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On Gab, some are blaming yesterday’s school shooting — by a possible white supremacist — on the Jews

The accused shooter in a school yearbook picture

By David Futrelle

On Gab — the “free speech” social media site that has become something of a haven for the internet’s worst people — some of the regulars have come up with a rather inventive explanation for the Parkland, Florida school shooting yesterday that left 17 dead. It’s all the fault of the Jews.

Never mind that an explicitly fascist group claims the accused shooter, 19-year-old Nikolas Cruz, as a member, and says he participated in their paramilitary training exercises. As some of the best minds on Gab see it, Cruz is actually the puppet of a vast Jewish conspiracy — and probably a Jew himself.

Their evidence? The fact that Cruz is such a well-known Jewish surname.

Wait, what?

baeumler @baeumler PRO an hour Was the Florida Shooter Jewish? That appears to be the case. As his last name--from adopted family--is Cruz, which is a Jewish surname. Add in his middle name, Jacob, which is definitely Jewish and it looks like Nicholas Jacob Cruz is a Jew and not a white boy. Jacob is a popular Jewish name, since he was a patriarch.

While Cruz isn’t probably the first surname one thinks of when one thinks about Jewish surnames, there were some Spanish Jews who adopted the name to hide their Jewishness from the authorities … during the Spanish Inquisition. 500 years ago.

That of course isn’t proof that Cruz himself was Jewish.

Also, he was adopted.

But more than a few on Gab have something of a vested interest in trying to blame yesterday’s horrific carnage on a Jew or the Jews.  See if you can figure out what the hidden agenda is as you scroll through these lightly censored comments from a fellow who calls himself DrGasChamber.

 Dindu Nuffin @DrGasChamber 3 hours · in Florida School Shooting And schlomo news says... it's a white working with us far right evil nazi racist bigots! Oy Vey! This kike fake shooter isn't white and the jews need gas!

Dindu Nuffin @DrGasChamber 4 hours · in Florida School Shooting It's most likely another false flag using a jew that looks white and a fake name cruz... it's an attack on our liberty and freedom on #2a and bring more whites to cuck shsme and turn in guns to the kike patrol

Dindu Nuffin @DrGasChamber 7 hours · in BritFam For sure... and kikeservatives will go along with jew propaganda and not research cruz is a converted jew name most likely very common and the only people kikes fear are white.. so lets put more white shame on to all and take these guns away.. but most likely this mossad agent was armed by atf fbi or cia

A Gabber called stevec, meanwhile, isn’t completely sure there even was a shooting yesterday. But whatever happened, he’s pretty sure Jews are to blame.

 stevec @steve45 18 hours · in Valentine’s Day 2018 Valentine's Day Massacre in Parkland. Shooter is a Jew, Local Sheriff is a Jew, Local FBI agent in Charge is a Jew, near Boca Ratan, aka Jew central. I smell a FBI/Mossad black op. Did people really die, or was this just another drill, hoax false flag. Kid's shrink was probably his doper and handler. Jews always get 'even' on days of Christian Celebration.

 stevec @steve45 4 hours · in Florida School Shooting If someone was killed, which I highly doubt given all the fake wounds we saw being carried out, like a drill, this autistic Jew, Nick Cruz, did not do it, but pro shooters were used. Probably contract killers. The CIA/FBI use Mossad hit men often or Mafia (Mossad in drag). Filthy dirty local Jewish FBI 'agent in charge' either as fail or active participant in ff.

stevec @steve45 2 hours · in Florida School Shooting · edited lots of jewish victims start to emerge like jewish crisis actors, jewish fbi agents, jewish, sheriff, jewish mayor. jewish hero football coach. i sense a pattern here at at last. this is another darn holohoax.

stevec @steve45 3 hours · in Florida School Shooting Gab is full of so many unread people, why bother. Cruz is a name often taken by Sephardic Jews after they converted or faked conversion to Christianity. His features are typical of a Sephardic Jew. Quit blaming Hispanics.

One commenter, the not-so-accurately named @NameTheJew, even made a little meme.

And no, there is no evidence that Elliot Rodger — that’s him on the left — was Jewish either.

Needless to say, not everyone on Gab blames the Jews for whatever they think happened in Parkland Florida yesterday. A fellow called Pho Chan, for example, had a rather different take on the Jewish Question.

Pho Chan @phochanpol 2 hours · in Florida School Shooting Seeing the names of the victims, a lot of them echoes, and look very jewy, not sure if any of them was a real white (swimmer guy probably), there were also lot of spics, also one mud & one chink. Considering kikes are only 2% in USA, and more than one of them are definite jews, and nearly half of the killed definite breeding age non-whites, this spic shooter did well.


