Under the weather

Back to bed

I’m feeling a bit under the weather, so posts may be a bit light for the next few days, though I will do my best to get some Resist Trump Every Day posts up, because Trunp.

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Take care of yourself. This is important work you do and it would be taxing on anyone at the best of times.


Oh no! I don’t know whether you have that “heavy cold” that made Queen Elizabeth miss church on both Christmas and New Year’s. I know that I’ve got a cold — and I’m just gonna call it the QE2 cold.

Whatever you’ve got, take good care. I’m sure the kitties will take this opportunity to sleep on Dad’s chest. And get up to horrible mischief.

Get well soon!

@ kat

the QE2 cold.

Just to be incredibly nerdy, the QE2 (as in the liner) is so called because it’s the second ship named after Queen Elizabeth, as in Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon (ie the current Queen’s mother who was married to King George, the guy in ‘the King’s Speech’)

And after that bit of pedantry, get well soon David!

Somehow, the absolute army of germs at work hasn’t made me sick… Yet. Feel OK, David. And errybody else too!

That is the cutest little kitty-in-bed pic in the world.

And ditto to everyone else’s comments, please take some restorative time off as needed.

Thank you for all you do.

Take care of yourself!

Hopefully Elizabeth Regina hasn’t infected you with her heavy cold (i don’t think that’s how the internet works).

Peace, love, and hot toddies (aka honey, lemon, hot water and maybe some whisky).

I hope you don’t have that thing I had before Christmas. It knocked me right out for days! And I let myself get severely dehydrated.

No matter what it is, take it easy!

Take it easy, buddy. Get some rest. Do what works for you: hot chocolate, cold medicine, Mel Brooks movies–whatever.

Hope you don’t have what hit my little household, except for my little girl.

We were all just sick as dogs and couldn’t keep anything down. I caught it on Friday the 23rd and slept the afternoon away, then felt better. Beloved caught it late on the 25th and was able to go to bed and sleep it most of the way off.

Thanks, everyone! Solidarity for everyone else who’s battling a cold!

Get well soon David! Your dedication to this blog is always impressive, but your health is more important.

@Weatherwax :

MAYBE whisky? The whisky’s the most important part!

@Bina: Hot and sour chicken noodle soup, even better! (I can post a recipe if people are interested)

I wish a prompt recovery to people with a seasonal cold.
Hot infusion with honey and lemon, or an old grog, may help !

As much rest as you can, and plenty of fluids! I hope the cats are supportive and prepared to go along with a regime of cuddles now, any mayhem rescheduled for later. Get well soon!

Get all the rest you need to get better.

The winter bugs have been extra friendly to me as well. I’ve been fighting em off by wearing bathrobes and playing lots of Borderlands.

That sucks. I’ve been sick too since January 1st this year. Feeling better now, tough.

Get well soon, David! And take the time to rest and recover fully; Trump and the manosphere/alt-rightists will keep till you’re better.

Hope the rest of you with colds feel better soon too!

I had a cold a couple of weeks ago, but not a very bad one as colds go. Feel better everyone!

As for hot toddies, my dad used to make me drink one when I was a kid (complete with whisky) and I hated it. I used to beg my mom not to tell dad if she thought I was coming down with a cold. Still can’t stand ’em; tea* is about all you’ll get into me these days.

*When I’m sick, my coffee jones disappears for some reason and becomes a tea craving.

Alcohol is so unappealing to me when I’m sick. It’s funny because I drink a lot of wine and have a high tolerance for it. It’s a rare occasion that wine doesn’t sound good. Whiskey just sounds very, very gross right now.

I just had some chips and very hot habanero salsa that worked beautifully to clear my sinuses. But only temporarily unfortunately.

Get well soon.

Came on to recommend hot whiskey, was ninja’d and also it is kinda gross.

Take care.

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