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Open Thread to boycott the inauguration and talk about anything but Trump

Not Donald Trump

If you’re sick of talking about That Man, talk about anything other than him here. And enjoy the weirdest pic I could rustle up on short notice.

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SkepticalScience has a nice piece about what did in the dinosaurs:

tl;dr: it’s not clear.

The two main hypotheses: it got warm because of the Deccan Traps erupted, quadrupling CO2 in a geological instant (30,000 years or less). Or it got cold and dark and acid rain for a few years because of the Chicxulub impact that seems to have landed on an oil field and blown the whole damn thing into the stratosphere, spreading a gigatonne of soot around the world.

The impact and extinction event(s) is/are about 66 million years ago either way.

But we know that within 85 years of the impact, ferns took over the vegetation in Colorado, and dominated for 850 years. I was reading the other numbers and feeling like we were really nailing things down with precision to be talking about tens of thousands of years, compared to when I was a kid. And then this one that gives numbers in decades and centuries pops up.

It was damp, drizzly, and way too warm today. Again. It’s been like this for a month. Tomorrow, we’re to expect record highs and more drizzle. I can’t even remember the last time I saw the sun. I actually miss it, and I say this as someone who hisses and scuttles into the nearest shadow every time sunlight touches my skin.

I’ve spent much of today unpacking and listening to the likes of Subrosa and Windhand. It’s a doom metal kind of day.

I cannot find my honing steel, my oilstones, or my copper urn. I find them soothing, both their sounds and their uses (well, just the sound for the urn; it doesn’t really have a specific use), and I miss them. Moving sucks.

I also miss my kitty, who died last month, though I would not necessarily describe her as soothing. Especially her sounds. One of her favorite activities was to wait for me around some darkened corner, then scream real loud when I walked past. How a six pound cat could make a noise like that… she could put an air-raid siren to shame.

She knew exactly what she was doing, too. You could tell by the way she’d purr if you glared at her, and I’d swear you could see laughter in her eyes. Not cool, fuzzy-butt. If I had a heart attack, who’d open your food cans? Oh, who am I kidding; you’d just eat me.

Gods, I miss that furry little shit-disturber.

Well, I’d best get back to the crap mines in box canyon before I depress myself.

So many players of modded minecraft here. When my CPU arrives and I can put my computer together, I might consider making a private, heavily-modded minecraft server together, would anyone here have any interest in this?

man that picture makes me want to read Junji Itou’s Gyo again.

Gashunk. It’s the sound of a shark kicking open a door.

Hey everyone! Just letting you all know I’m still alive–just got distracted.

@Vucodlak: My condolences…your cat sounded like quite a character!

@NickNameNick So much of that movie is just like that gif. I’m not sure I’d recommend it while under the influence…of anything. 🙂

<3 to all the Mammotheers!

@ (((VioletBeauregarde))): Crooked Nasty Social Justice Necromancer

Thanks! Libby was one of a kind. “Screams” was probably her second favorite game, after “Teeth in the Dark,” but before “Let’s pretend there’s a treasure buried under vucodlak, which I must dig out while he’s trying sleep.” Oh, and “Terrorize the dogs (who are between 12 and 22 times her size)” probably belongs in the top five, too.

@vucodlak That made me laugh–she sounds like a riot, though maybe a little challenging to live with. ‘Teeth in the Dark’!

Last plug for Cardiff march–just getting ready to go now. No pussy hat, unfortunately. If you’re going to be there and want to support someone who’s going on her own, please let me know.

No Man Rules Alone | January 21, 2017 at 1:07 am
So many players of modded minecraft here. When my CPU arrives and I can put my computer together, I might consider making a private, heavily-modded minecraft server together, would anyone here have any interest in this?

Heck yeah! We used to have a Mammoth server a while back, but it got shuttered for reasons. I think it was because the guy running the server was too busy with IRL stuff to keep up.

