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“Alphas are the New Betas,” and other baffling insights from terrible MGTOW memes

I suppose this makes a little bit of sense if you assume that every one of the literally hundreds of accusations against all of these men are false — and if you assume that the 15 men who have accused Kevin Spacey are really women. And that Bill O’Reilly and Rush Limbaugh (is that Rush in the middle there with the red tie?) are feminists.

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By David Futrelle

Hey. I found some terrible MGTOW memes. So now you have to see them too.

So apparently women all want to date the Illuminati?


Yes, this is exactly how the world works, what astute social commentary


MGTOWS are basically the most boring sci-fi authors ever


We really need to force STEM majors to take more English classes

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Can I just take a moment to thank you for the word “mantrum”

I’m going to be using that. A lot.

@Katamount – Your comments are so spot on. It’s always struck me as weird that sitting on the couch playing video games all day is presented as the pinnacle of freedom. There’s a whiff of “Moooom, get off my back!” about it.

The zeta thing reminds me of Paul Fussell’s X People, from his book “Class”. X people opt out of the system and become bohos or hipsters, supposedly freeing themselves from consumerism and social expectations, but their opting out is based on insecurity and class resentment: if the system won’t reward their obvious intelligence and superiority, they’ll just won’t participate at all.

It isn’t about freedom so much as normalizing arrested adolescence, by suckering in as many other men as possible to join the MGTOW movement under the pretense of rebelling against a hierarchy which they are among the most vicious enforcers of. They’re so conflicted about whether the pyramid is a good thing or a bad thing. It’s a good thing because white men are on top…but wait a minute, they’re white men, why aren’t they on top?

They’re like lottery ticket holders who just missed out on the jackpot by 1 or 2 numbers, and they’re angry that they don’t get access to the millions.

I love how so many men think that being asked to be quiet for a minute and listen to women is the biggest affront on the entire planet.

I had an electrician dude come in last week who blatantly didn’t listen to me while I was explaining that I needed to have the washing machine outlet moved to Wall A. Instead he decided to move the dryer outlet to Wall B. I still can’t plug the washer in, and now the dryer outlet is out of reach of the cord. Now he’s gaslighting me (so to speak). He claims the dryer outlet is what we originally agreed on and wants me to pay $200 for his labor and another $200 to move the washer outlet as originally requested (and likely another $200 to move the dryer outlet back to its original spot). He won’t admit that he screwed up because he tuned out while the feeemale was talking.

If a doctor did something similar and took out a healthy organ by mistake, he/she would be slapped with a malpractice suit. I don’t know how I’m going to resolve this one.

These meme things always make my brain hurt – Honestly the blue pill thing says to me that MTGOW’s are immature jerks who refuse to grow up. and this is supposed I presume considering who made the bloody thing this is considered admirable behavior. Ugh like I said it makes my head hurt.

And the gleefully waiting for women to become obsolete is meme is just sad – we keep hearing about sex bots but they really do seem a very long long way off. And as for the artificial wombs – this of course (provided they end up working and that’s not a certainty – pregnancy is a very complex process especially human pregnancy – things have to be all just so or things turn out very badly) who is going to raise the kid? Surely not the MTGOW who made this stupid meme – kids are a very large commitment – a trait MTGOW see as from what I can tell as a weakness.
My guess is that if they ever do produce artificial wombs, their use would be for couples who can not have them on their own (infertility or other reasons) Not immature dude bros.


Eugh, I had to peace out of that thread shortly after I got to the guy who claimed that society has listened to women plenty because we gave them the right to vote. As one of my buddies put it, that’s literally the lowest bar to pass for giving people a voice.

RE: The 2nd meme, the one with the pyramid. If these MGTOWs were really and truly GTOW, why would they care how women viewed them? Much less, create an elaborate meme about it? I can’t see why women’s opinions should matter in the least to them.


RE: The Satanic Panic. In the last few years, a journalist wrote a book about the McMaster case. I wish I could remember his or the book’s name.

I remember the Satanic Panic. I thought it was utter bunk, and I remember wondering how adults could possibly fall for such BS.

Lot’s of money?

Such cleverness goes into these memes! The girlz are really missing out on some quality dudes since they decided to “go their own way”. And good thing they post lots of crap to remind us, because, we wouldn’t want to forget about them and scoop out litter boxes or work or take naps instead.

Those men who say that, of course failed to listen to what the thread was about. That sexual predators stay under the radar because people don’t listen to women. If men, as a group, listened to women, women wouldn’t need to tell men to shut up and listen once in awhile.

“We need to listen to EACH OTHER!” is so obviously code for “only men should be listened to.”

In that “The Men Hierarchy” meme, is that…is that Bilbo Baggins up there next to Nikola Tesla?

