Having a sick day here, so here’s a picture of Sean Hannity surrounded by squids

Hannity and his squid friends

Hey there, sorry I wasn’t able to post a real post today, kinda wrenched my back, nothing serious but hurts like heck and now I’m sleepy from the muscle relaxants they gave me. So I thought I’d post a recent filtering experiment involving Sean Hannity and some squids.

Hoping to resume regular posting tomorrow.  Consider this an open thread.

EDITED TO ADD: Oh. so I was doing some vagina research for a possible upcoming post on MGTOWs and these were the suggested stories that popped up on the Health magazine site under one of the articles I read.

What is going on with vaginas and weird things being put up them!? Is this al Gwynyth’s doing?

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Jojo mojo,

I certainly don’t have a problem with media figures offering condolences to Barbara Bush’s family and friends. That’s just basic decency stuff. What I do have a problem with is this decision media figures, including progressive ones like Joy Reid have made to retcon her as some sort of pro social justice quasi feminist who represented a kinder gentler Republican party. That’s just some bullshit right there.

I also happen to think that those of us who are privileged in various ways – for example me as a cishet white college educated able bodied person – have a duty to not go easy on fellow privileged people for saying bigoted things and having bigoted opinions just because they’re nice to us as privileged people. By “us” I’m not necessarily including you because I don’t know enough about you to know how privileged you are or aren’t. Just speaking in a general sense.

I really do think the reluctance so many progressives have had to push back hard against hate because we don’t want to make trouble with people in our families or social circles and don’t want to come off as mean has allowed the rise of Trumperism. It’s let the right push the discourse further and further right.

The fact is, Trump didn’t come out of nowhere. The Republican party with their southern strategy rhetoric created this monster. The Bushes, including Barbara were a big part of this. George H.W. Bush’s Willie Horton ad being an obvious example. The dehumanization of women, people of color, immigrants, poor people, LGBTQ people etc. that the entire party has gleefully participated in has directly led to countless deaths. Not that only Republicans are culpable, just that this shit is a feature, not a bug of that party. So, to me, Republicans are vile. Especially the powerful ones. That’s why I’m personally not here for a never speak ill of the dead approach when it comes to Republican bigwigs.


Just as an aside, when Hillary Clinton passes away, I’m willing to bet dollars to donuts she won’t get this kind of coverage….

Every second sentence will be “But you have to remember that she was unpopular.” Or, for variety’s sake, “She never did manage to get people to like her.”

“She got three million more votes than the other guy, but her problem was that she wasn’t popular.” “Here’s some footage of all these smiling young women jostling to get close to her, but don’t forget that no one liked her.” “Here’s a series of interviews with people talking about how much they love/respect her, but somehow she never managed to get anyone to like her.”

@Jojo Mojo

condolences to Barbara Bush’s family either way.

Why? They’re all awful people too.

It’s been sort of frustrating but also fascinating to watch the Republican party trying to have it both ways with Trump. They’re painting Comey as a pro-Democratic partisan hack even though he’s a Republican and the RNC itself has gotten involved with the personal attacks on Comey. Yet, if you say Trump is awful and the Republican party and its voters need to take responsibility for him, they get upset and complain about how mean you are to think they’re all bigots. Well, if the Republican party isn’t a Trump party, why is the RNC attacking Trump’s enemies? Why is Mitch McConnell killing efforts to protect Mueller? Why is Paul Ryan resigning rather than going through the trouble of standing up to him. It’s almost like Trump really is the Republican id. Imagine that.

I mean, fuck Comey. But still.

Uh…why do we have to “respect the dead” by pretending they weren’t terrible people in life? How about respecting the living by not silencing righteous anger at terrible people who have d one terrible things, whether those terrible people are currently living or not?

Why? They’re all awful people too.

Well they are alive, so they are fair ground for criticism for anything they have done, but their mother/wife passing away isn’t really one of them. I just simply feels it’s a low blow and in bad taste.

Though i don’t want it to make it seem that I’m trying to be some preachy, concern trolling asshole telling everybody to not feel how they feel, and it if felt that way, I sincerely apologize. And if i keep writing i’ll probably start rambling.

Alive or dead doesn’t change their actions. If Barbara Bush did less harm than HW, it’s only because she had less power. She was an awful person who raised awful people, and the world is a better place without her in it. The only thing that I regret about this is that it wasn’t her husband.