It was fun though. I did a lot of Thaumcraft and had built a bar that I lived on top of and served food out of to the other players.

Failed my driving test for the second time. If it wasn’t for the two majors I failed on I’d only have two minor faults on that sheet. Gutted.

People. Name some suitable comfort foods for such a day, please.


I’d go for a home-made super-delicious cheese-loaded hamburger, possibly a double-patty one.

@sunnysombrera: cream of wheat is comforting, and very good.

IP: That’s truly sad. I hope you’re able to move on from it. Also, IP, if you happen to read this, you’re able to purchase nettles at a grocery store in Sweden? Wow…leeks are about as exotic as I can find in good ol’ south central Pennsylvania. I did notice fiddleheads growing next to my driveway last spring, though.

I haven’t been a regular commenter since last winter, when my stunning tomcat, Roscoe, was hit by a car, and killed. Maybe I’m pathetic, but this just broke my heart. So, now I’ve got my 17 year old cat Perry, and 6 month old Terri.

I’ve been having trouble concentrating at my job. I’m already on an SSRI for depression, at a low dose, and I don’t want to have the dose raised, due to side effects. I find moderate exercise is a mood-booster for me.

I’ve got a church-related dinner to attend tonight. Kind of awkward for me, as I’m not a regular churchgoer, though my spouse is.

@wwth – didn’t see all of your posts but I, too, have been sort of looking at WLS.

Here’s the thing though – I don’t WANT to have it if there is any way I can avoid it. Sure, there’s the side effects that are possible, although most people I know who’ve had it done have had pretty good results. But the plain fact is, you have to pretty much be living your post-surgery diet for a long time before they will even qualify you for the surgery.

You have to show that you can maintain that restricted diet long-term

This is also why I feel hopeful that I can avoid the surgery altogether. My goals are not to get down to a “socially acceptable” weight, but to increase my mobility. Obesity has drastically restricted the things I am able to do in life. For me, a desireable weight is going to be more like 250 lbs.

So I do use a food & exercise journaling program (myfitnesspal, it has simply worked very well for me) and meeting with a behavioral therapist to find ways to both define and change my relationship with food and overeating. It’s working out very well. Writing things down really showed me where some of my problem areas are. Portion control is a huge part of it, and something I really had to learn to do even at 52 years old, and so I bought cheap plastic containers in single- or two-serving sizes, as well as smaller ones for things like salad dressing, nuts, etc. I’ve had to learn to eat more slowly and not while being distracted by my phone or computer etc. I cook a lot more at home rather than grabbing take-out.

I don’t know if it will work in the long run, but I truly hope it does. All I want to do is ease the chronic pain in my knees and hips, I don’t even dare to hope for more at this stage. I’ve been working on this for about a month and I have steadily lost weight. Staying motivated can be hard for me but I am working closely with my doctor to keep that motivation up.

Anyway, don’t know if this helps, just saying there is a lot more that goes into the surgery and it definitely isn’t a magic bullet. Get your brother a second opinion. There are a lot of effective things to do before considering surgery.

@all soup lovers – my favorite has always been fakes, lentil soup.

I make a huge pot of it with some italian sausage (well drained) and freeze it in 12-ounce portions. It is so filling and satisfying, high in nutrition.

@ no man rules alone

what’s Bovington like?

Well worth a visit. They have a huge collection of interesting exhibits. But beyond that there’s lots about the history of tank development and use. Some fascinating lecture series too.

It’s a pity though that there’s no public access to Bovington Camp next door. We have an arrangement to use it for obstacle course events. They’ve replicated just about every environment on earth to train tank regiments. There’s even a desert (which they can flood to practice beach landings). Amazing place.

If you make it there it’s also worth popping over to Weymouth. There’s an artillery museum there which you might find interesting.

Hugs to all Mammotheers missing furry companions. It sucks so much, my heart goes out to you.