For more on Nikolas Cruz, a possible incel who has been hailed by incels online as an Elliot Rodger style hero, see my post yesterday.

199 replies on “On Gab, some are blaming yesterday’s school shooting — by a possible white supremacist — on the Jews”

The info that Gab was kicked off the App Store, thus furthering limiting their chances of meaningful growth is comforting.

Honestly, is this even worth reporting? The people on Gab probably blame the Jews when they burn their toast in the morning.

If a Jewish conspiracy anywhere near as power as they believe in existed it wouldn’t have to bother with gimmicks like fake school shootings. But conspiracy theorists generally have poor understanding of logistics.(Along with all sort of other stuff of course.)

Hmmmm, “white shame”? The only people making me ashamed of being white are these assholes.

Also, if white people don’t commit mass murders, does that mean that white people only have the guts to sit behind a computer and idolize “jewish mullato creations” for actually acting on violent fantasies? 🤔 Surely the superior race could never be a bunch of spineless loser keyboard warriors?🤔

I wonder what these boils on the ass of humanity must think of the Reich Minister of Propaganda being named Joseph, another Jewish name? Was Joseph Goebbels also a secret Jew?

Here’s your hero now, 4chan dudes. It’s interesting how, from the comfort of your chair, you laud others who commit antisocial acts. Cruz will likely spend a long, long time in prison — while you get to keep attacking others with your keyboard.

Flashes of Rage. Family Loss. Nikolas Cruz’s Lifetime of Trouble.


Mr. Cruz was taken into custody shortly after the massacre, and was booked on 17 counts of premeditated murder. He confessed to the shootings, according to an arrest affidavit. When he appeared via a jailhouse video hookup for his first court appearance on Thursday, the judge asked him whether he understood his circumstances.

“Yes, ma’am,” he whispered.

The authorities released the names of all 17 victims on Thursday. They were teachers and students, the kinds of people who bring a school to life: a popular football coach who himself had gone to the school, a soccer player, a trombonist in the marching band.


This here pretty much sums up what I want to say.

I am so unbelievably angry. Yesterday, on a Twitter thread where someone shared the classroom video of the bodies on the floor and the person taking the video was finally able to be evacuated and more bodies were shown in the hallway as they ran outdoors, somebody posted “take this down, have some respect.”

I said, “Look at this. LOOK AT THIS! Every one of the people who are complicit in fighting against *any* sort of gun control need to FUCKING LOOK AT THIS!

This CARNAGE and fear are what the NRA thrives on. Everyone who wants more guns in classrooms need to LOOK AT THIS!”

Because, yeah. Those fuckers in DC, those lobbyist fuckers, those Congressfolks who fucking take NRA blood money to keep ensuring out citizens keep dying, LaFuckingPierre, asshole Trump…every single one of them should be made to watch every fucking video of school massacres on a loop, and how frightened these kids are, so they DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT. Every mass shooting should be shown to them over and over and over until they understand that their fucking useless platitudes and thoughts and prayers do NOTHING to assage the grief of the parents of their murdered children or the ptsd of godamned school shooter drills that fucking become reality. DRILLS SHOULD HAVE NEVER BECOME A PART OF A TYPICAL SCHOOL DAY!! WHAT THE FUCK!!

So yeah. And EVERY ONE of these motherfuckers who bloviate about shit like this, including the assholes on GAB profiled above, need to come to the realization that THIS SHIT ISN’T NORMAL AND SHOULD NEVER *BE* NORMALIZED.

I weep with the realization that my granddaughter, and indeed, my younger daughter, will have grown up thinking that mass shootings in schools are a fucking normal occurence. And that these fucking assholes think that these victims are a fucking goddamned acceptable collateral damage so they can keep fucking fellating their goddamned guns.


Tl;dr version: yesterday broke something inside me.

Sorry for the typos and the rant.

I’m pretty sure LaPierre IS doing something, namely jacking himself off to the point of dehydration.

Honestly, is this even worth reporting? The people on Gab probably blame the Jews when they burn their toast in the morning.

This isn’t a news site. It’s a misogyny mocking site that has morphed into a mocking assorted terrible reactionaries site. So I don’t know what you mean by reporting?

And given that in the other thread David just discussed dealing with a triple whammy of depression, migraines and insomnia, it’s kind of rude to act like you’re displeased he didn’t post a groundbreaking piece of investigative journalism.

I’m glad to see you back Dave. I dont know you personally, and only through this website and its related FB page, but if you need any help, just ask

<3 WWTH, you write what I feel.

abars, David's always posted this sort of stuff. That's the point of the site. Mocking them. They hate that. What did you think it was about?


