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Just some creepy pics of Rudy Giuliani because why not?

Rudy can fail

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By David Futrelle

So I went ahead and did my weird DreamscopeApp filter thing with Rudy because, I don’t know, I love me some weird filters. Enjoy, if you enjoy this sort of thing!

7 replies on “Just some creepy pics of Rudy Giuliani because why not?”

Trump: I didn’t pay Stormy Daniels any hush money.
Giuliani: Trump totally paid Stormy Daniels hush money.
Trump: Yeah, I totality paid Stormy Daniels some hush money but I wasn’t fucking her.

I think Trump and his minions are really confident that they only need a PR strategy, not a legal strategy. Because it’s not even clear if you can indict a sitting president. The Republicans are too cowardly/complicit to impeach him, no matter what he does. The Democrats are toothless to impeach without a significant number of Republicans backing them, even if they do win the majority in November.

Sadly, I think they may be right and Trump will not face legal consequences at all.

But, here’s the thing. The people around him can. And they have been. Even the non indicted people in Trump’s orbit are having a hard time finding jobs after leaving the administration.

So why the fuck are so many people so willing to throw themselves on their swords for him? Does Trump and/or Putin have something on Giuliani? I know he and Trump do run in a lot of the same circles. Same question applies to a lot of Republican politicians. They must all have skeletons they don’t want getting out too. Otherwise it just makes no sense to me that people are still willing to put their reputations, careers and even freedom on the line to help this asshole who does absolutely nothing to repay loyalty.

@weirwood Some of it’s ideological, the Republican party is starting to resemble a Stalinist commune in their ability to tolerate criticism. But I lot of it I think is Tang Caligula’s base. They have an unquestioning adoration of him and as long as he continues to behave like a racist jackass they will punish any who dare criticize him.

I’d also point out that Scooter Libby took one for George II. Sacrificing oneself for the Dear Leader seems to be a trait of the American right.

Sacrificing oneself for the Dear Leader seems to be a trait of high-RWA persons in general.

Ollie North and Reagan too. The bit I object to is when they sacrifice the rest of us.

But yes, I’ve wondered just how much dirt Putin has on highly placed republicans. He’s probably been quietly collecting it for decades.

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