotionally manipulative, they are faking or exaggerating emotion to play on their target’s emotions and elicit an emotional response. If women were emotional and illogical creatures, we wouldn’t be able to emotionally manipulate men. If men were cold and rational and never act based on emotion, they couldn’t be emotionally manipulated. This master of logic really didn’t think his argument through very well.

Have a good weekend, and don’t think too much!

I read that as “don’t drink too much” and was all

I feel very emotionally manipulated right now.

Ahh, to be a 17-year-old boy and 110% sure you are an expert on everything, because you’re already a mature grown-up.

We’re all dumbasses at that age, but the Internet lets teenage dumbasses gather together and convince themselves they’re the Council of Elders.

Since the OP would consider me a “blue-pilled male,” I must be a child. But the joke’s on him! Child-me could only DREAM of having the awesome G.I. Joe collection that Adult-me has acquired! I have twelve different versions of Snake Eyes alone!

@Amy E

My thoughts immediately went to that sketch as well.

Am I missing something here? If men just logic and don’t care how it feels, why don’t they just keep wanking into an old gym sock instead of women? It doesn’t matter how it feels and it’s more practical am I right?

Since the OP would consider me a “blue-pilled male,” I must be a child. But the joke’s on him! Child-me could only DREAM of having the awesome G.I. Joe collection that Adult-me has acquired! I have twelve different versions of Snake Eyes alone!

As some one who played with GI.Joes as a kid all I can same is cool. Do you ever watch the youtube channel Toy Galaxy ?

@Naglfar: She’s darling. Husky? (I can’t rule out malamute from the eensie picture on the phone.)
Where I work currently has six unclaimed dogs, available for adoption. Please, for the love of doG, spay or neuter.

Ok so the irresponsible pet ownership is concerning but all I can think is: dude if you get headaches when reading a lot you really need to get your eyes checked.

And then maybe once that problem is solved you can read literally anything other than the MGTOW subreddit and realize why you’re an idiot.

Things that give me headaches:

Really loud noises, with long durations
Flickering Fluorescent Lights From Hell
Too much screen-time
Too little caffiene
Too much caffiene
People who think they know literally everything but really, really don’t
Strong floral scents
Axe body spray

Things that don’t me headaches:

Reading paper books
Reading technical manuals
Assembling furniture
Doing stress/strain and failure analysis
Math in general
People who know more about a field of study/work than I do correcting my assumptions
Dog dander

I must be womaning wrong. If any of you know the proper return address, I’ll mail in my bonbons, fainting couch, and scented candles ASAP.

just pass it as a packet of thought to her mind indirectly

Sorry dude, your thought-packet TTL has decremented to 0. Your data has expired and will be discarded.

This is a high schooler? You’re grounded, young man. No Internet for six months, and a good smack upside the head for good measure.

@C.A. Collins
Yes, she is a husky. Almost a year old.

Manosphere logic =/= logic. As usual, the ones who scream the loudest about facts and logic don’t know what those are. Right wingers love what they think to be facts but hate actual facts (mainly because actual facts are almost never in their favor).

I’d say the boy also needs his parents to know what he is posting. I legitimately wonder how many teenagers are getting involved with red pill or incel or MRA bullshit and their parents are totally oblivious. If I found my child getting into this, I would probably have a very long talk with them about feminism and the real world, as the last thing I want is a child who turns misogynistic.

Question. If this kid thinks that too much thinking makes women’s brains hurt, why does he go with the “persuasion” approach that requires MORE thinking on the listener’s part? Understanding that someone is making an analogy (the circumcision = dog neutering thing) and inferring how Thing A connects to Thing B takes more effort than having it spelled out for you.

Probably his point is that women get angry easily, so they’ll yell at you if you criticize them directly.

But why is he not considering that his indirect approach will give women headaches with all the tough thinking they’ll have to do? SO mean! /s 😛

Unless there’s a religious or cultural reason I suspect in North America men are more likely to want their sons circumcised than women, because they were circumcised.

Personally, I think circumcised penises look better than uncircumcised ones, but that’s not a decision I would feel comfortable making for my hypothetical future sons, or anyone for that matter.

Regarding women and their lack of concern about neutering dogs: I have noticed that it is a fairly reliable indicator in my area of whether or not a woman is a Cool Girl if she is concerned about neutering dogs only.

If circumcision = neutering, how come there are still Jews (and Muslims) ? Not to mention I was circumcised and have 3 kids (which I’m pretty sure are mine; ain’t that many white people where I live.


My fiancé has the same opinion on that as you do. If we get bless with a son sometime in the future, I’m basically going to let him decided if our son should be circumcised or not. I don’t have a penis. I won’t pretend to act like I know what it’s like to have one. I feel like that’s a choice he should make over me. He’s also going for a medical agree and I trust him to put our future child’s best interest first.

