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John McCain says no: Today in Tweets

Senator Bill Cassidy, would-be healthcare-stealing goblin

By David Futrelle

John McCain announces that he’s now a “no” vote on the Graham-Cassidy anti-healthcare bill, and gets hailed as a “hero,” proving that the  standards for “heroism” amongst Republican senators is pretty damn low. But if McCain is your senator, you should probably call to thank him for this minimal act of human decency.

Meanwhile, millions of Puerto Ricans remain in dire straights, without power and water — and, sadly, without much media coverage. And Mexico City continues to dig out from last week’s earthquake.

Here’s Johnny:

(Note: Murkowski’s people say they welcome calls from out of state. Hint hint.)

And now to Puerto Rico, a place the media seems to have largely forgotten:

Puerto Rico:

More options here if you want to help Puerto Rico (or the other islands in the Caribbean that have been hit hard by Irma and Maria).

Here’s what it looks like in Mexico City today:

In other news:

Leftists didn’t kill it; it was killed by the sheer incopetence of Milo ‘n’ pals, who failed to fill out the paperwork to reserve rooms or even contact some of the touted speakers to tell them they’d been invited. It’s almost as if they never intended the event to happen in the first place.

In “bad but completely expected news.”

More bullshit poop crap:


Ok, technically none of those were kitties.

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The Southern Baptist convention, which meets once a year, is largely pale and male, but they’ve made the right call. Woo-hoo!

Exclusive: Evangelicals urge more action from Trump against ‘alt-right’

We love the United States of America. We have overcome much racial injustice, but we fear that without moral clarity and courageous leadership that consistently denounces all forms of racism, we may lose the ground that we have gained toward the racial unity for which so many of us have fought. Our nation remains divided racially and ideologically. We struggle to stand together to denounce racial inequality and injustice in our country. . . .

. . . We must set aside our political, ideological and racial differences, particularly on the issue of the alt-right. We cannot be divided and still defeat this new demonic racist force. . . .

We are praying, and call upon God’s people to humble themselves and pray that you would take the bold and moral step to denounce the alt-right. And we pray that we may see the beauty of people from all racial backgrounds dwelling together in unity, from which the blessings flow; and then we may see—God Bless America (Psalm 133:1).

So sad to hear this about Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

She’s thinking of others in her dark hour. What a class act.

Julia Louis-Dreyfus shares breast cancer diagnosis

“The good news is that I have the most glorious group of supportive and caring family and friends, and fantastic insurance through my union,” she wrote. “The bad news is that not all women are so lucky, so let’s fight all cancers and make universal health care a reality.” . . .

Louis-Dreyfus’s plea for universal healthcare comes after other political statements criticizing the decisions being made by the Republican party. “My father fled religious persecution in Nazi-occupied France,” Dreyfus said at the SAG awards earlier this tear. “I’m an American patriot, and I love this country. Because I love this country, I am horrified by its blemishes, and this immigrant ban is a blemish and it’s un-American.”

If the Southern Baptists were serious about dealing with racism, they’d rejoin the Baptist World Conference and repudiate the racist bullshit that lead to the formation of the SBC in the first place. Until then, their mealy mouthed maundering cuts no ice with me.

David, I hope you’re OK. Let us know if there’s anything we can do, besides keep the home fires burning.

Best wishes to you, Jesalin!

So this got posted yesterday in r/legaladvice:

Tl;dr Redpill woman gets pregnant by douchebag MRA fiance, is shocked when he presents her with a draconian prenup leaving her with zero in the event of a breakup. The house and children are 100% her responsibility, in exchange for which he will generously allow her to have “room and board”. He gets a free nanny, housekeeper, and cook; she gets nothing.

Yet another Cool Girl who can’t believe the leopard is eating HER face. That’s for other people!

Yet another Cool Girl who can’t believe the leopard is eating HER face. That’s for other people!

Ha! That’s the *exact* example I used on @TakeDownMRA’s twitter! GMTA!

Yeah, kind of having a hard time feeling sorry for her. I do feel sorry for that kid though. It’s not the naivete of thinking that if she’s not a straw man hating feminist that men will surely be good to her in return that bugs me. It’s that as a feMRA, she’s presumably okay with other women being hurt by men, just not her.


All the best Jesalin! 😀 !!

Regarding that redpill woman, I feel terrible for their kid. Nobody should be raised in that environment where you see your own mother as a servant. It seems like these women just repeat what they read from the red pill / mra subreddit and in return, they assume they will be respected and treated well from those men and they won’t be harassed and threaten from them like how they do with feminists. Not the case and we’ve been saying this over and over again on this site. Those guys only want ””their”’ women to be pregnant and barefoot. It’ll never be some 1950s fantasy that some of those RP women idealized.

But I do have some sympathy for her and I hope she can find a way out and be happy, away from that toxicity.

PeeVee – ha! Feminist hivemind 🙂

Weird how conservatives can support the most awful social policies, until it affects them directly. They can’t see how their beliefs hurt other people…or worse, they do see but don’t care, because it reinforces their sense of superiority.

I definitely feel like she’s a little sheltered and putting too much stock in the protective effects of being in the 1%, and that may have led to some of her bad decisions. She says something to the effect of “I have a one in a quarter million IQ and went to an Ivy League college, how did I end up here?” (the subtext being that abuse is something that happens only to the uneducated, and that Ivy League graduates are entitled to have their lives unfold exactly as planned, because they’re smart, and smart = in control). She had a $100K/year job, no kids, and yet she has no assets. And then her fiance insists on living in the most expensive area of the country, with an income of 50K/year. That seems a little weird, like maybe neither or them were raised to be careful with money, because they didn’t have to be.

