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John McCain says no: Today in Tweets

Senator Bill Cassidy, would-be healthcare-stealing goblin

By David Futrelle

John McCain announces that he’s now a “no” vote on the Graham-Cassidy anti-healthcare bill, and gets hailed as a “hero,” proving that the  standards for “heroism” amongst Republican senators is pretty damn low. But if McCain is your senator, you should probably call to thank him for this minimal act of human decency.

Meanwhile, millions of Puerto Ricans remain in dire straights, without power and water — and, sadly, without much media coverage. And Mexico City continues to dig out from last week’s earthquake.

Here’s Johnny:

(Note: Murkowski’s people say they welcome calls from out of state. Hint hint.)

And now to Puerto Rico, a place the media seems to have largely forgotten:

Puerto Rico:

More options here if you want to help Puerto Rico (or the other islands in the Caribbean that have been hit hard by Irma and Maria).

Here’s what it looks like in Mexico City today:

In other news:

Leftists didn’t kill it; it was killed by the sheer incopetence of Milo ‘n’ pals, who failed to fill out the paperwork to reserve rooms or even contact some of the touted speakers to tell them they’d been invited. It’s almost as if they never intended the event to happen in the first place.

In “bad but completely expected news.”

More bullshit poop crap:


Ok, technically none of those were kitties.

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4 years ago

@ Pie
As an Austrian it makes me sad to hear that Austrian dudes can be such creeps. And it also makes me sad that so many men love to hurt women, luckily in this case it was only a robot women.

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