Madonna/Waifu: 4channers justify their love for YouTube shooter Nasim Aghdam

Nasim Aghdam’s fans on 4chan have … complicated feelings about their new crush (Meme from 4chan)

By David Futrelle

Several days ago, I wrote about the burgeoning cult of Nasim Aghdam I found on 4chan’s /pol/ board, a longtime hotbed of incel lusts and “ironic” Nazism. Since then, /pol/’s love for the YouTube shooter, who injured three before taking her own life, seems to have grown exponentially.

Paeans to the supposed perfection of “Princess Nasim,” some reeking of 4chan’s signature “irony,” others sounding achingly sincere, fill assorted Tribute threads on 4chan’s /pol/ and /r9k/ boards.

Wow, she’s luminous here. Truly resplendent beautyI swear I'm going to be nicer to you faggots all the time. What a comrade she was. What an honour /ourgirl did us. She didn't just talk our code here she lived as everything we espouse irl and when they came to destroy her for it she died in purity of body and soul. She can never falter now, never slip, and she has done all she can do. They can't hurt her anymore but they tried to erase her life and make it as if their victim had never existed because they fear that which they cannot control. /pol has saved the day on this.

We can’t let her sacrifice be in vain. We must expose the kikes at YouTube and show the world the truth about this beautiful martyrOur love cannot be challenged she will always be alive in our hearts
She was a goddess too pure for the corruption of California. We should have taken her back to her capital in MidWest America, where she would have reigned as Queen and her will would have been enforced

Nasim apparently had her own line of clothing and made some of her own outfits. She was a real Renaissance waifu.

This one is a bit too long to screenshot. It covers a lot of, er, themes. I’ve lightly censored the assorted slurs.

Nasim Aghdam went full an hero by walking into the belly of the degenerate k*ke beast that is JewTube an enacted maximum chaos on google f***ot n***ers by shooting up their headquarters. Nasim had such a compassionate heart that she chose not to kill, but only to wound in order to expose the injustices of Jewtube, namely its censorship and globalist propaganda. Nasim facts:

>clean tidy house in all her videos
>hated degeneracy
>saving herself for marriage
>loves animals like Hitler
>made cooking videos
>loves guns and used them
>quoted Hitler
>went against the grain
>cute and weird wouldn’t have minded being with a socially awkward husband
>refused to let the media establishment run all over her
>stood up for what she believed in 
>died for what she believed in
>literal artistic genius
>impeccable Nasimwave taste, dress
>good taste in food
>shockingly talented in everything she does
>author and music composer
>chef with her own tasty recipes, “The Uncursed Kitchen”
>makes her own Nasiware clothing
>hard working
>extremely intelligent
>loves family, family woman, caring, loving, seeking an honest husband
>loves free speech
>loves to educate redpilling on censorship and factory farm abuse and much more if time permitted
>cuddle bunny
>beautiful, good tight body, and her long neck ends up being really cute and unique once you realize she’s 100% woman
>born to be a leader and take a stand
>a lot of fun, she’ll do stupid stuff with you
>perfect eyes that scare retarded normies away

Nasim has many videos denouncing the evils of satanism, anal sex, degeneracy in general, crass consumerism of junk food media, thots, third wave feminist whores, and being a conformist sheeple follower of the globalist government. She basically calls out and names the jew several times, and thats why they shut her down

A lot of very weird wishful thinking going on there. It reminds me of an old song.

Each night I ask the stars up above,
Why must I be a Nazi in love?

Not sure those are the original lyrics.

Some of St. Nasim’s admirers aren’t quite as pure-minded as /pol/ imagines her to have been:

I can't help but think if she got some dick in her life she would still be alive. Anonymous (ID: iGy1TncI) NZ 04/07/18(Sat)09:34:31 No.167086070 182 KB 182 KB JPG >>167085843 she was too pure for that she was against any kind of sexual filth

Others seemed less interested in her per se than they were in the idea of shooting people who represent things they don’t like.

The only thing she did wrong was only injure instead of kill May she serve as an inspiration to what could be done if need be.

Did I mention that they discovered my last post about them and their Nasim obsession?

Hahaha. Fat fuck male feminist David Futrelle is at it again. That article is full of so many gems I don't even know where to begin. We need to drive the worship of this Goddess to levels never before seen.

Maybe it’s time for some pictures.

Here’s Nasim love in traditional 4chan style:

And here are some memes, if you can call them that, which look a lot more like the vaguely inspirational homemade graphics that your least-favorite relatives pass around on Facebook — at least until you remember that these particular inspirational images are glamorizing a woman who shot up YouTube. 

