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Skinny Repeal and Steve Bannon’s D*ck: A politics open thread

Chyron of the Day (so far)

By David Futrelle

Yesterday, Donald Trump declared war, via Twitter, on trans people in the armed services, and Sarah Huckabee Sanders devoted several minutes of the daily White House Press briefing to a possibly fake letter from a possibly imaginary 9-year-old praising our illegitimate president.

Today, the newly installed replacement White House communications director called the White House chief of staff “a fucking paranoid schizophrenic” and suggested that White House chief strategist Steve Bannon regularly attempts autofellatio, hopefully only metaphorically. Meanwhile, Senatorial eminence gris Lindsey Graham explained that he would only vote for so-called “Skinny Repeal” of Obamacare if he could be assured it would never ever become law.

And there’s more. So basically, we’re long overdue for a politics open thread. Have at it. No MRAs, trolls, Trump fans.

Here are a few Tweets to get you caught up with all some of the latest nonsense:

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I keep telling people that Trump wants to go to war with North Korea because the only hope he has of his presidency not being considered a disaster for the rest of human history is to become a war president. Trump is by no means an intellectual, but he is smart enough to have noticed what 9-11 and the “war on terror” did for the Bush administration.

The fact that the pentagon agrees with me, is a little scary. Okay. A lot scary.

Trump is looking to get into a war, possibly with Iran or North Korea, if he fails to get what he wants on domestic policy. Some of the people with Breitbart have wanted a “preemptive strike” on Iran for the past 15 years. It’s horrifying if we get to a point in which attacking Iran would be politically beneficial to Trump.

On the upside, war is still fairly unpopular, and Trump is probably worried he might lose some supporters if he pulls an Iraq.

@Amnesia, look at Scaramucci’s background in finance. I saw a tweet by someone who said (I’m paraphrasing) “this guy is every bro I’ve worked with in finance”.

@History Nerd

On the upside, war is still fairly unpopular, and Trump is probably worried he might lose some supporters if he pulls an Iraq.

I doubt it. He’s convinced he’ll win any war bigly and there’s no way he can go wrong. That’s how he goes about pretty much everything, even when reality disagrees.

Yeah, war is unpopular. That’s why Trump is trying to bait N Korea into doing something that will justify a war.

I’m legit scared of an attack during the Olympics next year. They’re in S Korea.

ETA: I’m probably sounding like a conspiracy theorist here, but since the Trump era is turning out to be a truth is stranger than fiction era, I just don’t count out many scenarios as unrealistic anymore.


I’ve decided that I’m only going to vote for women in the future (although I do reserve the right to vote for Franken if he is tagged as VP by some miracle)

I made a similar decision on Election Night. I plan to do everything in my, admittedly meager, power to make sure that the Dem nominee in 2020 isn’t a white dude

I have a son (my only child) who will be 16 this year.

He will NOT be fighting in ANY war Drumpf starts.

This I promise you.

@Axecalibur – *fistbump*

(the kids still do fistbumps these days, right? 😀 )

Yeah, you all are probably right. Sadly, it is way more likely that Scaramucci is that incompetent than it is that he’s a force of chaotic ‘good’ actually trying to take them down from the inside. Shame, really.

I’m probably sounding like a conspiracy theorist here, but since the Trump era is turning out to be a truth is stranger than fiction era, I just don’t count out many scenarios as unrealistic anymore.

Also, is it just me or is anyone else really happy about Scaramucci? I was worried that he was going to be boring and professional, some “brushed-aluminium cyberprick” who wouldn’t give Melissa McCarthy any material at all, and might even impart some gravitas onto Trump. Fortunately, he’s proceeded to show us all that he’s abysmal at his job, before even starting that job, twice over.

Comedy will be preserved.

I’m usually asleep when Y’all are posting about the latest in the US of A – gotta admit, it’s rather exciting tonight!

PS. I don’t have any plans to exchange my brain with a dog. Or a zombie. Or a zombie dog. Basically, I like my brain as it is.

At least some Americans understand that China uses North Korea as a buffer state, right? So a war between the US and NK would quickly become a war between the US and China.

To Sen. McConnell:

Your bill is bad and you should feel bad. (Imagine Zoidberg meme here, I couldn’t make it work 🙁 sorry!)

Unfortunately there is one little detail that has been almost completely glossed over. While Trump is saying he is going to let the ACA fail he is outright sabotaging it in broad daylight. Several contracts have been ended that brought assistance to 18 cities and and his little propaganda minister is actually using funds for the advertising for bullshit. This is outright dereliction of duty.

@ banned

I would hope so. That was literally what the Korean War was.

I get the feeling North Korea is literally in stasis until either the country actually does nuke someone (provoking literally everyone), or Kim Jong Un dies in some kind of genuinely freak accident or illness (prompting a succession crisis).

“Scaramucci is henceforth the WH Mis-director of Communications.”

Or Director of Miscommunications, as you prefer.

Now that it has played out, I think this is what happened (and yes, I think McCain was having his final ego trip on center stage): McCain voted to proceed to debate so that he could argue that he gave them the chance to come up with a satisfactory plan — or, alternatively, so that McConnell couldn’t argue that he would have come up with a satisfactory plan but McCain blocked it with a merely procedural vote. His final vote protected other Republican Senators who didn’t want to vote for the bill but were afraid of what would happen if they voted against it.
Historically, there was a similar situation with the 1965 Civil Rights Bill. Sen. William Fulbright of Arkansas favored the bill but believed that if he voted for it, he would probably be defeated for re-election by arch-segregationist Governor Orval Faubus, but he was willing to vote for the bill if his vote was necessary to pass it. LBJ was able to find enough votes so that Fulbright could vote no. LBJ may have regretted that in the next few years, when Fulbright became an outspoken opponent of the Vietnam War.

@ooglybuggles: “McCain is still a monster, a war criminal and a coward that left other POW’s to rot”.
I won’t argue about the war criminal part, because I think that the entire Vietnam War was a crime against humanity and McCain was a willing participant, but it’s untrue and unfair to accuse him of letting other POWs to rot. He was, in fact, one of the members of the final POW release group and had earlier refused an early release, which caused him to be severely beaten (which he deserved, but not for that reason). He has a lot of shit things to answer for, but this is not one of them.

dreemr and Axe – You may already know this, but there is an organization devoted to electing progressive Democratic women. It’s called Emily’s List (

Thing is, any other Republican could have voted against it, not just McCain. None of them except the two strong women chose to vote against it. Whether McCain was trolling McConnell, I don’t know, but I’m not counting on the other Republicans being reasonable and suddenly listening to Americans.

Cornyn has apparently deleted the “I’m Just a Bill” cartoon link he posted yesterday night as “just a reminder” that both parts of congress have to agree to pass a bill. Perhaps a “Friendly reminder” that’s that condescending got too much backlash. Sent him a friendly reminder that, if you don’t want a bill to pass, you vote against it whenever possible.

Fucking hell, that guy…

“It’s refreshing!”



I only have one week left here. Counting the days


@GrumpyOld SocialJusticeMangina
You are right, there is no reason to spread lies.

Sweet sweet freedom

@Axe, Oogly
I mean, I’m staying in tech so chances of my new lead also being a brogrammer are pretty high, but here’s to hoping!

Almost every incel should have a better chance of getting a wife than Sacaramucci. What an aynus.

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