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Just some Republicans celebrating a bill that declares rape a preexisting condition

Ain’t no party like a Republican party (Click for larger version)

So as you presumably have all heard by now, the Republicans were able to get their Obamacare repeal bill through the House. Which means we need to 1) make sure they don’t get an equivalent bill through the Senate 2) make sure that all the Republicans who voted for this bill lose their jobs as soon as possible.

I’ve been filling up my Twitter with reactions to this shit, so, hey, why not open up a thread for you to share your reactions as well?

Throw them all out. #RESIST! #PERSIST! #BePISSED!

And maybe, if you like this sort of thing, watch a video of Dr. Pimple Popper squeezing out a #CYST! (I dunno, I find these videos sort of relaxing.)

135 replies on “Just some Republicans celebrating a bill that declares rape a preexisting condition”

@Victorious Parasol – very good news! Enjoy some kitten respite!


we should have voted for Bernie Sanders or Jill stein or at least a Native American for president.

I may have missed an explanation on another thread but why those – particularly Jill Stein, who really seems to have almost nothing to recommend her, IMO, – rather than Hilary? Or is that digging into a can of worms that would be best looked up in other, earlier threads?

This isn’t from any thread I’m just stating my opinions that native people deserve to have this land back, Bernie understands what Poc go through he’s Jewish and Jill has taken part of a native protest (the pipeline) she didn’t have anything going for her but at least she did something unlike other presidents and candidates. Hilary seems to act like a white feminist.

If you don’t agree and still like Hillary then that’s fine like I said I’m just stating my opinions. I don’t want to start a political arguement here.


I didn’t say that women never hurt men. I said that men aren’t oppressed for being men. Learn to read for comprehension before scolding me please.

Oh, and I have feeling that there was never a time in which you ceased “what about the men” whines. The threat of “be nice to me or I’ll turn against feminism” is about old troll trick around here. It’s called a protection racket and it doesn’t fly.

Victorious Parasol
OT a bit here – I have some good news to share. I just heard back from my neurologist’s office. He’s reviewed my MRI and the radiologist’s report, and the hemorrhage is continuing to resolve. No need to follow up with him.

Now I need to collapse and pet a kitty.

Yay! Good for you!

I’m sorry. If people here do not agree with me and even say I’m wrong and provide evidence then I’ll be more than happy to listen and I think it’s fine I just don’t want anyone to be distracted from the bigger problems and what we are discussing on this thread.

Since this passed yesterday all I can do is say, “Fuck you you fucking fucks!” every time I think about it. Like so many people, I have a pre-existing condition. Nothing serious, doesn’t impact my life in any way, I’m not on medication, but it was enough for Blue Cross to screw me over when I left my old job. I was “lucky” enough to get into my state’s high risk pool. I paid $400 a month for a plan that didn’t actually cover anything and had an $8000 deductible. I make minimum wage. That was almost half of my take-home pay. But I was lucky, because at least I had insurance. Having health insurance and getting healthcare are two completely separate things.

Then the ACA came along. I was able to get a plan that actually covers things for an amount of money I could actually afford. I was able to go the doctor again. I got a pap smear for the first time. I got a mammogram for the first time. You know, actual preventive medicine. My depression started acting up again and I went back on meds, which I could get generic with no co-pay. I was actually getting healthcare.

If something like Trumpcare passes and I’m “lucky” enough to be back in the high risk pool with my age and current conditions, I’m probably looking at $600-700 per month. For a plan that doesn’t actually cover anything. And I somehow still need to eat and pay for heat and gas.

So fuck them. Fuck them forever. I really want to call and bitch at people, but I don’t have a representative to bitch at since ours is now the Glorious Cheeto’s Interior Secretary and hasn’t been replaced yet.

That’s a rhetorical question. Don’t bother answering.

Then why bother coming here, misrepresenting what WWTH said, and asking that?

@Fruitloopsie – it’s fine! I said “okay” and I meant “okay”! 😀

I don’t particularly feel like arguing over something that happened months ago, I just was surprised to see that particular sentiment as I feel that people who voted for Stein may as well have voted for Drumpfie himself. I have a few problems with Bernie, but he didn’t get the nomination. I have problems with Stein, period, but I don’t feel like going into them, really, unless pressed, although being someone who actually lives in North Dakota, of course I support NoDAPL. And as for a Native American running for President, well, that’d be fine, I voted for Chase Iron Eyes but he was only running for the US House (that sniveling tool Cramer won, but his days are numbered).

Anyway, don’t sweat it.

I didn’t know that. I’m happy to listen to what you think of them.

You all have my sympathies. I hope too this doesn’t pass.


but there’s one thing I have to jump on, since I’m seeing it around often and it’s starting to seriously bug me:

Citation needed

From my closest group of friends:

Here’s the problem: most of the people reading this don’t know who you are, and almost certainly don’t know your friends. And even if they did, you’ve given us 4 examples from a population of 350 million people.

Impassioned stories aren’t enough, in isolation. That’s why the citation is needed. Breaking out the old “not all men” helps nothing and no-one.

Everything you wrote made me more and more furious by the word. You don’t wanna argue about it, we won’t argue about it. Still, I’m side eyeing all that shit real hard. Had to get that off my chest. I’ll go do literally anything else right now…

@ vicky p

Now I need to collapse and pet a kitty.

Oh that’s such good news; I’m really happy for you. You must be so relieved. You pet that kitty good!

@Victorious Parasol

I’d like to add my congratulations, that is good news.

Dan Holme said (on page 1)

It seems to be tricky to pin down exactly what businesses abroad Trump owns, and which can therefore be boycotted

Just one of the perks president Orange Julius Caesar gets from not revealing his tax returns!