I don’t like that article. it is too much about if he is mentally ill and not enough about that he bought his gun legally <<this is main problem.

there are mentally ill people in every country, (and they are not sure if this guy even has any mental illness), but there are not so many shootings in those countries. problem is guns, which caused so many deaths

@weirwoodtreehugger: chief manatee, @Scildfreja Unnýðnes

I wasn’t criticizing David. I’m both aware that he’s recovering from depression, and aware of the focus of this website. I was just flatly, ironically stating that people on Gab probably blame everything on Jews. (i.e. “People on Gab blame everything on Jews; and in other news, the sky is blue.”) It’s intended as a jab at them, not David.

I expect that this will garner yet further criticism, but sometimes, it seems like the commenters here read malice into other comments a little too easily.


Cruz will likely spend a long, long time in prison

17 counts of first-degree murder. Aggravating factors. If there’s any semblance of a functioning justice system left, they’ll throw away the key.

@weirwoodtreehugger: chief manatee

Unless I was a clear contrarian troll, why would I peruse this site for years with the intent to criticize and/or offend? I’ve never posted, and never would post, anything which I seriously believed could genuinely upset someone. I can’t help it if my choice of words isn’t 100% perfect in every instance.

But perhaps we should abandon this topic now, before it inevitably devolves into a pointless back-and-forth flame war.


Yeah, the mental illness thing in the media, while expected has been really annoying.

Cruz went out of his way to blend in with escaping students and calmly went to a fast food place for a drink. Someone in the midst of a mental breakdown could not manage that. But CNN commenters were using that as proof he must be crazy. Sigh.

So we’ve got a guy who’s known for partner violence and for being a white supremacist. His social media postings show that he’s been premeditating this for months. Defaulting to mental illness just doesn’t even make any sense.

I fear that rather than gun control and actually punishing violence against partners or against animals with more than just a slap on the wrist, the US solution to mass shootings is going to be to remove rights from mentally ill people. Which will of course result in even more people not being treated because everyone will be too afraid to seek help for mental health issues for fear of being branded a potential homicidal maniac. It’s such fucking bullshit.

It has been well researched and well known for ages that mentally ill people are more likely to be the victims of violent crimes than the perps. Yet the majority of the population and most of the media seems to not grasp it.

Sorry. I know I’m not saying anything that everyone else here doesn’t already know and hasn’t already probably said themselves. Just needed a bit of a rant.

Unless I was a clear contrarian troll, why would I peruse this site for years with the intent to criticize and/or offend? I can’t help it if my choice of words isn’t 100% perfect in every instance.

I didn’t call you a troll. I didn’t say you intended to offend.

You’ve been asked many times before to knock it off with

Honestly, is this even worth reporting?

this kind of thing.

It’s not about being 100% perfect it’s about not being consistently rude and snotty.

This is just one of those things where if you’re stepping on someone’s foot, you just apologize and get off. Not get mad at the person objecting because you didn’t mean to.

I’m really not trying to start a fight, but I’m not going to be afraid to speak up when someone is behaving rudely either because bottling these things up has led to much bigger blowups here in the past.

Is it really that hard to take a little care with your words? I’ll even be nice enough to fix your post for you

Honestly, is this even worth reporting? The people on Gab probably blame the Jews when they burn their toast in the morning.

There. Easy peasy.

@weirwoodtreehugger: chief manatee

That was not intended as an actual criticism of David’s choice of topic to report on, but, again, was simply to emphasize the sheer roteness and obviousness of people on Gab blaming things on Jews. It doesn’t matter to me what this website chooses to report on. But alright. I am sorry if, somehow, this came off as rude, and from now on, I won’t write anything that could imply a criticism of the choice of topic at hand.

Having been hospitalized for my depression and being placed on a closed ward for crisis intervention I’ve actually spent time with so called “Crazy” people.

Someone in the middle of a psychotic episode isn’t capable of the level of planning necessary to carry out an atrocity like this.

Someone in a manic phase is a danger mostly to their bank account.

Someone in a depressive phase isn’t capable of doing much of anything, depending how bad things are.

Borderliners are a danger to themselves and relationships.

Statistically speaking mentally ill people are underrepresented as perpetrators of all crimes.

And overrepresented as VICTIMS of all crimes.

I know that if someone had mugged me last year when I was really bad off and threatened to kill me I would have probably told them to get on with it already and put me out of my misery…

But alright. I am sorry if, somehow, this came off as rude,

Real sincere.

Did you even read what you wrote?

Honestly, is this even worth reporting?

