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Resist Trump Every Day: A brainstorming thread

Do a little something every day to make this man’s life a little harder

So a while ago I mentioned I wanted to provide some resources here for those who want to do their part in resisting the incoming Trump regime. I was thinking in terms of comprehensive resources guides and pages devoted to key issues.

But there are already people out there doing that. Rather than duplicating their efforts I think I want to try a different approach.

Plunging into activism can be daunting; it’s hard to even know where to start. So what I want to do is to highlight discrete things people can do to resist Trump EVERY DAY. 

So on a regular basis (hopefully every day) I’ll be doing short posts intended to spur this kind of day-by-day activism, drawing on the work of others out there who are organizing activism and preparing resources for activists.

This will mean:

  • Posts about discrete things you can do right now, quickly and easily, to resist Trump, like signing petitions or contacting a congressperson on a specific issue.
  • Information on protests, nationally and locally.
  • Posts on social media activism: Hashtags to post in. Memes to pass around on Twitter, good articles to post on Facebook, that sort of thing. Meme-making threads.
  • Posts linking to useful resources for activists or for anyone concerned about Trump.
  • Posts linking to useful resources and/or advice on how to take care of yourself as an activist and as a citizen in Trump’s America. Links to resources on dealing with harassment, ideas for self-care, and so on.
  • Mini issues guides: Links to useful posts and articles on specific subjects, eg Trump’s conflicts of interest.
  • Links to individual articles/posts/videos that are useful and inspiring.
  • Social media recommendations: people to follow on Twitter, YouTube channels to subscribe to, good subreddits to look into (and yes there are some).
  • Regular brainstorming threads.

I’m working on the first couple of posts right now, but I’m also looking for ideas — both for specific posts and more broadly on what sorts of posts might be most valuable for you all. So post your thoughts and suggestions!

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5 years ago

My suggestion: stop calling him Trump. Call him by his first name. He hates it.

Normally I call people what they want to be called, but seriously, eff that guy.

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