You’d think they would take the time to proofread their tributes to their new Goddess.

There are, of course, more than a few on 4chan who aren’t fans of the Cult of Nasim. And somehow they manage to be even worse than her fans. This comment captures the basic gist of their objections:

Reminder that if you treat this ugly awkward suicidal Muslim tr*nny as the queen of /pol/, you are literally a f*ggot

While all this was going on, a couple of /pol/sters or /pol/ sympathizers stopped by WHTM to try to post comments, one of which was a veritable masterpiece of unconvincing apologia:

You were linked on a /pol/ thread. This article is pretty good if not slightly sneering in tone so we appreciate the balance. A few pointers:

First of all, please remember that Nazi talk and references on /pol/ are largely ironic. This is not to say that we don’t have actual stromblags posting, but it’s still maymaying by and large, and should be understood as much; or else you’re either peddling fake news, or can’t quite grasp nuance.

Time to pull out this always useful gif again.

Lots of Nazis love the maymays. Andrew Anglin, to mention just one. That doesn’t make them not Nazis. Hate with jokes is still hate.

Secondly – and so this is clear – the issue with Aghdam is that YouTube used a toxic combination of algorithms and indifference to take down her livelihood, and in so doing, pushed her over the edge. We see them as directly culpable, so while we wish a speedy recover to all the victims, what we won’t tolerate is YouTube having the final word on the narrative here.

Yes, /pol/ wishes “a speedy recover [sic] to all the victims.” Except for all the /pol/sters who wish she had killed those she shot and then some.

Thirdly, seeing as we are 4chan and pretty gun savvy, it seems abundantly clear to us that Aghdam had no kill priority given her woeful lack of final total. The overall consensus is that she either never had the intention to begin with, or she changed her mind in the course of the act. That makes us love her even more because she’s proof that there IS a difference between human beings and mass murderers, and no more so evident than when it comes down to the wire.

Damn, I already used that JLaw gif. But this will work too.

I’m going to leave out the commenter’s link to a crowdfunder supposedly raising money in Aghdam’s name for animal welfare. I’m sure if anyone reading this wants to help animals they can think of countless ways to do so that don’t involve giving money to some dubious crowdfunder in the name of a would-be murderer.

This crowdfunder has been established as we are dismayed that (a) we didn’t get to her in time because we WOULD have been able to help her due to our status as Lord of All Internet, and (b) This is what YouTube took from her – the ability to be able to help those that most need it. And that’s despicable. And even you would agree it is.

YouTube must take its share of responsibility and admit as much or we will gather for Valhalla.

Ah, yes, that’s what you’re doing. gathering in Valhalla to prepare for Ragnarok. It’s telling that this gentle soul from 4chan can’t end his comment without some absurd and abstract but decidedly violent threat against the same people Aghdam targeted.

Yours in Adolf,



The other commenters who stopped by were a little less polite.

Interesting to see shitlibs, SJW’s, and autistic cat-ladies getting together to spy on /POL/.

It’s fun watching you tone police each other and drop trigger warnings while you un-ironically wail about the circle-jerk vacuum chamber that is 4chan, where at least they have sense of humor and a whiff of self awareness.

I probably broke enough of your gay rules for this comment to never see the light of day. But at least you, the hapless f*ggot that moderates the comments around here, will be forced to abrade your oh so delicate consciousness.

Lol get fucked you piles of trash, and I literally hope you all die ?

The smiley is a nice touch.

And then there was this guy:

It amazes me that liberals don’t realize just how many people in the world want to kill them. We might see an alt-right/muslim extremist team-up just to get rid of you.

Is this what the kids are calling “irony” these days? It’s hard to keep up, sometimes.

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Victorious Parasol
Victorious Parasol
5 years ago

Welcome back, Bina!

I see the 4channers are recycling their “it’s just a JOKE” defense. Again.

Scildfreja Unnyðnes
Scildfreja Unnyðnes
5 years ago

@Bina, yaaay!


Pls no. The issue isn’t that it isn’t being studied. We know how this works. This is considered a very important topic and has been since the Arab Spring; before that even. The issue is that no governments want to do anything about it. Don’t point at scientists and say “do more,” that doesn’t help.

About 21,000 hits for “radicalization internet” on google scholar. Here are some highlights:

Thompson, Robin L. “Radicalization and the use of social media.” Journal of strategic security 4.4 (2011): 167.

The use of social media tools by individuals and organizations to radicalize individuals for political and social change has become increasingly popular as the Internet penetrates more of the world and mobile computing devices are more accessible. To establish a construct for radicalization,the power and reach of social media will be described so there is common understanding of what social media is and how it is utilized by various individuals and groups. The second section will answer the question of why social media applications are the perfect platform for the radical voice. Finally, the use of social media and its influence in radicalizing populations in Northern Africa and the Middle East during 2011 will be analyzed and recommendations proposed.