Also troubling is her rigid belief that her child must be tutored 24/7 by a parent or expensive nanny for the best “intellectual outcome”. I get wanting to stay home and bond with your child, but geez, let the kid have some downtime. Babies don’t need constant academic stimulation. All that’s going to do is produce a stressed out, resentful child. I think she’s probably swallowed the RP dogma that fatherless children drop out of school and turn into criminals. That, combined with her anxieties over the child’s future academic achievements (which she’s tied to her own socioeconomic status) is what’s fueling her terror at this situation. (Heaven forbid her child be average)

The reality is that, as a parent, whether or not she has a partner, she’s going to be too busy and exhausted changing diapers, feeding, burping, putting to sleep, washing bottles, picking up toys, and folding laundry to be busting out the Mandarin flash cards very often. Also, smart kids gonna smart. Parental micromanagement doesn’t do a whole lot to raise IQ. But hey, it might make the kid anxious and terrified of failure.

I wish her all the best. She’s got some soul-searching ahead to figure out what’s truly best for her and the child. If nothing else, she’s lucky her fiance showed his true colors before she got trapped in a dependent situation with no way out. Many other women aren’t as fortunate.

So, the Nazi march is happening tomorrow. We’re all prepped and ready to go. In recent days/weeks, the Nazis’ permitted route has been shortened significantly. They are no longer (officially) permitted to march near the synagogue, and the starting point has been moved due to another event coinciding. The official time window for the permit is now 12-3, but it’s known that the Nazis will gather close to their starting point at 11am. The official counterprotest will start at 11 as well. We’re not the kind of people to initiate violence and will try to stay away from physical confrontation. I really have no idea how big this thing will be, but on FB more than 10K are listed as going to the counterprotest, and another 15K as interested. It could be pretty huge. I will do my best to document stuff.

It’ll never be some 1950s fantasy that some of those RP women idealized

Sounds like it’s turning into the 1950’s fantasy that the MRAs envision, tho….

ETA, so, nobody’s heard from David?

David’s been active on Twitter.

That might just mean cats can work phones but not computers.

I’m still alive!

I really appreciate your patience, everyone. I’ve been dealing with a lot of health and other shit, should have some sort of post up today.

Also, yay Jesalin!

@Buttercup Q. Skullpants

Not a lawyer, but I would be pretty surprised (although sadly not outright shocked) if such a prenup would be enforceable. I mean it’ll cue another round of whining about how our legal system is so unfaaaaaaaaaiiiiirrrr! to the poor menz, but I’d bet on the judge looking at such a prenup and responding with “LOLNOPE”

Yes, prenuptial contracts can be ruled unenforceable.

Interestingly, this has been one of the arguments used against specific ‘Sharia Law’ courts on the ‘family court’ side of things, that the religious leaders would be likely to support estate divisions that no secular court would consider acceptable and which may in fact skirt or violate other existing laws. And that while no religious court could technically overrule the secular courts, social pressures would likely coerce women to follow the religious courts to their disadvantage.

Ontario used to have religious family courts for Jewish families, and several years ago there was a push to give Muslim families similar specialized courts. The outcry (much of which was from local Muslim women who knew what the end result would likely be) resulted in no Sharia courts, and the Jewish family law courts also getting disbanded because there was no real legal way to justify one but not the other.

Never sign a document without consulting legal counsel of your own who you have chosen not had chosen ‘for you’ and NEVER go along with the idea of “why don’t we just have *my* lawyer handle this for us both, I’m sure they are fair minded!” ….They pay a lawyer presumably to look out for *their best interests* and one should pay a different lawyer to look out for *their best interests* separately.

Regardless of possible unenforceability, why would someone agree to the terms that someone who is supposed to love them if they’re going to marry them and have children together, when ALL SIGNS point to how little that person cares for them? You might not have expected that leopard to come and start eating your face off, silly not to but sure it’s *possible* you didn’t think it would really happen, but given the chance of EXITING the room so your face is only half eaten off by the leopard, wouldn’t that be the more sensible thing to do? NOT sit there and wonder “wow, this face eating-off by leopard thing is really painful and I could leave but is there any way to talk the leopard into stopping using rational arguments for it doing so? Crap, now my mouth is gone so I can’t even argue with this awful beast! Guess I’m screwed completely now!”

This is also completely ignoring the fact that he’s RED PILL and that’s never a good thing for a relationship or humanity in general. Good lord, consider the guy the ‘ex fiancee’, and have your lawyer begin the process of paternity, child support and custody arrangements in court. *That* would be logical. Even if you’re dealing with a face eating leopard for whatever reason. 😛

Congrats Jesalin!
Good luck, Imaginary Petal!

Side note: The one legitimate boost I had seen on Hefner was that he was supportive of LGBT rights long, long before it was remotely fashionable, including having a trans woman model in his magazine in the 80s. This doesn’t “make up for” his many other failings and problematic philosophies, but I don’t think you can really add them all up on a “good person/bad person” scale, anyway. People are complicated.

@ Pie
As an Austrian it makes me sad to hear that Austrian dudes can be such creeps. And it also makes me sad that so many men love to hurt women, luckily in this case it was only a robot women.

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