It might seem daft, but that thing that crops up in fiction like Dr Who or Highlander does resonate with me a bit. Knowing your friends only have a fraction of your lifespan. Still, they can cram a lot of love into that time and I’ve got enough happy memories from my time with my much missed doggy to last me many human lifetimes.

Hugs to everyone that needs them. I wish I could find helpful words for everyone.

@No Man Rules Alone
I would be interested. I would also have to approach it differently than I did last time. I never interact. I’m just not sure what to do or how to add to the social environment on a minecraft server. I have no sense for it and I wish I did.

Otherwise I really regret not building up to fight the Orespawn bosses and building that mana bean farm harvested by golems.

@dreemr, you’ve stuck with it a month and are losing weight steadily, that’s incredibly good. You’re doing so well. Take heart – you’re over the biggest hurdle, and that’s lasting two weeks. That’s long enough for habit forming patterns to start to settle in. Your next goal: three months. At that point the habits will have settled in . Keep it up, you can do it!

Some friends of mine started a diet a few years ago that I was very much surprised by. They had tried a couple of different things in the past but nothing stuck – until this one. It involved taking HGC drops, but to be honest that’s just the scam that earns the company money. The real results come from the diet, which is equal parts effective and horrifying.

(I am not endorsing this diet. It’s not healthy.)

There are four stages to the diet. the first is the “load” phase – it’s two days of binging on all sorts of greasy, awful, fatty, carb-laden, rich food. Enough to nauseate you. Second phase is the “starvation” phase, which is a couple of weeks of eating very, very small portions (while taking the magic drops of course). They literally tell you to not exercise or run, and they warn you that you may feel light headed at times because you’re not getting enough calories to survive. Third phase is the “restricted” phase, in which the types of foods you can eat increases and you get some more calories – still not enough to exercise, but enough that you could technically live off of it. Fourth phase is the “open” phase, in which you count calories but have more available to you, and more food choices. The whole thing goes for three months overall, with most of the time in the “restricted” phase.

It’s horrifying. They say that the HCG drops prevent your body from destroying muscle tissue during the “starvation” phase, but I don’t buy it. Mostly because HCG is broken down in the stomach ya ding dongs.

Can’t say it didn’t work though. They lost an incredible amount of weight, and after they went through the diet the first time their appetites had completely changed. Before, each of them could finish a pizza on their own. After? One slice was enough to fill them up. Carrots were too sweet. Apples were like candy. And they had lost something around 100 lbs. It was incredible. Their stomachs had shrunk and their tastebuds had readjusted. They had to buy new clothes because their old ones were just too baggy. They had to put new holes into their belts.

And it was great… for about six months. She managed to keep it off because she already had a habit of exercise and watching what she ate beforehand. He didn’t. He started eating more and richer meals again, and within half a year he decided “well, hey, let’s do the diet again.” She joined him.

It’s now a six-month body-destroying ritual for him. She only does the “restricted” and “open” parts, since they’re much more sensible. She’s kept the weight off for the most part, he bounces up and down according to where he is on “the diet”.

I hate it, guys. I want him to stop it, but – well, I’m far less convincing of things in real life than I am here. I have told him that the HGC drops literally can’t have an effect, and that the science behind them is bullshit, but he doesn’t believe me. Nevermind that I’m a scientician, he’s got man-logic skills. I’m clearly just deluded. (Deluded about Trump too, he thought. Thankfully he’s started to see differently in that regard).

At least she’s stopped, and avoided all the dieting while she was pregnant. Always was the sensible one. I worry about them :s

That’s my ramble! You’re doing so good, @dreemr. Just keep that up, you’ll lose the weight, get to where you want to be, and keep it off. You can do it!