Honestly, is this even worth reporting?

Honestly, is this even worth reporting?

Honestly, is this even worth reporting?

That doesn’t square with your stated intent at all. My interpretation was pretty sensible. Don’t act like I’m imagining things or being excessively uncharitable.

Can you just read what you originally wrote and see how it came off?

Do I really need to go back and search for some of your previous posts in which you’ve acted just like this and been asked to knock it off? I’m not sure I have the energy to do it tonight. I need to get to bed. But if you’re really this determined to attempt to gaslight me into accepting that I’m just somehow taking you as rude, I’ll dig the receipts up.

Or you could just, you know, finally knock this shit off.

I am tired of hearing about “mental illness” to explain mass killings as well. Especially when it’s from ableist, ignorant fucks like Trump. I am afraid persecuting disabled people is going to be far more appealing to Americans than blaming guns. The stigma is already hard to overcome without people tweeting out false information.

FWIW, I thought it was worth reporting, though the post is less reporting than pointing at and going jeez dudes you’re really kind of reaching (even by nazi standards) to make this one all about the evil Jews.

Is anyone else watching curling? I think I like curling. Though when I yell “hurry hard” at the cats they just look at me funny.

Is anyone else watching curling? I think I like curling. Though when I yell “hurry hard” at the cats they just look at me funny.

Not me. I’m proofreading — or at least, I should be. Hello to your kitties! I’ve missed hearing about them.

Back to proofreading.

FWIW, I think that abars01 was using a common expression instead of actually questioning David’s choice of topic.

God, if I’d known a two sentence post would lead to all this… No more posts about this from me. Like I said, it’s turning/has already turned into a flame war.

Curling is … lawn bowling except on ice and with brooms, right? ::runs away::

::sneaks back:: and isn’t Men With Brooms the greatest title for a film involving curling? ::sneaks out again::

We have a similar sport to Curling in the Alps. We need way less equipment for that…


I can’t help it if my choice of words isn’t 100% perfect in every instance.

No, but when someone points out a problem with your choice of words (or the apparent meaning behind them) , you can take it on board, rather than doubling down, and issuing a nonpology.
That’s another piece of feedback for you.


So we’ve got a guy who’s known for partner violence and for being a white supremacist. His social media postings show that he’s been premeditating this for months. Defaulting to mental illness just doesn’t even make any sense.

It makes perfect sense as a deflection tactic, though.

Please take care and hold on, sweetheart 💔

If I see one more tweet about mentally ill people being violent, I’ll… go sit my mentally ill self down in a corner 🙁

Speaking of people rushing to lay blame, I know some Mammotheers have already mentioned Infowars, but one of their “reporters” has really gone the distance trying to pin blame on a leftie – to the extent that they visually ID’d the wrong person as the shooter (a young guy from New Hampshire, named and all. I hope he sues them).

Respectable Lawyer on Twitter has done an excellent piece-by-piece take-down.

@ PeeVee

yeah, that. all of it. hugs if you want them

hatred is not a mental illness
bigotry is not a mental illness
entitlement is not a mental illness

@ the people who are SUPPOSED to be governing, we know you aren’t going to do anything about the guns, because, y’know, it’s not guns, it’s “mental illness”… SO WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO ABOUT MENTAL ILLNESS?????

yeah… we know, you’re not going to do anything about that, either

Before it hit international news reports I saw a tweet from a scared kid inside the school as the shooting was happening. He was terrified and locked in classroom with other students, hiding from the shooter. People were replying to his tweets to let him know what was happening outside.

How anyone can see the footage and these tweets, from people actually there, and say ‘false flag’/didn’t happen/probably not that bad etc. has the emotional development of a stone.

Actually, that’s an insult to all lithic formations, I know some very emotionally intelligent and empathic rocks.

Also adding to the irritation at the ‘mental illness’ blame. Especially since this dude clearly has a violent history. He’s an entitled brat, not mentally ill.

Also, Hi David, glad you’re back! Hope you’re feeling better.

Also saw someone note this morning that the student body is something like 40% Jewish, which given the shooter’s affilations, makes it far more likely to be an anti-Semitic attack (at least in part – don’t know if he targeted specific individuals once he began firing) than a “false flag.”

If I see one more tweet about mentally ill people being violent, I’ll… go sit my mentally ill self down in a corner

My spouse has struggled with quite severe mental health problems since before I met him, and he’s far more likely to be the one trying to protect people — years ago when he worked in daycare, he had to keep a bunch of kids and several parents calm during a lockdown (fortunately the “shooter” in that case turned out to be three kids with a marble slingshot).

