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Meme of the Day: Trump has no idea what he’s doing


Hey, I made a meme, inspired by the troubles besetting Trump’s transition team.

In case you haven’t been following the issue, here are a few just slightly alarming quotes from a Huffington Post piece on the chaos.

Donald Trump’s transition team is nearing a state of stasis, causing concern among both Democrats and Republicans in Washington that his White House will be woefully ill-prepared once he is inaugurated. …

The disarray has left agencies virtually frozen, unable to communicate with the people tasked with replacing them and their staff. Trump transition team officials were a no-show at the Pentagon, the Washington Examiner reported. Same goes for the Department of Energy, responsible for keeping the nation’s nuclear weapons safe, where officials had expected members of the Trump transition team on Monday. Ditto for the Department of Transportation. Over at the Justice Department, officials also are still waiting to hear from the Trump team. …

According to several sources close to the Trump transition team and inside the Obama administration, the president elect and his staff have had difficulty finding able-minded Republicans willing to take on critical posts. One Democratic source, who like others would only discuss sensitive talks on condition of anonymity, said transition officials had been informally asking Obama political appointees to recommend Republicans to take over their jobs.

Yeah, that’s kind of what happens when you elect a dude who has no freaking idea what he’s doing to the highest office in the land.

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I saw this yesterday on some random feed, and it’s one of the few things to have given me any energy. There’s something satisfying about the call to “fuck shit up.” I mean, we’re facing people that are going to do just that anyway, so why not use it as a rallying cry?

Is Donald Trump Steve Bannon’s Puppet?

Things like this are part why I’m far more scared of Trump than I am of Pence. Two caveats before I go on with that line of thought. 1. Pence is, using the most charitable language possible, a cruel beast who would happily see those outside his nonexistent empathy scope dead. 2. The modern RNC, that is, the RNC as it has existed since… well, I’d have to actually think about it to determine where they started, is complicit in the rise of the U.S. neo-nazi movement. (I am retiring the term “alt-right” in favor of the more honest “neo-nazi.”) As a result, we would have seen this behavior on the rise regardless.

That said, Pence is a, notably extreme, establishment republican. I feel like his power would have resulted in a less blatant disregard for our institutions. I don’t feel like he would have asked for his family/business partners to get top level security clearance. I don’t feel like he would have been as demonstrably linked to the interests of other states. I don’t feel like he’d put a well established white supremacist with documented desire to destroy the state on his staff. If Pence was going to be the president, I would actually believe we have another 2 years to accomplish anything. Maybe that is more naive than I realize.

But Trump? There is more than enough evidence to show that his interests are in the hands of others, both in this country and out of it. His ties to Russia are well documented, which should scare you:

and, yet, no one seems to give a shit. In his hands, we are facing an unprecedented, at least for us, attack on the very foundation of our government and society. It’s why I’m encouraging things like this:

and encouraging people putting pressure on the electors with information like this:

Pence, as bad as he is, is somewhat normal. A bad normal. A normal that needs to be broken and discarded, but it’s not this. This is beyond abnormal.

So, with that all out on the table, I’m going to at least try to give some levity. This is one of the few things to get a good laugh out of me in the past few days.

John: *writes Revelations* Lord, the End is signaled by trumpets?

God: No, Trump/Pence

John: Right. Trumpets.

God: Fine. They’ll know.

I mean, it was one of those laughs that ends with me breaking down into a weeping mess, but still.

The vikingr were especially so. I mean, come on, they thought highly enough of the Byzantines to think working for them was a highly honourable post, and they traded all the way to the Persians!

And in the other direction, the Native Americans.

(Going off on a tangent: Can I just say how much it pisses me off that mainstream archaeology is perfectly happy to accept that the Vikings reached North America but throws a fit every time the idea of trading between the two is brought up? Like, I understand that archaeology still has trouble believing that non-white people are capable of building or exploring, but for fuck’s sake, trading?)

John: *writes Revelations* Lord, the End is signaled by trumpets?