Thanks for letting me know, I’ll have to find some time when I can get there, but it seems like it could be very interesting.
My preferred comfort food (your mileage may vary) is beef tongue in a horseradish sauce served over rice, which is absolutely fantastic, but you have to cook the tongue well in advance, so it takes quite a bit of time to make it properly.
@Paradoxical Intention
First I would, admittedly, have to have a computer worth a damn, and since I’m thinking of waiting for the release of the Ryzen processors, it may have to wait until March/April. Secondly, we need to figure out a decent list of mods to use, because while I love tech-based mods, it seems to me that others may prefer using magic mods or other things.

When I play Minecraft I like to build stuff. The mining can be tedious and I don’t find the combat exciting. For example, I was doin’ Railcraft on my last server, because I wanted choo-choo trains chuffing around.

For this I built an entire stone and brick village to house the machines. The steel foundry used for making rail needed a large warehouse with the coke ovens and the like; trains were built in their own workshops. Tools were stored in Decocraft wall racks above work benches. I added a block of flats for workers, even though it was basically just me, and a canteen for food prep and storage. Food was grown on a farm and shipped by train to the mill for grinding and baking into bread before being shipped to the canteen, again by train.

Utterly silly and wasteful, but that’s pretty much Minecraft, after all. Lots of fun!

I was feeling great today, thought of all the weekend chores I’d like to do, and then … bam. Post-stroke fatigue kicks in again.

I’m going to grab my knitting and watch some TV. It’s another self-care weekend.

I am going to make beetroot curry in a minute. Dead simple – onions and garlic, coconut cream or milk, lots of boiled beetroot, a pint of gravy, perhaps some paneer and/or peas, and of course plenty of seasoning. Beetroot has come back in a big way where I am – much more of a demand for it because of its nutritional value.

I am probably vitamin deficient again – it is winter and I am fat so vitamin D is probably low. I was low on iron too (am veggie) last time. I am not really surprised because I do eat far too many empty calories – I empathise Imaginary Petal – I can eat chocolate 3x a day no problem.

I found the mod pack that I remember loving. Ultra Modded Survival.

It has over 100 mods including everything I have heard people mention here. It’s a very tech-magic combo. It’s even got a mod for space exploration in addition to godzilla.

I was just dipping into Railcraft when I stopped previously. It had so much content that related to expanded engineering and technology that it intimidated me (ex: Industrialcraft). You can build reactors, automatic quarries…

@numerobis, I’m sorry! Not sorry, but also sorry! I’ve never actually tried the campaign/story mode, I’ll have to give it a try!

@Brony, Railcraft meshes with a lot. It’s been a long time for me, though, so I can’t recall everything. I played with most of them – really enjoyed Thaumcraft, I did Reactorcraft and another power-generation one that had, like, realistic nuclear reactors. Lots of great mods out there for Minecraft!

If you want to get a good idea of what Factorio is, it’s a bit like Industrialcraft on a 2D world. Conveyor belts and grabbers and assembly machines and electrical generators and whatnot. And – oh gosh the mods. IC2 has *nothin* on Bob’s Mods or Angel’s Ores.

@Scildfreja (oh no I’ve been spelling your name wrong all this time!)

Thank you for the encouragement and support! I really appreciate it, it truly does help.

That diet does sound horrifying. I’m trying to do things I can actually stick with and keep up long-term, which means regular food and making choices about portions and when I’m at a restaurant, etc. I still have to live in the real world!

You know what I’ve discovered though? I still ate a little ice cream even in the past 3 weeks. I still had a couple of cookies. I still had french fries. I don’t have to restrict myself to nothing but protein or anything like that. I can still eat my favorite thing, beans & brown rice. The difference for me is I have to PLAN those things – that’s where the food journal comes in handy, I can plan out my menu for the day based on what I have and where I’m going.

Another useful thing for me and maybe for others here: most of my life, I have lived “in my head”. My internal life has always been very active and engaging for me, and my body, my physical self, has always been mostly just an ambulatory braincase, you know? I was still always very physically active but that was more for social reasons/just because. I injured my knees repeatedly, then I had a child which restricted my physical movement a little, then I moved to a tiny small town without any gym/pool resources, and eventually I just gained a huge amount of weight to the point that I cannot exercise.