Wright, Marie. “Technology and terrorism: How the Internet facilitates radicalization.” The Forensic Examiner 17.4 (2008): 14-20.

Extremist groups use the Internet for many reasons: to disseminate propaganda and spread disinformation; to recruit and train volunteers; to solicit funds from sympathizers; to gather data from open sources; to plan and coordinate attacks; to maintain communications–many of them encrypted–between members of a single terrorist group as well as with members of other terrorist groups; to provide tutorials on building and planting explosive devices; and to publicize their acts of violence and ultimately enhance the perceived image of their great strength. This article uses examples gathered from public sources to examine how the Internet is used to facilitate the radicalization of extremist groups, and offers options for implementing an effective response.

Koehler, Daniel. “The radical online: Individual radicalization processes and the role of the Internet.” Journal for Deradicalization 1 (2014): 116-134.

This paper examines in detail the role of the Internet in individual radicalization processes of eight German former right-wing extremists. Applying Grounded Theory methodology the qualitative interviews were analyzed in several coding and re-coding phases. The findings are integrated into the existing literature afterwards. Besides well known factors, such as more effective communication, anonymity and better networking opportunities, this study found evidence that the Internet is a major driving factor to establish and foster the development of radical contrast societies (cf. Koehler, 2015) transmitting radical and violent ideologies and translating them into political activism.
As a venue for information exchange, ideological development and training, the individual radicalization process was characteristically shaped or even made possible through the Internet. This paper also shows the high value of qualitative research regarding the topic in contrast to usually employed quantitative analysis of webpage content.

There’s a whole Journal of Deradicalization publishing articles. The issue isn’t a lack of study.

Redsilkphoenix: Jetpack Vixen, FemiNest Collective agent, Hell Toupee keeper & Intergalactic Meanie
Redsilkphoenix: Jetpack Vixen, FemiNest Collective agent, Hell Toupee keeper & Intergalactic Meanie
5 years ago

Am I the only one here who finds the OP illustration more than a little disturbing? Not because it’s debasing a religious icon for no good reason, but because it’s a sexualized pic of the Virgin Mary and her son, the INFANT Christ? Or am I just imagining a sexual subtext to that altered pic?

Axecalibur: Middle Name Danger
Axecalibur: Middle Name Danger
5 years ago

Lotta… just terrible shit here, but I’ll point out how gross their dialect or whatever is, cos that’s slightly less depressing/maddening. But only slightly. Just grime given the form of English grammar

Surplus to Requirements, Observer of the Vast Blight-Wing Enstupidation
Surplus to Requirements, Observer of the Vast Blight-Wing Enstupidation
5 years ago

Or do they think that if a Nazi regime did come back in their countries that they would somehow be exempt?

They think that if a Nazi regime did come back in their countries, they’d be one of the big important ringleaders, a Himmler or a Goebbels or similarly.

Of course, the most a lot of them could realistically hope for would be to end up a goose-stepping goon in the Gestapo or Wehrmacht, and a lot would just end up slaving away in munitions factories. Among the very few to end up initially as ringleaders, a lot would be purged eventually in a Night of the Long Knives, Redux, starting with the ones who were totally utterly serious about it getting rid of any goofier ones still flying Kekistan flags or heavily into Pepe. Ones with the wrong ethnic background or sexual orientation (Milo, Roosh, etc.) would obviously not be around very long either, and in all likelihood the eventual top echelon would consist mostly of people nobody’s heard of now.

It doesn’t get any better for them — not even the surviving upper echelon ones. Plots and intrigues would continue to threaten them, as in all force-dominated societies where the ruling class aren’t subject to the rule of law. In the original instance, the wars they’d opened on multiple fronts began to go badly, and eventually everyone, from the top tier down to the foot soldiers and the bomb-factory workers, had Allied bombs raining down around their ears.