God: No, Trump/Pence

John: Right. Trumpets.

God: Fine. They’ll know.


Thank you!!

OT: I found a YouTube clip of a Batman show that stuck with me for years.

Joker Junior.

I’ve had a few friends who used to watch Batman like I did but they didn’t remember it so I always thought I just misremembered it, but I found it, and it’s as terrible and traumatizing as it was the first time I saw it.

Goddamn, Batman Beyond, goddamn.


The laughter to crying, man, the laughter to crying…

Mark Hamill is amazing though. I need to look up and see if he’s ever won, I guess it’s an Emmy? For his Joker work because hell.

EDIT: He won some awards for the video game version, got nominated for an Annie and won Video Premiere Award for Return of Joker.

You don’t know what Trump is doing
I don’t know what Trump is doing
Trump doesn’t know what he’s doing
But whatever he is doing
It’s almost certainly nothing good

Call it a hunch based on track record

On the one hand, the sheer incompetence of this administration may make its political triumph short-lived and tarnish the Republican Party. On the other, its incompetence could do even more damage to the country and the world than its malevolence.

Trump is also thinking of appointing two other shitheads. Frank Gaffney and a raging homophobe for Supreme Court.

I just tweeted Donald Trump and called him a penis potato.

@Handsome Jack

….Morbid curiosity is getting the better of me this time. Link?


Okay, well, here’s the censored version, which is the one I saw on TV as a kid. Here’s the uncensored version which came out a few years later. And this is the little bit in before some of the junk happened in the others, so you may want to watch that first. The uncensored version clip has the most backstory on what happened.

EDIT: Oh, yeah, TW for psychological abuse and torture. And death. And blood. And unpleasantness all around.

You know, actually, I don’t remember if I saw the censored or uncensored version. I remember a gun falling which is from the uncensored version but I think I saw it on TV and the uncensored version definitely didn’t see TV time. All I remember, really, is the eyes and smile peeking from shadow and the laughter to crying.

The laughter to crying.


Thank you, but hnnnnnnnnnnnnnnngh iunno what my mind’s gonna do with it.

Probably make the life of the character the other person’s playing in an RP even more unpleasant than it already probably will be.

Punkle Stan skrev:

I remember a gun falling which is from the uncensored version but I think I saw it on TV and the uncensored version definitely didn’t see TV time.

When I watched ROTJ on Toonami, it was the uncensored version (possibly off a European DVD, since I have a vague memory of the opening titles saying Batman of the Future rather than Batman Beyond).


Not necessarily the one I mentioned before. I’ve always got at least a dozen threads running, pertaining to something or other. Sometimes it’s Gravity Falls. Sometimes it’s Don’t Starve. Sometimes it’s Borderlands. Sometimes it’s all kinds of things thrown together and left to congeal together.

But I’m always quick to find an excuse for suffering in an RP.

Real life….not so much, and even once I’m an Actual Adult(tm), consent is (MOST_SIGNIFICANT_ROYALTY).

re: the scene

There’s someone in my stories who used to guide me and comfort me.

Now he resents me.

I imagined that he told me to keep my eyes on the screen, to not switch to another tab like I’m so fond of doing.

And I imagine he saw what I saw.

And he’d probably say,

||You’re not even fazed. Yet you’ve seen things that torment an adult…Sort of like the sick shit you’ve got yourself penning every few waking hours at most, isn’t it, [Troubelle]?||

….What can I say? He knows me too well.


Fair enough.

….Promise not to laugh if I tell you who the figure is? Hints: canonically male, from a lesser-known video game that has representation in a much better-known one stemming from the same company, and likes carrots.

I feel like the case for the Electoral College flip petition gets better every day. Too bad that even in the best case scenario, the chance of it actually happening remains infinitesimal.

But I signed anyway, because why not…

Hints: canonically male, from a lesser-known video game that has representation in a much better-known one stemming from the same company, and likes carrots.