But I’m starting to really try to pay attention to the ol’ body now. I know, 52 years old but better late than never lol. Things like, what does hunger actually feel like? What does being full feel like? What about feeling satisfied, how does that feel? How long does it last? What makes it happen? Maybe those are skills most people learn earlier. Maybe I got used to how it all felt when I was very active and just never adjusted after I became less and less so.

Anyway, rambling, but I really appreciate everyone’s good thoughts.

No Man Rules Alone | January 21, 2017 at 12:15 pm
@Paradoxical Intention
First I would, admittedly, have to have a computer worth a damn, and since I’m thinking of waiting for the release of the Ryzen processors, it may have to wait until March/April. Secondly, we need to figure out a decent list of mods to use, because while I love tech-based mods, it seems to me that others may prefer using magic mods or other things.

Well, a good mod pack that my old computer’s had absolutely nil trouble with is Crackpack via the ATLauncher, which I mentioned up thread. I booted it up recently and it makes me SO HAPPY. It’s got a pretty good balance of magic/tech from what I’ve seen, and it might be a good place to start.

If you want suggestions for magic mods *wink*, I really like the obvious ones like Thaumcraft (The closest description I can give you is “Alchemy”), Witchery (this makes me so happy as a person who does actual witchcraft, like srsly it’s exactly what it says on the tin), Blood Magic (Do you want cults? Because that’s how you get cults.), Botania (PLANTS), and Ars Magica (Build-A-Spell Workshop).

There’s also a mod called Technomancy which integrates magic and tech if that tickles your fancy.

I also really love Magical Crops, but that gets OP super fast, but I love it because that way I can devote more time to studying magic and less time to harvesting resources I need for said magic. :U It might not be as necessary on a server with a few other people though if people specialize and we cooperate.

I also like food mods like Pam’s Harvestcraft (Adds tons of new plants and a METRIC TON of recipes for TONS OF FOODSTUFFS), Growthcraft (BOOZE), and Cooking for Blockheads (Helps the cooking along. Adds a fridge, etc.).

(If you do the food mods, I’ll totes bring back The Crow Bar I had on the old server, it’ll be gr8 m8.)

If you want decorative mods, then I’d suggest Chisel (Wanna build out of cobble? This mod makes it not look like poop!), Mr. Crayfish’s Furniture Mod (MOAR FURNITURE), and Bibliocraft (All kinds of interactive furniture and some other cool bits and bobs).

Brony, Social Justice Cenobite | January 21, 2017 at 3:46 pm
I found the mod pack that I remember loving. Ultra Modded Survival.

It has over 100 mods including everything I have heard people mention here. It’s a very tech-magic combo. It’s even got a mod for space exploration in addition to godzilla.

Are you trying to ask me to play Minecraft or set my computer on fire?

I have not played Minecraft for a hot minute or two, but I was 100% into it for the building aspect. One of my favorite builds ever was a cathedral–I love trying to recreate big, ornate structures. I also got reasonably good at creating big statues and such (one of my favorites being a 3D Alot). This unfortunately means that I never really poked around with mods much, except for microblocks, which are simultaneously the best and worst thing for an obsessive builder. 😀

I helped moderate a medium-ish size server, so my time was split between building stupidly big and/or complicated things, fending off griefers and trolls, and helping explain the server commands to new players.

I’ve been kinda itching to build again, but my gaming time is being eaten by Planet Coaster at the moment (which is excellent, by the way).

Just got an update from the Oakland PD – the women’s march was officially counted at sixty thousand marchers, zero arrests.

