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Alt-right fractures as former allies accuse leaders of sexually exploiting teen boys

Matt Forney: The alt-right is “aiding and abetting sodomites who groom teenage boys”

By David Futrelle

White supremacist blogger Matt Forney certainly picked a dramatic way to announce he would no longer be affiliating with the alt-right. In a Facebook posting several days ago, which he subsequently deleted, Forney declared that the internet-enabled fascist movement had become “a coven for homosexual pedophiles.”

Repeating accusations from a podcast that he said had been proven “100 percent true,” Forney charged that self-declared “fashy faggots” associated with the website The Right Stuff were

using … pool parties (IRL meetups) to groom teenage boys into sleeping with them, which [one alt-rightist named] Ghoul did to a 17-year old … at the Chicago pool party. Oh, and Ghoul had been grooming this poor kid since he was 15. 

Forney said that others associated with The Right Stuff “knew what Ghoul was doing but didn’t say or do anything.”

Meanwhile, Lucian B. Wintrich of the far-right Gateway Pundit blog has been using Twitter to publicly question alt-right celebrity Richard Spencer about his alleged “degeneracy” — seemingly basing his “reporting” on DMs from second-hand anonymous sources.

In other tweets Wintrich gives up the pretense that he is practicing journalism entirely:

It’s worth pointing out that the “evidence” here is vague and second-hand, and that even if these charges are true it’s not clear that the accused have broken any laws. We don’t know the ages of the “younger men” referred to by Wintrich’s source. As for the “pool party” referred to by Forney, the age of consent in Illinois is 17, so Ghoul’s alleged sexual encounter would have been legal — if skeezy as hell.

It’s clear that both Wintrich and Forney expect others on the far-right to be at least as outraged by the idea that prominent alt-rightists have been having gay sex as by the possibility that they have committed statutory rape. In his deleted Facebook post, Forney repeatedly refers to allegedly gay alt-righists as “sodomites” and “homos,” and indignantly complains that

the people who freaked out about me living in the Phillipines and sleeping with non-white women were aiding and abetting sodomites who groomed teenage boys into sex. They’re worse than the left. …

If the alt-right is unwilling to expose, denounce, and cast out the homosexuals within its midst, then I am an enemy of the alt-right and I will work from this day forward to destroy it.

Forney and Wintrich’s accusations have been met with a good deal of skepticism amongst alt-rightists, most of whom seem far more concerned by other, more public, signs that their movement in on the verge of a virtual civil war.

Spencer, for his part, has devoted much of his time in recent days to attacking “alt-lite” troll Jack Posobiec and Rebel Media’s Laura Loomer for their instantly infamous disruption of a performance of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar.

In other tweets, Spencer has kept the feud running, calling Posobiec “an outright liar and hypocrite,” “Cuck Posobiec,” and “Crooked Jack Posobiec, lion of the Fake Right.”

Posobiec has responded by signal-boosting the accusations against Spencer and The Right Stuff.

Spencer and other alt-rightists have been organizing for a “Free Speech Rally” in Washington on June 25th. Originally, both Posobiec and Loomer were scheduled to speak. Both have bowed out because of Spencer’s attacks.

Now Posobiec has decided to organize a competing rally — also on the 25th, also in Washington — to protest “Political Violence.” Both Loomer and Wintrich are scheduled to attend.

The dueling rallies neatly symbolize the current state of animosity between the alt-right and the alt-lite. Forney and Wintrich’s accusations didn’t create these divisions, but have certainly helped to cement them.

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Alan Robertshaw
5 years ago

@ mish

Parallel Lines

Just to do my music biz nerd thing, there’s quite an interesting tale behind that cover. And it ties in with objectifying women and male gaze and that sort of thing so I guess it’s sort of relevant for a feminism blog.

The band, including Debbie, were always very insistent that they were a group of equals. “Blondie is the band; not the girl!”. It wasn’t just a singer and her backing group. So the original idea for the cover, as agreed with the band, was a lot more ‘inclusive’.

The record company though said they just wanted a few individual shots of everyone in various outfits for future marketing purposes.

The group were somewhat horrified when the individual shots were composited together to produce the cover that was actually used, with Debbie very much standing out.

GrumpyOld SocialJusticeMangina
GrumpyOld SocialJusticeMangina
5 years ago

I remember hearing Debbie Harry trying to explain that she wasn’t Blondie, she was a part of Blondie. But that was never going to influence the PR people. Blondes were invented to be exploited.

Harvesting the male gaze is a real thing. It is done by flacks like the ones who designed that album cover.

Hambeast, disorderly she-tornado and breaker of windows
Hambeast, disorderly she-tornado and breaker of windows
5 years ago

Parallel Lines is one of my faves! I still have it in vinyl so I won’t be making any notebook covers. The jacket is pretty beat up, anyhow.

I am also being very fascinated by GOSJM’s tales. Didn’t know that about Perot; and I thought my opinion of him couldn’t sink any lower.

5 years ago


Is anyone else secretly hoping that GrumpyOld SocialJusticeMangina continues to tell us snippets of his life story? It’s amazing.

Yup. I’m all ears, Grumpy…er, eyeballs!

Mish of the Catlady Ascendancy
Mish of the Catlady Ascendancy
5 years ago

I literally just said over on Facebook that you’re a human encyclopedia 🙂
That’s amazing – I knew Debbie Harry was awesome, but I wasn’t aware of that particular story. How frustrating!

Thankfully the people who made the notebook only use vinyl that’s already broken or damaged. The best recycling I’ve ever seen!

A FB friend recently linked to the latest Blondie album – great to see that they’re still going strong. It also has guest appearances by Joan Jett, Laurie Anderson, Johnny Marr, and more. Squeeee!!!

Angry Since 11/09/2016
Angry Since 11/09/2016
4 years ago

A hate movement inciting hate in their own ranks….shocking!

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