And, so, apparently, according to the alpha pyramid, women (and/or society at large) look down on men who are




My head hurts just thinking about it

If we’re talking mistakes, how about “life like androids”? It’s like the “man hating feminists” quote (yes, you do). 😛

I tutor grammar as well as literature and the former seems fairly objective/linear to me. The hard part, like in math, is knowing what rule to apply when. (Mind you, there’s a lot of leeway on how to use commas… and English spelling is a whole other issue…)

Also, in defense of STEM people who write things (not that anyone was seriously maligning them): my friend who’s a programmer is much better writer than me – in an instructional, non-fiction way at least. She’s got a great knack for explaining complex things in simple ways. 🙂

Well, one thing’s for certain about all these memes…these guys are definitely going their own way when it comes to grammar, punctuation, spelling, syntax, and basic comprehensibility.

As recruitment tools go, though, they’re not going to appeal to any dude with a rudimentary command of English. Or logic.

Urg, combining the last meme with the topic of a few days ago where the man said he loves to fright little girls “for the fun thrill” is creeping me.
And i still do not get what a simp is. Are not rappers supposed to be pimps ?

Wait, so the Illuminati are the upper alpha, banks and government buildings are the lower alpha, athletes and actors are the upper beta, doctors and teachers are the lower beta, and what is this omega business? I hadn’t heard of that one before.
MGTOW Memes are always illogical, but this one is more confusing than most.

@Occasional Reader

Simp= simpleton, a foolish or gullible person. Last in common use some 60 years ago. Pimp is a totally different word, probably from Middle French pimper, to dress well.

The Real Cie:

what is this omega business? I hadn’t heard of that one before.

In general manospherian usage, omega is supposed to be the lower end of male social/sexual hierarchy, however that is defined. More often they don’t bother distinguishing omegas from the betas.

Zeta is for the MGTOW who think they’re living “outside the hierarchy”, though that’s hardly possible if such hierarchy really existed.

Also, in defense of STEM people who write things (not that anyone was seriously maligning them): my friend who’s a programmer is much better writer than me – in an instructional, non-fiction way at least. She’s got a great knack for explaining complex things in simple ways.

It’s quite commonly expected of women in STEM fields to not only be competent communicators, but to be able to bridge that gap and communicate technical concepts to non-technical people. If a man in STEM is unable to do this it’s because he’s so great at what he does. If a woman in STEM is unable to do this it’s because she’s incompetent and doesn’t understand it to begin with.

Simp has actually reemerged in hip hop culture. I’m past the age group who use it, but from context it seems to be a man who’s soft and thirsty. I’m assuming it’s derived from simper

Kat said

And now I can’t get the jingle from the Alpha Beta grocery stores (defunct since the 1990s) out of my mind

I was thinking the same thing! Didn’t most of the Alpha Beta markets become Albertson’s?

Surplus to Requirements said

And if you’re an arts major, may God have mercy on your soul. 🙂


I think I’m one of those people who are hardwired to get the most out of our restrictive classroom model of education. Even so, I had to learn the hard way to never EVER take two Art History classes in one semester! (I thought it’d be okay because I like Art History.) >.<

I always assumed that “simp” came from some combination of “com-symp” and “simpleton,” myself. Never looked into it.

… TFW you’ve been on the internet since early dial-up, and lurked the darker places within it out of morbid curiosity for so long you actually know from observation that the letter “zeta” already has links to the ZOOPHILE fetish community. (ZETA was apparently originally an acronym for a German zoophile group, but they started using the letter as their symbol, and now some of these particularly horrifying people apparently wear a pin shaped like the letter Zeta so that they can easily identify each other in public, even if they’re not associated with the original group).

(Please don’t judge me. A good chunk of my adult life has sadly been a TV Tropes-grade session of jumping from one awful thing to another. Send help.)

So now, basically, MGTOW has now linked itself (whether intentionally or accidentally) to zoophilia – and to my horror, it makes sense.

Because as I’ve said, I’ve lurked in dark places, and I’m pretty sure there’s some crossover between zoophiles and M who think they are GTOW. At least in English-speaking countries, people who identify as zoophiles (especially in furry fandom) are male by a very large majority, and most of those fellows are, to put it politely, extremely derisive, resentful and disdainful of human women. Many also identify as having an interest in “men’s rights” and take obscene joy in “putting women in their place” or dismissing them entirely.

I wish I didn’t know this, believe me. But I have seen much. Good lord, if this was intentional… seeing this has put a lot of MRA and MGTOW posts in a whole new light for me… but if it’s not intentional, it’s ironic as hell. I’m so curious now, did this person KNOW…?

So now, basically, MGTOW has now linked itself (whether intentionally or accidentally) to zoophilia – and to my horror, it makes sense.

I mean, considering that one guy recently talking in detail about and sounding turned on by monkey sex, well…

As for whether they knew? They’re oblivious to everyone around them, so chances are slim.

Understanding your environment, eh? You mean black void full of floating people in strikingly disparate states of undress? Cos that doesn’t really look like my environment at all. Mine’s got a sky for starters…

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