I love minecraft, but have never played it modded. You all are making me want to try some of these! I like building things, and one day I’d like to pick it back up again with someone who is interested in being a collaborator in tasks, instead of someone who just does what I suggest. I had to basically direct this person all the time, and it wasn’t super fun. :C

I do need to contact my other friends though, maybe they want to play on their PS4 server at some point? :DDDD That would be nice, I like hanging out with them, even when it’s online.

Dumb question: does anyone have any simple tricks for getting underarm deodorant buildup out of shirts? I have several old shirts that, over the years, have gotten such a buildup on them, to the point it’s showing up on the outside of the shirt. D:

I’ve tried using a stain remover gel to get rid of that stuff, but it doesn’t work right somehow. Like, the buildup looks like it’s gone when I pull the shirt from the dryer, but when I grab it to wear a few days later, the buildup is right back where it was on the shirt before I washed it. Any suggestions to fix that problem?

Also, does anyone have any tips for downsizing a wardrobe? One of my New Years resolutions is to do some downsizing of my hoard of things, and that seemed like as good a spot to start as any.

To return this post to games, I think after reading the latest National Examiner headline about how the late Liberace murdered three of his lover (three guesses who the source of that one is >.< ), I need to create a Liberace dragon on Flight Rising. There needs to be more flamboyant dragons with a pompadour in the world, methinks.

@dreemr, 😀

It’s okay. It’s not an easy name!

@PI, I’ve only heard of like half of those. Sounds awesome 😮 I have always enjoyed farming and that sort of thing in Minecraft. Anything that’s an excuse to build stuff \o/

@Brony, please excuse me while I dork out! I will explain the fundamentals of Factorio. The basics are very simple! But oh, the glorious spaghetti mess you can make.

There are four ores in the world – iron, copper, coal and stone. There’s also trees and water as resources. There are also aliens, which I guess are technically resources. They are the bitiest of resources. You collect them, but can’t really use any of them raw, they all have to be processed.

Coal plus Stone/Copper/Iron, placed inside of a furnace:

gets you either Iron Plates, Copper Plates, or Stone Brick. These are used to build stuff according to recipes. Much like Minecraft, though… well. You’ll see.

You can “pocket craft” things without using the Factorio version of a workbench, an Assembly Machine. You can’t do that with everything, though, and it’s slow (it takes time to complete a recipe), and you can only do one thing at a time. So you build Assembly Machines, supply them with Electricity. Tell it the recipe you want it to build, stuff in the inputs, and it spits out the output.

Of course, you don’t want to be running around from machine to machine, supplying inputs and grabbing outputs – the game is about automation. So you get a few things for that:

Mines will mine any resources underneath them. They take electricity or coal, and output the resource at a known rate.
Inserters will grab any item on the square in front of it and move it to the square behind it. They are used to grab stuff and stuff’em into machines, or take outputs from assemblers.
Chests do what you imagine.
Conveyor Belts move objects. Eight objects fit on a section of belt, four per side. There’s no requirement that the objects on a belt have to be the same. Left side and right side of a belt are often used to carry different things.
Splitters split the contents of a belt into two
Underground Belts run a conveyor underground for a distance, and are how you can let belts cross one another.

Here’s a picture of a train pulling up into a station, offloading copper ore into a column of electric furnaces:

An assembler, building iron gear wheels. The fast, blue inserter is grabbing iron plates from the horizontal conveyor belt, while the yellow, slow inserter is taking out the gear wheels onto the vertical belt. You can see the yellow and blue underground belt passages cross where the yellow inserter puts down the gears:

I haven’t talked about Oil (oil cracks into 3 basic fluids, which is put into chemical plants, makes suphuric acid for batteries and plastic and stuff) or Technology (You have to do science to gain tech to build things) or the Environment (Grrr biters!) or any of that, but that’s the basics. Here’s a glorious spaghetti mess:

And here’s how I prefer to build my factories:×330.jpg

with a nice tidy main bus and assemblers branching off from it.

