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Some creepy pictures of Steve Bannon because why not

Hi Steve, I think there’s something wrong with your eyes, you should get that looked at

By David Futrelle

My brain is fried today, for a good reason I’ll have you know. So instead of a regular post I’m just going to post these pictures of Steve Bannon that I’ve made extra creepy with some weird filters. Click on the pics to see them in all their full-sized glory!

Feel free to use this as an open thread to talk about things other than the creepiness of Steve Bannon.

In case you want to make your own weird pics of Nazis in the Trump administration, I do these with custom filters on

EDITED TO ADD: If any of you are writing a science fiction novel about a certain Trump administration official in space, here’s a cover you can use.

EDIT AGAIN: Sometimes the DreapscopeApp filters sort of malfunction and produce weird glitched-out pics. Here’s one of Trump that ended up way creepier than it should have. Click on the pic to download it directly into your nightmares.

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What he looks like is my alcoholic uncle.


I keep hearing that the cirrhosis is going to get him any day now, and I’m like “Sooooo it works from the inside out, then …?”

Creepy Pictures of Steve Bannon Because Why Not

Because I will be sick all over my keyboard and perhaps yours, that’s why not.

Basketfuls of “NO”.

@ Ray of Rays

I love Faun! “Iduna,” from the album Eden, is another good songs of theirs, similar to “Walpurgisnacht.” “2 Falken,” from Totem is great, too. “Der Stille Grund,” from the same album, is one of my favorite slow songs.

I’d also recommend the song “Gamen” by the Swedish band Garmarna, if you haven’t heard it.

Like he lives on greasy sausage rolls and never showers

Wasn’t there some story about the landlord of a place he rented complaining that he’d left the bath full of something… blood, perhaps?


Wasn’t there some story about the landlord of a place he rented complaining that he’d left the bath full of something… blood, perhaps?

His discarded skin? A half-eaten hobo? Thousands of tiny translucent Bannon eggs?


“His discarded skin? A half-eaten hobo? Thousands of tiny translucent Bannon eggs?”

I just did an actual lol at my place of work to the point where people asked me what I was laughing at


The last of Bannon makes him look a bit like Beethoven.

About Walpurgis Night, it is also a part of Gounod’s Faust last act, in term of music/art.

Have a nice day.

Folks, it’s this time of the year again.

… I just turned 25. I’m never getting used to this shit.

That “regretted voting for Donald Trump” guy seems a classic example of book-smart + devoid of common sense and empathy. How could he excuse Trump’s racist campaign comments, and now act high-and-mighty about the Charlotesville ones? Here’s something apropos:

@IP – Congrats! Good luck with the program!

@Sinkable John – Happy birthday! I also find multiple-of-five birthdays intimidating – at least, turning 25 was like that. Next year I’ll be 30, and while that’s not terribly old, I sometimes worry: “How have I lived so long and not done anything important?” (Why is it important to “do something important”, though? Silly worry.)

Happy Birthday, John! I hope you have enough weed to properly celebrate. I’d join you long distance but I’m driving to Whittier in the morning and don’t dare be groggy on the 91 freeway, even on a Saturday! I’ll be thinking of you next time I do indulge, though.

epitome – I think everyone frets about not having done anything of importance by the time they reach __ age. And I don’t think it’s silly at all! I have come to the conclusion that most of us won’t get to do anything world-changing on an individual basis; there are too many of us for one thing!

One thing we CAN do is be on the right side of history. Another is to help the next generations along to do the same. Even if all one person can do is “pay it forward” a bit, or maybe participate in a movement, I think we can rest easy.

And just saw this on the news when I walked to the break room:

Chief strategist Steve Bannon’s days in the White House are over, sources have told The Associated Press and the New York Times.

The exact nature of his departure has yet to be worked out, according to the Times.

The TV report was talking about Steve Bannon and John Kelly having ‘agreed’ that today would be Bannon’s last day.

As noted above, getting Bannon out may be a good thing as he was better at sugar-coating racism than Trump is ever likely to be. (Being able to do that involves actually understanding how people might take what you’re saying.) Kelly definitely is trying to clean house, but the rot in this case starts from the top…

Happy birthday John! I hope it is a good one. You deserve it!

Hooray, Bannon’s out!

Surprisingly chipper day today. I will have a drink for your birthday, John! I will have many drink.

Thanks everyone 🙂

Axe, didn’t you post that exact same gif last year too ? 😀

Hey, David should run some pictures of Gorka and Miller through his magic filters; it seems to make the bad guys go away.


Cupcake kitty is the best kitty.

You guise <3

I agree with PeeVee about cupcake kitty.

On Bannon, I'm excited to see what kind of chaos ensues within the alt-right. If there's a divide between him and Trump, it's probably gonna be interesting to watch who follows whom.

@ Vucodlak

Thanks! I’ve listened to all those now, and yeah, they’re all pretty good (and Amazon carries Faun albums in digital format, score!). Most of my exposure to European bands up to now has been limited to metal (and softer metals, at that), so this will help me rectify that.

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