I’m thinking of writing a few large corporations to tell them that I think they should help pressure Трумп to release his returns because I’m just going to boycott everything I possibly can. That which I can’t not buy, I’ll buy secondhand if possible. If buying secondhand isn’t possible, I’ll research the shit out of it to make sure there are no Трумп links. That just leaves food, so… Victory (over fascism) garden?

Airblester said (on page 2)

In short, the opposite of “feminist” is not “MRA”, just like the opposite of ice cream is not boiling-hot tar.

If ’twere up to me, you would win this thread!

Vicky P – I’m so happy for you!

Sometimes these threads are such and emotional roller coaster; mildlymagnificent’s link, which I didn’t click because I saw it last night, made me cry and then VP’s post made the tears happy.

On to page 3!

I have the world’s worst endocrine system. I have multiple pre-existing conditions, including insulin-dependent type 2 diabetes. I can work, but that’s kind of dependent on me being able to get the medication I need.
Fuck these bastards right to hell.

Thank you, everybody, for your well wishes. The kitty has been snuggled.

The problem is, we may not be looking in the right place by looking at Congress right now. There are ways that the White House could blow up Obamacare just by executive policy decisions.

The [Republican] House’s suit claims the [Obama] administration acted illegally in giving insurers billions of dollars in reimbursement for Obamacare customer’s out-of-pocket costs because Congress had not specifically authorized such spending.

The administration, in turn, argues that the cost-sharing reimbursements to insurers are legal because they are “inextricably intertwined” with federal spending on subsidies to help pay for qualified Obamacare customers’ monthly premiums, which Congress did authorize. Those premium subsidies survived a major challenge heard at the Supreme Court last year [2015].

A lower court judge ruled in favor of the Republicans but that decision is being appealed. The Trump “adminstration” (quotes necessary, since it doesn’t resemble a real administration) could use this as an excuse to blow up Obamacare after the recently-negotiated continuing resolution expires in the fall. (Funding these payments was one of the conditions Democrats demanded in return for not shutting down the government by filibustering the continuing resolution.) I think it’s a pretty good bet that Gorsuch will vote on the Republican side of this issue, so once again the mercurial Justice Anthony Kennedy — who may retire soon and be replaced by another Gorsuch or worse — will decide whether Obamacare lives or dies.

If Hillary had won, there’s no way any GOP plan of mass destruiction could have gotten past her veto, and Gorsuch would not be on the Supreme Court (though the seat might remain empty). People who did not vote for Hillary implicitly said that it was better to have Trump and lose Obamacare than to have Hillary and her real (but mostly imaginary and manufactured) flaws. I understand that a lot of people couldn’t bring themselves to bvote for her, but when you consider the alternative…

I have not believed since I reached the age of reason that the United States was a “great nation.” (I spent 18 months in prison as a Vietnam War draft resister.) It’s a rich but very mediocre nation that had the good fortune to birth a group of exceptionally forward-looking men about 300 years ago. (Who knows what forward-looking women never got the chance to participate, but it is what it is.) I am just hoping that other nations will look at what the US has done to itself and make like that badger from the Nope gif.

Multiple credible news sources are saying this claim–that the ACHA makes rape a preexisting condition–are inaccurate and misleading. I’m not saying the bill isn’t horrible for women and might have negative affects on assault survivors. But let’s not be like the Trumpers who use alternative facts to make their case. You should issue a correction or at least give more context and you should certainly change the headline.

Makroth - wild west firecracker window-smashing soap-averse unionized cowboy Jacobin from Hellsays:


Too much “if” in those articles.


The bill allows those things to be preexisting conditions. As this thread says, if the insurance companies can deny coverage on those grounds, they will. We probably shouldn’t say that the bill actually declares rape a preexisting condition, to avoid accusations of lying, but saying it allows them to do so is perfectly true.

Dreemr, the coffin one or the photo?

Honestly, the photo was so spot-on, it was frightening.

D, that’s how I interpreted it, too.
And you BET they will.

@PeeVee, I saw the coffin one, too, the I was referring to the one with the same smug face Photoshopped onto every man at the big Republican “celebration” for squeaking a bill through the House with 4 votes. Wow, real winners.

And yeah, it is SCARY WEIRD.

They are a bunch of craven cowards.


@Banananana dakry: Fat, Short-Haired, and Deranged:
Here is an article about Stance Stance records a voicemail and leaves it in your Rep’s inbox.
Some tips for calling your Reps:
Write a script. My basic format: “Hello, my name is (Pagan Reader – Misandrist Spinster) and I am a constituent from (my address- I include the full Street address and city/state/zip.)(If you get a person, this is a good place to pause to see if they need more info or something repeated.) I am calling about (whatever issue I’m calling about). Thank you for your time and attention, please have a lovely day.”
Your first couple times, you might want to consider calling after the office has closed so that you can leave a voicemail instead of talking to a staffer. The local offices usually close around 4-5 p.m. local time. Washington DC offices usually close at 5:00 p.m. EST.
If the voicemail boxes are full, there are sites that will send free faxes for you. Emails might take a couple weeks to get to.
Hope this helps (and didn’t come across as condescending.)

My rep voted no. I thanked him.

NOW would be the perfect time for one of those massive marches on Washington. This change may very well kill one of my sons.

I didn’t believe Trump when he acted like he was all concerned for mentally disabled children, but I’m shocked at how fast this suddenly went through the House.


All ‘back-and-forth’ on the other thread aside, I am genuinely sorry to hear that. As ever, there’s not much I can do in the UK but offer support, but if there was something, please let me know.

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