Men with Brooms is a fun movie that helped me appreciate curling. Though they shouldn’t have repeated that silly claim about being able to see the Great China Wall from space.

Regarding the anti-Semitism described in this post … yeah. If he were dark-skinned, they would’ve called him a Muslim or a [slur for African-American] or whatever. Anything to deny that this person qualified for membership in their group.


You follow Respectable Lawyer, too? We follow the best people. 🤗

Thank you.

Weird Eddie, thank you, also.

re: “false flag”… hey, we need proof

Categories of proof:

1) “… somebody somewhere saw a Craig’s List ad” (from the George Soros fantasies)
2) “… how else do you explain the shadow in this picture?” (from the Sandy Hook was faked fantasy)
3) “… everybody knows buildings don’t collapse like that” (from the 9-11 was an inside job fantasy)
4) “… the reflections in the face shields don’t look right” (from the We never went to the moon fantasy)

note: “… everybody knows” can be used to prove anything, just as “… nuh-uh” can be used to disprove anything

… Right-Wing Logic: helping 5-year-olds explain how the window in the front room got broken for DECADES!!!!

Today I learned

Valentine’s Day is a “Christian festival”

Cruz is “A Jewish name”

and there is no depths to which white supremacist racists won’t sink… but that I knew.

Preach it, PeeVee. Can’t help but think of that scene in The Green Mile where Percy deliberately keeps the sponge dry and once he is sickened by the horror he’s unleashed and turns around, Tom Hanks grabs him by the neck and says “You watch, you son of a b*tch!”

I realize it might be wishful thinking, but this might actually be the event that forces a change. The six-year-olds at Sandy Hook didn’t have smartphones. Pulse was too dark. Vegas shooting was too open. But media-savvy teenagers who recorded this event sending their videos and pictures and sound to other media-savvy teenagers across the nation and inundating lawmakers just might crack that NRA money barrier.

It’s all I can hope….

Redsilkphoenix: Jetpack Vixen, Agent of the FemiNest Collective; Keeper of a Hell Toupee, and all-around Intergalactic Meaniesays:


Ash Wednesday, the start of the 40-day Lent period leading up to Easter, fell on Valentine Day this year. That’s what the Nazi dude was referring to.

Don’t know how many of the Protestant Christian sects follow Lent, though, if any. I was under the impression that only Roman Catholics – and maybe the various Orthodox churches – celebrated it at all. And since in this country the only True Christians(c)(tm) are Protestant, well, not sure how any of this is ‘a strike’ against them.

ETA: Or maybe the Nazi tweeter really does see Valentines Day as a primarily Christian holiday. Weirder beliefs have existed.

Thanks, all. I’m still so pissed.

When the Onion makes more sense:

Re: St. Valentines Day:

Valentine’s Day, also called Saint Valentine’s Day or the Feast of Saint Valentine,[1] is celebrated annually on February 14. Originating as a Western Christianfeast day honoring one or two early saints named Valentinus, Valentine’s Day is recognized as a significant cultural, religious and commercial celebration of romance and romantic love in many regions around the world, although it’s not a public holiday in any country. – Wiki

Lent starts on Ash Wednesday, but that doesn’t necessarily mean Valentine’s Day. It changes yearly.

@WWTH @abars01

” But if you’re really this determined to attempt to gaslight me into accepting that I’m just somehow taking you as rude, I’ll dig the receipts up.”

A. Abars actually pissed me off in the other thread stating that they thought David was dead/terminally ill, (when David’s been ou and about over the past several months), so WWTH you aren’t the only one who finds abar’s statements initially offputting.

B. With that being said, “I didn’t mean it like that” (which is what I got out if abar’s response) is not gaslighting. No-one but abars knows what they meant. It is possible for two people to look at the same statement, and see two totally different things. Disagreeing obviously is not gaslighting.

C. In conclusion, you BOTH are right. Let’s sing kumbuya.

RE: Is the school shooter mentally ill, or an entitled brat?

In this case he’s BOTH. Not all school shooters are mentally ill, but this one is.
The point should be is that his mental illness is about as relevent as his brown hair. He CHOSE to be violent.

Everyone has their own crosses to bear, “mentally ill” or not. Maybe people with a mental illness may have heavier crosses to bear, but they still CHOOSE how to deal with them. Someone with a heavy cross could CHOOSE to deal with their pain with dignity, while someone with a light cross could CHOOSE to deal with it like an entitled brat. It all comes down to character.


Mental illness doesn’t give someone a bad character, and mental health doesn’t give someone a good one. And vice-versa.

I learned that Saint Valentine is saint of epilepsy and plague – well someone on Twitter said this, so it definately is true 😁

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