In the event that history did not repeat itself that far, the resulting society would be quite unstable, both against a coup at the top and revolution from below. And if it dodged all those bullets, there’s a final and unavoidable problem for any despotic state in the modern world: cutting off the free press and other informational freedoms to inhibit or prevent revolutions means cutting off your nose to spite your face. Such nations always fall further and further behind economically, until they are outcompeted. Witness the fate of the Soviet Union. China might seem to be an exception, but it probably only seems that way. Likely, either the limited informational freedoms there are sufficient still for a revolution to eventually occur, or it will fall behind its more open and free competitor societies at some point, especially now as it seeks to expand its influence, end the defacto American monopoly on petroleum by usurping the petro-dollar system, and become a global superpower. Empire will require it to dismantle the Great Firewall, at least partially, in all likelihood, to interoperate with its client states once it has some (other than the benighted North Korea). If it doesn’t it will be stillborn as a true superpower, and if it does it will likely be forced to undergo reforms away from its current degree of despotism, or else face an eventual more major and destructive rupture down the line.

occasional reader
occasional reader
5 years ago


cute and weird wouldn’t have minded being with a socially awkward husband

Say who ? Your imagination, i guess.

beautiful, good tight body, and her long neck ends up being really cute and unique once you realize she’s 100% woman

Because before you realized it, you were covering her with transphobe slurs, i suppose.

died for what she believed in

What ? That she was deserving more visibility from a free platform ? That she should earn more money ?

Aah, facts… Direct from ass to assholes…

Have a nice day.

5 years ago


Thanks for putting all that so clearly. Reminds me of my pet peeve with AUs where the Nazis won and continue to dominate the world into the 1980s or later – I can *maybe* see them winning WWII if some things had gone a bit differently, but I don’t think that regime would have survived very long once they could no longer blame every problem that cropped up on someone else.

Surplus to Requirements, Observer of the Vast Blight-Wing Enstupidation
Surplus to Requirements, Observer of the Vast Blight-Wing Enstupidation
5 years ago

There was almost no way for the Soviet Union to lose WWII, due to its sheer size, troop counts, and industrial capacity. Absent an external forcing (in literary terms, a deus ex machina) like the flu that made such a mess during WWI, the only plausible path to a Nazi victory (besides allying with Stalin but not subsequently stabbing him in the back, then dividing up the world) was for the Nazis to beat everyone else to the Bomb.

As for a persistent Nazi state into the 1980s, it would be easiest if they had a persistent external foe, per your observation. So, the best case scenario for them post WWII would have been an Alternate Cold War, with the other side most likely either being the US, China, or the Soviets.

On the other hand, it must be noted here that a fascist state did survive WWII and persist most of the way to the 1980s: Franco’s dictatorship in Spain. What enable this I’m not sure; probably a combination of the (non-Alternate) Cold War and something something reduced-virulence strain something host-tolerance something something. (You’ll note at least the lack of the post-WWII Spain being aggressively expansionist…)

North Korea might offer a clue to a third path: isolationism with massively stoked xenophobia, permitting a cold-war mentality within the borders without necessarily having an actual external rival who feels an equivalent level of fear and enmity.

Of course, the cold-war mentality didn’t preserve the Soviet Union’s despotism indefinitely, and it won’t preserve North Korea’s, nor would it have done more than buy time for a hypothetical persistent Nazi state. If the typical lifespan for a highly-despotic cold-war-mentality society before radical change becomes inevitable is equal to the actual observed lifespan of the Soviet Union, the hypothetical persistent Nazis would probably have bit the big one circa 2011, if not earlier, and North Korea is unlikely to outlive the 2020s in its current form.

Semi-open societies like post-Maoist China might be more stable, like adding a safety valve to a boiler. Fully-open societies seem to be more prone to periodic civil wars than to violent regime overthrow. All of them seem to become unstable within a century though! The original 13 colonies were founded in the late 1600s, overthrew the despotic absentee aristocrat landlords in the late 1700s becoming an open society, then had a civil war in the mid-to-late 1800s, with a more minor crisis in the mid-1900s — the recent external fight of WWII might have been a stabilizing influence for a while afterward. Now it looks to be heading for a belated crackup.

Canada, founded in modern form in the mid-1800s, seems to have been quite stable for 150 years though, with a very small number of low-damage domestic terrorist incidents, no overt revolutions or civil wars, and occasional instances of one province making noises about secession, which never seems to go beyond just talk, single-digit-numbers-of-extremists aside. Perhaps Canada has stumbled upon a societal Fountain of Youth, a trick to maintaining longer-term stability? It’s not clear what that might be though, unless the parliamentary system without a separate executive is inherently more stable than other democratic structures. It’s still undergone cycles of rising wealth inequality followed by bursts of reforms, last time in the sixties when the NDP was able to force the Liberals to institute universal healthcare, among other things. But the reform periods seem to be accompanied by much less upheaval, especially of the violent variety, than in lots of other nations.