The end goal is technically to launch a rocket to escape the planet you’re on, but most people play to build cool factories. In that respect, it’s sort of like SuperTetris, or SuperTekkit – flow optimization, resource management, and conservation of space.

Do look at some videos if you’re interested in that sort of stuff!

@Paradoxical Intention
While I agree that Crackpack would be a very good place to start, I’d definitely want to customise it to some amount because certain mods that I enjoy are not present. as for magic mods, while I have at some point or other played with most of the mods mentioned, I haven’t tested Technomancy and I haven’t ever really done much in any of the mods. Also, if you want booze in your game, you can’t go much better than Psychedelicraft. It adds not only booze but all sorts of other drugs including tobacco and weed. plus, it uses shader effects for even more disorientation.

Addendum to previous post:
Firstly, if you’re bringing in the Crow Bar, then I’m going to have to add the RWBY mod because references. In terms of mods that I’d want to add, certainly securitycraft would be one, but also Flan’s mod, bigreactors, computercraft, defensetech, IC2, Matter Overdrive mod and some others (probably something to add more planets to Galacticraft, amongst other things). Beyond that, I’m going to want to have a decent spawn point built up as well (given Galacticraft, most probably on a space station orbiting earth), along with some server plugins, particularly adding an in-game economy.

Peeps who are interested in political documentaries check out Adam Curtis, esp Hypernormalisation (currently available in the UK on iplayer) – there is some stuff on youtube – really interesting, LOADS of stuff I had no idea about.

Random non-Minecraft related item – the Oakland Museum of California is having a retrospective exhibition on the Black Panther Party. The first Sunday in February will feature free admission, and I’m going to bring our older son (the one with schizophrenia who is living in a board and care home). Looking forward to it.

I’d bring our younger son as well, but he cordially detests any activity that requires walking more than a block.

Of their two fathers, I’m definitely the museum/library one; I take after my own father that way.

Well, tonight is Shit Night. As in, I’m all out of The Stuff, so no sleeps. Actually, it’s been Shit Week too, because The Stuff was seriously lacking in the quality department this time, and falling asleep was pretty hard.

There was something else but I spent two hours typing it out then deleting while crying all the while because I’m a dumb emotional fuck. I’m gonna stare at cat videos or something.

@Paradoxical Intention
I do have a poor understanding of the load of minecraft and all of those mods. I have a computer that I designed to be a good minecraft computer, until I ran into doubts about competently running a server. So I’m not really sure lots of ram, solid state hard drive, on-board video and cheap was the solution.
I’m confident I could find fun in anything new with minecraft. I like thaumcraft, and was positive about some of the others you mentioned but had not gotten to the content in much depth.

So administratively organizing resource location, collection, transport, processing. I think I see the fun. It’s civilization from a builders perspective and I like red stone contraptions enough to see how I could enjoy it (I think unaccounted for ADHD issues makes me bad at project completion and aesthetics though). Is there a multiplayer element?


So, this morning, i read that.
Being the most seen person on youtube seems to make you full of yourself. And do you think he has made apologies ? Of course not. He even said that “i don’t want to offense people. If you feel offensed, that is your fault” (rough translation). Because of course.
And, obviously, his channel will not be closed.

Have a nice day.

Oooh I got a riddle. It’s a good one, I’m great at making riddles.

So, picture yourself as a 60-something parent with a 20-something child. The child has insomnia, depression, and the full package of other mental illnesses that inevitably pop up when you combine those first two. One morning, you find them crying in the attic that they inhabit – not that you actually cared to go up there and see them, but the damn sobs are loud enough that you hear them from the other side of the house. What do you do ?

Answer : the only thing to do, eh. Stand at their doorstep and tell the bitch to grow up and behave like an adult.

‘Tis my birthday today – and I managed to succeed at my little challenge of saving up $1000, which means I’ll be picking up a PS4, Fallout 4, Doom and RESI 7 HELL YEAH tomorrow.

So if nobody sees me for a week, that’s why. =3


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