Aw, man. Honestly, the only character I could think of is maybe, like, Buster Bunny or something but Little Loony Tunes is kinda more famous as a cartoon than video game but I wouldn’t know. I have no idea who it could be. Like, if you’re gonna “riddle me this”, can I get a hint? Like, IDK, the year it came out or if he’s a main character?


Main character of the first two games of his series. Nintendo property. Mind that my emulated quote would likely never come out of his mouth in-game (even in censored form). He’s been here -taps noggin- too long.


Okay, so they’re in Smash but honestly the carrots part and the “lesser known game” is throwing me off because I have no idea what would be considered a “lesser known” Nintendo game would be. (The only Nintendo system I’ve owned is the original NES. I was a PlayStation kid.) But I’m guessing Captain Olimar from Pikmin, which I admit I wrote off because I know and even played some Pikmin but Paradoxy suggested him, so, yeah.

I cheated.


boy am i late

But you are correct, though damn your cheating! DAMN YOOOOOOOOOOU

but yeah. For the story I mentioned in another thread, the current era was ushered in when 10-year-old me diverged the timeline from Pikmin 2 back when it didn’t look like the series was going to get a continuation, managed to institute Olimar into the office of leader of the entire planet, shit kept on happening, and he came to the realization that shit kept on happening because I wanted conflict, I wanted a story, I was bored. Essentially, he was at the mercy of not just a deity, not just a god, but the author. He’s not doing too well, and hasn’t since…about 2014.

On the plus side, he gets on entirely too well with Rick Sanchez.


He’s been described with multiple variants of “sad,” “pathetic,” and “drunkard,” at this point. He likes to slip his favorite into his tea, I like to think.

He has Louie, but he’s become estranged from his wife, his children (who for reasons manage the entire operation and made several “patches” to his mental state that led up to a terrible crisis), and both of his parents. And damned if his parents didn’t try. (I like to think his mom is absolutely kickass, and is still…trying, at least.)

Also, a Flying Pikmin took to following Rick (who doesn’t damage it due to actually kind of liking Olimar’s presence). Spooked him a bit when it tried to say his name.

re: weird story

Oh! Forgot to mention: the story is scaled to Smash standards. Otherwise Olimar and all of his species (which we’ll just call “Hocotatians” because we don’t have anything more official) would be about the size of a quarter. Instead, they’re more likely to look you in the knee.

@Scented Fucking Hard Chairs

And in the other direction, the Native Americans.

Well, ish. I’m not sure I’d entirely call it trading, the things they did over there. I think referring to the locals as “wretches” and sacrificing one of them was a fairly bad start. The Vinland settlements did not last long, after all.

Dog catches car. Carnival barker gets promoted to elephant handler.

BTW, if the electoral college wants some republican other than Trump, who can they pick?

Hmm, if this is even making the republicans nervous, perhaps that increases the odds of the electoral college going with the popular vote?

If the electoral college keep faith with the electorate, we get four years of misrule.

If the electoral college betray the electorate, we may have blood in the streets and a Greece-style swing even further to the right.

I don’t know which to hope for.

The Electoral College isn’t made up of randoms, they’re people who are connected to the political establishment, chosen by the parties. To my understanding, most are Republican, but they’re all Establishment people. Given the way that the establishment has been lining up behind “Give Him A Chance”, I don’t think the EC is going to go against the grain here. I know that a lot of people are clinging onto that hope, and I don’t want to break that hope – it’s possible – but, well.

Please brace yourselves, friends. I think it’s decided, and that the real work will be in protesting the hell out of the government, in a way that makes the Vietnam War protests look like a Farmer’s Day parade.

@ scildreja

I was told by some American lawyers (but they may well have been wrong*) that the way the electoral college works is that each party puts forward their own candidates and depending on which party wins that state that’s the group they use; which is why faithless electors are a rarity as you’re effectively voting against your own party.