@Jojo mojo

FWIW I for one don’t think you’re wrong. How one reacts to a death is personal preference.

Those who can put aside what she did aren’t wrong, and neither are those of you who feel anger. You do you, everyone. 🙂

Death won’t be the end for attacks on Hillary Clinton:

“Today on Fox and Friends we’re talking with Robert Cardwell, new Director of the FBI. Director Cardwell, we know you’ve only been in office a few days, but can you tell us if we can expect an indictment against Hillary Clinton soon?”

“Well, probably not, since she died 15 years ago. The FBI generally doesn’t seek criminal charges against the dead.”

“But why not?”


“I was just thinking, the other day, about Ronald Reagan. When Reagan was elected to his first term, I remember older people shaking their heads in dismay and decrying the fact that a B movie actor was now President. At least Reagan had been governor of California.”

But wait, there’s more. 🤔🤔🤔



Ok couldn’t get it the first video to embed and start at 1:56, so if you want to go straight for the joke just start there.


“Either legitimately because they’re working 65 hours a week to keep the lights on, or less legitimately ’cause they’re bad parents.”

Well I have kids and that’s a little unfair.

Let’s talk about supervision. There weren’t cellphones in the early days of the internet, so you could plop the (huge) computer monitor down in the livingroom and watch over your kid’s shoulders. Nowadays I have 2 tiny ass screens that I can’t see from a distance to supervise in the livingroom, and 2 crafty ass kids to thwart me at every turn. And let’s say that I only let them on a PC- all their friends still have smartphones. All my kids have to do is wait to go to school, or to go over their friends houses, to thwart me. It’s an impossible situation.

For ex, my 13 year old was recently sexually harassed and abused over her smart phone by another 13 year old, and from talking to her therapist, and from talking to other parents, this is now the typical thing to have happen to girls in middle school. And what can be done? If I take away her phone, the shit that harassed her keeps his, so she’s the one punished. Besides, she needs to be able to call me. She’s at the age that she’s in clubs, and sometimes she needs to stay after school for extra help, and she needs to be able to go out with her friends as well. So, impossible situation. 😕

That incel in my asexual forum asked me why I wasn’t trying to show incels that women can be nice/good people. He asked why I thought getting them banned from places was a good thing.

According to my roommate I hit “quiet, rational rage” very well.

I have to say, with my usual energy levels, if I had children, I wouldn’t be able to raise them much while holding a job with decent hours. At least I’m in a position to easily remain childfree.

@Jojo mojo

I rather not speak ill of the dead unless they did so themselves while living and even then, it’ll be just acknowledge that they died and nothing more (so when Rush Limbaugh kicks the bucket, the only thing i’ll say about it is, “rest in piss fuck-o”)

I’m not sure why the dead deserve special treatment. Sure, they aren’t able to defend themselves but, y’know, they had ample opportunity in life not to be vile shitstains who worked tirelessly for decades to foster hate, misery and division and make society and the world a worse place. Their surviving peers and acolytes should know that they’ll be hated and cursed when they die too, and that their projects will be justifiably shat upon by everyone. Maybe even one or two of them will have a bit of a think about what they’ve done and what they are doing.

When Limbaugh shuffles off his mortal coil, it’ll be untimely only inasmuch as it is a shame that it didn’t happen much earlier in his life. I’ll cheerfully repeat that once the pustulent old fuck is gone.

damn kids get off own lawns. I mean, if still have lawns after the massive debt/nukes.

Hah. Plenty of places with lawns today will be the sun-baked wind-blasted dustbowls of tomorrow. Those that aren’t destined to be beaches and salt marshes, that is.


Great videos; thanks for posting them. Damn, I’m so happy my father didn’t live to see this rotten tangerine presidency.


That’s pretty remarkable video editing.

Eerie how life imitates art. Don’t forget, right before that bit is the Cubs winning the World Series …

Makes me wonder if somewhere out there is an almanac we need to burn to set things right.

@Surplus, @ Dormousing_it

Yeah I love the edited one with Trump. 🙂

I wonder about that almanac myself sometimes, but then I think about how predictably stupid humans are. That those that don’t learn from history are doomed to repeat it, yadda yadda yadda.

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