Perhaps the key is the overall cultural attitude toward violence itself. In the US the idea of asskicking as the ultimate resort if you otherwise can’t get your way seems much more in the cultural zeitgeist than in most other developed countries. It shows up in action movies, romanticizing of the wild west and its pistols-at-dawn to settle otherwise irreconcilable disputes, and in numerous other ways. In Canada, the zeitgeist seems to be to negotiate and horse-trade till everyone is equally (un)satisfied, guns are for hunting not killing the terrorists and/or overthrowing a government that becomes tyrannical (or for fantasizing about doing same), and even fisticuffs are for settling only such disputes as arise inside the waist-high oval wall of plywood that encloses a hockey rink. 🙂

Oddly, even though we consume a lot of American action movies and first-person-shooter video games, this seems to persist. Maybe maintaining a clear separation between fiction and real life is also to some degree a thing Canada does better …

Jenora Feuer
Jenora Feuer
5 years ago

@Surplus to Requirements:
The usual joke on that is: ‘The U.S. was founded in a bloody revolution; Canada was founded as a political compromise that didn’t really satisfy anybody. Both countries have continued much the same way ever since.’

That said, politically Canada has had the advantage of having the U.S. as an example both of what things work and what things don’t work. A good bit of that example made its way into the repatriated Constitution, leading to both the explicit ‘Charter of Rights and Freedoms’, as well as safety valves like the ‘Notwithstanding Clause’. (The latter has only ever really been used once, but just knowing it exists has led to some changes in how laws get written.)

(Didn’t an American Supreme Court Justice trigger a stink a few years back by suggesting that countries look at more recent examples of constitutions like Canada’s rather than the U.S. Constitution for inspiration? The U.S. Constitution was groundbreaking for its time, but that time was a couple of centuries ago.)

As for Nazis, I agree. They looked like a massive juggernaut early on, but that’s easier to pull off when you’ve been stockpiling for a while and have lots of patriotic but naive citizens to throw into the meat grinder before everybody else can get ready.

And when your R&D practices are controlled by many different people all fighting for money and prestige, including sabotaging each other to get their own pet projects more money… I think Atomic Robo had a line about ‘Why build one superweapon when you can underfund a dozen of them?’

As you said, fascist organizations like that tend not to be stable over multiple generations because of the political infighting. Spain had the advantage that it was just the one person running things for the most part for that time. North Korea has set up a noble family line, but there have already been cracks showing up in that; when the Dear Leader has multiple children, expect infighting to occur.

5 years ago

weirwoodtreehugger: chief manatee
I’m sure a lot of them aren’t actually on the spectrum and just trying to use it as an excuse to be an asshole

I have seen a lot of that when people use the spectrum as an excuse for misogynistic behavior. one of the sites on tumblr I used to go to called misandry mermaid where she was threaten along with other women and girls by this one guy and his parents excused him saying he’s on the spectrum and some of his supporters defended him too. The women, girls and their supporters tried to report him and his parents and supporters accused them of doxxing him and then received more threats, harassment just all around misogynistic garbage. It’s very disgusting and he’s not the only one.

Trigger warning

Do they not know that more people besides Jews were targeted by their hero?

Doing research is misandry and reverse racism and do ya know the Internet is run by the joooos? But seriously if Hitler was still alive and according to his beliefs, the channers would be the first to go.

Jenora Feuer
Jenora Feuer
5 years ago

Oh, and one thing I forgot to mention: don’t forget that Quebec isn’t the only province that had a separatist movement. Newfoundland and Labrador has a small one (Newfoundland was technically a separate British colony until 1949, and there are living people who remember when it wasn’t part of Canada yet) and Alberta was threatening separation back during the days of Pierre Trudeau’s National Energy Program.
5 years ago

…cutting off the free press and other informational freedoms to inhibit or prevent revolutions means cutting off your nose to spite your face. Such nations always fall further and further behind economically, until they are outcompeted. Witness the fate of the Soviet Union. China might seem to be an exception…

China banned VPNs, and they’re currently seeking to ensure the only encryption people have access to are those with government back doors. It’s happening.

5 years ago

“We were just being ironic! Swear!”
Okay, here are all the definitions of irony I could find:
SOCRATIC IRONY: a pretense of ignorance and willingness to learn from another assumed in order to make the other’s false conceptions conspicuous via adroit questioning.
VERBAL IRONY: the expression of one’s meaning using language typically used to signify the opposite, typically for humorous or emphatic effect.
SITUATIONAL IRONY: an event or state of affairs that seems deliberately contrary to what one expects and is often amusing as a result.
DRAMATIC IRONY: a literary technique, originating from Greek tragedy, by which the full significance of a character’s words or actions are clear to the audience but unknown to the other characters.
METALLURGICAL IRONY: anything of or relating to the physical and chemical properties of the element Iron (Fe)

At no point does any of that signify “pretending to be a Nazi because you think it’s funny.”

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