(*One of them did end up as Deputy Secratary of State though. Although if there’s one thing we’ve learned from the Trump thing it’s that you don’t necessary have to be that smart to get a position in government)

Although if there’s one thing we’ve learned from the Trump thing it’s that you don’t necessary have to be that smart to get a position in government


While I’m happy to hear (thanks Skiriki) that Trumplethinskin’s requests for security clearances are still subject to background checks, it sucks that the prez can override them. >:(

Makes me feel like the two years of checks I had to go through at the tender age of 19 meant nothing. The worst part wasn’t the interviews I participated in, it was hearing about the interviews my friends and family endured. It made me feel bad, but we all pretty much agreed it was the price of security and freedom.

I mean, hell; I know of a young lady at one of my overseas duty stations who nearly got her clearance taken away because she had a relative in East Berlin (this was 1986) that she and almost none of her family even knew about, let alone had any contact with!

wwth – I saw on Rachel Maddow that Trump thinks he can get around the anti-nepotism thing by making his kids undpaid advisors. I hope this loophole isn’t real.

@ scildreja

There is virtually no chance that the Electoral College votes against Trump. Since they are all Republican loyalists, the only reason any significant number would change their votes would be if the Republican Party suddenly turned on Trump. That’s not gonna happen. Even if it did, they wouldn’t vote for Clinton instead. They’d probably vote in Pence.

I also see too many people putting so much stock in Bernie. It seems obvious at this point that a lot of POC (at least that I am friends with from all over) are not as enamored with his inability to shift from economics. Hell, a lot of them can’t stand him just because of the bridges that were torched by Bernie Bros. I know white people seem to be absolutely smitten with the man but…it seems we are not paying attention.

I’ve noticed the same thing too, and it’s part of the reason that it was hard for me to really support Bernie was that a lot of his supporters seemed to think he was a saint and could do no wrong and that kind of scared me about him. While there are things that I do like about him, there are important criticisms to be made about him and it bothers me that a lot of his supporters were incapable of thinking critically of him (I think that is why his supporters where so fast to call the election rigged–I knew people who were convinced there was no reason why black people wouldn’t like him more than Clinton and the only reason why he lost the south was because black people don’t vote when black people have a lot of reasons to prefer Clinton over him)


if the president is impeached, the vice president becomes the president, however congress can impeach the president, vice president, and any member of the president’s cabinet, and any civil officers the president appoints, so it’s possible that if everyone in involved in the Trump presidency is horrible they could all get impeached


I have a feeling that Clinton made her concession speech because that’s what you do and if she didn’t the media would tear her apart–I believe that either they are still counting votes or that they were still counting votes for a while after the election where called so I think that at this point if Clinton saw a chance to get the presidency she would take it


I’m sorry if this is a stupid question but can members of the electoral college literally vote for anyone? I was under the impression that the electoral college members had to vote for someone who was actually running for president

sparkalipoo, I was also wondering this above. The system just looks more and more complicated the closer I look.

I feared beforehand that a close election would be highly divisive regardless of who won but never thought it could get this absurd.

Finnish newspaper cartoonist just made a parody of an old Calvin and Hobbes strip, where Calvin tries to extort his father by claiming that “your Father approval rates are way down and re-election seems unlikely unless quick policy changes are instituted”. The father, reading news about Trump, goes, “I don’t think you understand these things, son…”

@Arctic Ape

that cartoon is great. The founding father’s really did pick the most convoluted system for picking a president.

sez sparkalipoo: “I’m sorry if this is a stupid question but can members of the electoral college literally vote for anyone?”
Yes. The whole point of the Electoral College is, it’s the part of the whole ‘checks and balances’ deal which is specifically intended to make sure the voting public doesn’t vote a clusterfuck-in-human-form into office. One could argue that if the EC voters did cast their electoral votes for Clinton, thus keeping the Angry Cheeto out of office, that would be exactly and precisely what the Electoral College is supposed to do.

Me, I’ma call the Cheeto “President-Electoral” if the EC fails to do its job.

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