Just a curiosity question: does anyone happen to know if the USA is the only country in the world where circumcision is common among people who are not either Jewish or Muslim? I get the impression that it’s only the USA, but of course that could be my ignorance talking. (eh, just wondering. never having shagged a bloke from an observant Jewish or Muslim family I’ve never seen a circumcised one.)

fwiw, apart from medical emergency I think the only person who should decide on a body modification is the person living in that body, when they’re old enough to know what they’re deciding.

The hypothetical in the OP that a woman would go around telling someone (except maybe the very, very closest of family and friends) that they just had their kid circumcised is … bizarre, creepy and remarkably unrealistic. Who talks to strangers or casual acquaintances about their kid’s genitals, ffs!??!? (Although (weirdly enough from this junior woman-hater) the basic notion in itself of getting people to consider things and come to their own conclusions is bordering on good pedagogy. Even someone who embraces delusion can sometimes stumble accidentally on a point, I suppose.)

I have heard more than a few people say that piercings are mutilation. They usually mean piercings other than single hole lobe piercings for wire earrings. But a lot of people who are fine with a variety of ear piercings and even a discreet nose, lip or tongue piercing think plugs and nipple/genital piercings are mutilations.

@ Moon Custafer:
Lol at the circumcision story! What was particularly interesting was Jackman’s body language. He started out manspreading over half the couch until Stewart got to the part about visiting his doctor and then he’s suddenly very self-protective with his posture and hands. 🙂

OT: I have to confess, I kinda know what PrinceRaj53 is talking about, although his wild generalizations, factual errors, and conclusions are so far off the mark they don’t warrant discussing. But when I was in college, and studying some courses that were almost entirely new information to me, I sometimes got this weird sensation that my head was just full and no more information could be stuffed in, like eating too much at one sitting. It was not a headache, or a failure to logic good, but more like sinus congestion without the pain. 🙂

Obviously this was not caused by learning things while feeeemale, but more likely a combination of muscle tension while absorbed in textbooks and maybe needing a snack break and some caffeine, but it’s a sensation I’ve only ever felt while studying.

Finally, could someone shed some light on why swapping “women” for “woman” and vice versa has become a thing on the internet? It’s in this very article, and I’ve seen it more times than I can count, but only in the last 3 or 4 years.

I think the US is definitely one of the few places where circumcision is still ‘normal’ – and it’s only been ‘normal’ for about 100 years. It was perceived as a way to reduce masturbation and it didn’t hurt that it was also seen as a way to indicate you were one of God’s chosen people – and was fairly popular across the English speaking world. Obviously it is also ‘normal’ in Israel and in the Muslim world.

Having grown up and been a young adult , heterosexual and female in the US, my first encounters with penises were circumcised – except when I had sexual congress with foreigners.

Then I moved to the UK and I saw very few circumcised penises. Because circumcision was what I thought was ‘normal’ I found circumcised penises more attractive. But since they look pretty similar when erect, it doesn’t much mater and I got used to it.

Interestingly my former-father-in-law was circumcised, but my ex wasn’t and although I never saw FIL’s penis, my ex and I discussed it and how it was no longer prevalent in the UK. Partly because it was never offered on the NHS, so when most people starting having babies on the NHS, it died out as a practice. FIL was born before the NHS.

I don’t find talking about it weird and it was a reasonably open discussion in my family. My brother (cut) and my cousin (uncut) are the only males in my generation, but I can remember having discussions about both. We didn’t talk about it ALL the time though. When my son was born – on the NHS – I had read up on circumcision and was thoroughly opposed to it. My family did ask about it, no one tried to persuade me otherwise though.

My partner is circumcised, but that was for religious/cultural reasons – being from a non-observant Jewish family. In his family though it was never discussed, which I find weird.

I do now think that it is mutilation and think it wrong to chop off a bit of a person before they can give informed consent – body modification or whatever you want to call it shouldn’t be done without consent. I had my ears pierced without my consent, and although I do wear earrings, it was still a pretty horrible experience. I can also remember the after-care my younger brother had to have post circumcision. He couldn’t urinate for about 24 hours, which is pretty dangerous in an infant. I had no interest in putting my son through such a thing.

But culture is a powerful thing – my college roommate had two much younger half-brothers and one was circumcised and the 2nd wasn’t because the mother was pretty horrified about it – but younger brother requested circumcision at about age 8 – and he got it. I met said boy for the first time a few days post-op and had to persuade him not to show me his owie.

That guy half assed his genital mutilation topic. Being against, say, circumsicion don’t mean you oppose a doctor cutting a dick to save its owner from cancers or whatnot. While pejorative, in the end, mutilation is just a medical act. It’s the intent and consent of concerned party that count, which about 0.1s of reflexion would have revealed.

