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#ResistTrump today by treating him like the clown he is

Actually. the clown wig is an improvement over his regular weird combover

On CNN, Brit journalist Rob Crilly makes the case for mocking Trump mercilessly. In a post titled “It’s your duty to laugh at Donald Trump,” Crilly notes that

Humor is Kryptonite to [Trump’s] thin-skinned existence.

He is utterly impervious to the usual weapons of politics. Try to wound him with shame or embarrass him with public scrutiny and you may as well try to sink a duck by pouring a jug of H2O over its rear end.

But, Crilly notes, if you make a comment about his allegedly tiny hands (not that there’s anything actually wrong with tiny hands) Trump will lose it completely. And each time Alex Baldwin puts on orange makeup and a wig for Saturday Night Live, Trump watches the show and seethes.

Trump’s sensitivity is easily understood when you realize he is on a desperate quest to be taken seriously. Just remember the face he pulled when he sat beside Barack Obama in the Oval Office on that Thursday after an election. It was the sort of face a three-year-old exhibits when they really, really want you know they are concentrating. Or when they are trying to squeeze out a number two.

Pretty much.

Responding to [Trump] with ridicule is not un-American. It is not demeaning to the office of the President — for there is only one person in all of this who is demeaning the office of the President. …

It is not a sign that you have given up, that you are complacent or one of the winners. When you remember that all Trump craves is to be taken seriously, it turns out that laughing is your duty.

Humor has always been an effective tool against tyrants. And the utterly humorless Trump hates being mocked more than almost anyone in the world.

So make Trump jokes. Post dumb Trump memes. Never give him the respect he so desperately craves but does not deserve. It’ll make you feel better and Trump feel worse. Seriously.

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Viscaria, product of 20,000 evolution
Viscaria, product of 20,000 evolution
5 years ago

There are people on the alt-right only now discovering that Cernovich has, um, questionable views on women. They are shocked, and also horrified. It’s revolting and amusing at the same time.

Why, it’s almost like white supremacists are bigots, or something.

Ikarikid the Dumb
Ikarikid the Dumb
5 years ago
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