(and consent for pet is a difficult topic for me. But more for euthanasia than fixing)

Half assing everything is probably the motto of thoses bozos.

I also fail to see how being passive aggressive make the same message be less logical.

Thank you, random 12th grader, now I finally know why I get so many migraines. University was hell. All that thinking when I just wanted to feel myself through the semester. Guess I shouldn’t have picked a STEM major, but what can I say, I am a masochist.

According to this map I found on Wikipedia, it looks like circumcision is common in a bunch of sub-Saharan African countries which are majority Christian. As well, South Korea and Australia, which are both not Muslim or Jewish majorities, have high rates of circumcision.
Being of Jewish background, all the males in my family are circumcised and I plan to circumcise any male children that I may have (although it has never been a regular topic of conversation in my family). In addition to the religious and cultural significance, according to the WHO it is beneficial and prevents disease transmission.

Thank you for the map, @Naglfar! I had no idea about many of those.

(I’m particularly wondering about Australia, considering the relatively close cultural ties to NZ and UK where it’s unusual, so it’s curious that Aus should be a bit of an outlier)

I think a lot of manospherian dolts connect “incoherent screaming rage” with women, because they get yelled at a lot. Playing by their logic, as a penis-owner and therefore rational computer brain, I can say:
“Screaming rage is the only rational response to manospherian dolts!”

Re the bragging about son’s circumcision: just recently had a coworker talk to me about his son’s upcoming procedure.

Big difference between the OP’s example & mine: my coworker
wasn’t “bragging” & he had a legitimate reason to discuss it with me: I’m his supervisor & he was requesting time off to so he could be there for his family during the procedure.

I admit it surprised me they were having the snip-snip done as I would’ve thought the couple (his partner is a former employee as well though not on my shift) were more forward thinking than that, but, hey, *so* not my decision.

As to the OP’s linking circumcision with neutering, well, faulty premise on his part though I get why he chose that analogy. Methinks I hear–gasp–could it be an appeal to…EMOTION…rather than logic? Why, yes, I think so.

Now, if he’d equated it to declawing a cat, he’d have been more on point. But, silly me, cats are seen as female (even the toms) so, of course, he wouldn’t have chosen that analogy.

Now, if he’d written that women (&, hell, pretty much any thinking adult) get headaches from following incel pretzel-logic, yeah, he’d have been on to something, but that would be too much like self-awareness.

And his only a 12th grader? Ugh.


Yes, I love Toy Galaxy. I love that they use lots of self-deprecating humor rather than trying to claim that grown men collecting toys is Serious Business and Adult.

Finally, could someone shed some light on why swapping “women” for “woman” and vice versa has become a thing on the internet? It’s in this very article, and I’ve seen it more times than I can count, but only in the last 3 or 4 years.

I’ve noticed the same thing and have no idea. Could be confirmation bias, as I’ve never actually tallied, but I feel like men do it more often, but I’ve seen it from women as well. I’ll give it a pass if I seen other typographical or spelling errors, but sometimes there will be perfect grammar and spelling, but then “women” when they mean “woman.” (I feel like the mistake is made more often in that direction, too.) Incidentally, I’ve never once seen men and man swapped in the same way.


Who talks to strangers or casual acquaintances about their kid’s genitals, ffs!??!?

People share a baffling amount of information no one wants to know on Facebook. The blog STFU parents used to regularly include photos of diaper blowouts and genitalia. But in person? Not nearly as likely.

Ohlmann wrote:

That guy half assed his genital mutilation topic. Being against, say, circumsicion don’t mean you oppose a doctor cutting a dick to save its owner from cancers or whatnot. While pejorative, in the end, mutilation is just a medical act. It’s the intent and consent of concerned party that count, which about 0.1s of reflexion would have revealed.

As far as infants go, sometimes nonconsensual circumcision can be medically justified. In that case, I think, it shouldn’t be called “mutilation”, which is indeed a pejorative framing? Though anti-circ activists would probably assert it’s never ever medically justified.

(In Finland, circumcision is deemed medically necessary for about 2 % of male infants. Who knows if that’s in right ballpark?)

I also fail to see how being passive aggressive make the same message be less logical.

These guys seems to conflate their precious “logic & reason” with being proudly blunt and ‘splainy. At least until they run into someone blunt and ‘splainy who disagrees with them.

@Nequam and Simon – Even if it is a “convenient” suicide, considering how much stuff was gathered in the raid, does Epstein’s death change the investigation all that much?

(Alan, wanna weigh in?)

@Victorious: True dat.

But the timing still feels weird even if it is most likely just a straight-up suicide.

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