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6 Days Now: The Final Countdown Video Party continues

Six days left before the weirdest presidential campaign I’ve ever seen (or hope to see again) lurches to a halt! And another terrible cover of The Final Countdown. I think maybe these three should have rehearsed a little more.

In today’s BONUS VIDEO, a somewhat more polished performer plays a somewhat relevant hit.


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Oh wow. They were all in a different key! How does one not hear that?!

And here’s more Erasure playing ABBA:

ETA: Now that GEMA and youtube have come to an agreement I can see all music videos!


(Can I just have a moment to appreciate the clothing and set design Keith uses? Clean, clear, very distinctive, and suits him perfectly. GQ colours, but not obnoxiously so, and the red stripe on the right third makes everything seem off-balance, keeping the viewer a bit disoriented. Really brilliant stuff.)

@ Scildfreja

re: Godwin’s Law,

For example, there is a tradition in many newsgroups and other Internet discussion forums that once such a comparison is made, the thread is finished and whoever mentioned the Nazis has automatically lost whatever debate was in progress.

… not this time. Horrifyingly, the discussion now STARTS with the comparison….

Godwin’s Law has been invalidated by a new law: In any discussion of far right politics, if a comparison to the Nazis has not been made, it is an indication that the discussion has not progressed far enough.

I will end up breaking a nerve on the (french) friend who are all “Hillary is crooked”.


@Weird (etc.) Eddie

I’ve always hated that “tradition”. Invoking Godwin should not be a win button, especially when the comparison is apt. I know you’re not advocating it, just pointing it out, but still ugh that whole “you said Nazi so I win” mentality is disgusting.

Phrases such as “never seen anything like it”, “unbelievable”, fall so utterly short of reality. His campaign has not just moved the Overton Window, it has torn the Overton Window out, frame and all!

An acquaintance said back in June or July that “if Trump becomes President, [he’d] be glad [he’s] a white man” I wonder how many of those “undecideds” who are not sliding the polls towards Trump and oblivion are of that mindset??

I had lunch with a friend today – a very smart person, but still a cishet white male STEM person – who was hoping that McMullen would win because then it would “shake up politics and help the process of reform.”


Godwin’s law says that, the longer a discussion thread continues, the probability that someone will make a comparison to Nazis or Hitler approaches 1. The point is that people make comparisons to Nazis or Hitler pejoratively without understanding fascist ideology, not that it’s never appropriate to make a comparison to Nazis or Hitler.

Oh god, the stage presence. My heart! 😀 I need to have another wedding so I can hire this band.

If you’re anything like me, you’ve been numbing your brain with all kinds of drugs and alcohol lately. I’m just gonna post some of the best weed themed songs from recent months, and one fried chicken themed because you also have to eat.

@ HistoryNerd

True, and in the overwhelming number of discussions, that’s the case… in this case, there appears, at first to be an appropriate comparison. However, you brought up an important point;

without understanding fascist ideology

It’s certain Trumpf has stirred up the cesspool and the Nazis are rising to the surface, but I honestly believe Trumpf himself does not HAVE any “idology” other than the obsessive pursuit of affirmation for himself.

Comparison is still valid, tho, as he has made it clear that his agenda will be one that the Nazis will love.

I was collecting my drugs from my chemists earlier and they were covering that the (a?) polls has them at 46% each and were showing clips of the Orange Terror telling people who voted for Hillary to vote again for him. Is that a thing? Is that really a thing you can do in the US? :O

I’m wondering if they deliberately played in three different keys as some kind of edgy in joke. The alternative is too horrible.


With all the awful things he has said and done, I just don’t think there is ANYTHING that could come out that his supporters would care about.

A white, cisgender, heterosexual protestant christian man can support him (if that man has no conscience), but ANYONE who does not meet those requirements is just plain STUPID to support him, not to mention self-destructive.

Olberman: “You know this man… You have ALWAYS known this man”

@Policy of Madness,

A youtuber I follow has just started a new Cities: Skylines series that follows a lot of the ideas you had discussed: pedestrian-friendly, social living spaces, minimization of traffic and a focus on sustainable environmental and social living. He’s a Dutch fellow who’s making his fictional planned city in Bahrain. It’s not just music, but a voiceover as he discusses his thoughts and how he’s planning the city. I saw it and thought you might like to watch!


I was collecting my drugs from my chemists earlier and they were covering that the (a?) polls has them at 46% each and were showing clips of the Orange Terror telling people who voted for Hillary to vote again for him. Is that a thing? Is that really a thing you can do in the US? :O

Wut. He actually said that? Heck no, that’s illegal here–it’s voter fraud. I question if his urging people to do so is even legal. What the hell?

Edit: In regards to the polls, it’s only a couple that show it as being close, but it’s still scary. At one point he was getting close to single digits in the chance of winning calculations and now he’s up to a 30% chance.

@ HistoryNerd

When Nazis are praising someone as the next Hitler I would think that Godwin’s law no longer applies.

On a related note ever notice how common gratuitous communist comparisons are among the right wing these days?
(Just like the Nazis amIright?)

@kupo: It did seem to be what he was saying. Although, there was no sound and the subtitles were streaming “live” which often results in some surreal subtitling. But I’m sure the SKY caption said the same. Put it this way, I might be wrong or misunderstood an aspect of your wacky voting system 🙂

And as the day of the year rolls round in which we celebrate the foiling of a terrorist attack on the seat of government by burning the fella (or more modern hate figures) in effigy… well I’ll just leave this here.

It seems to me like he just doesn’t understand how voting works. I’m not sure about Colorado but in Washington we’re also almost all mail-in and I can track the status of my ballot online, so I’ll know if it never got delivered or if there was a problem with my signature. Unless in-person voting has similar tracking, mail-in seems safer to me.

This could be a deliberate attempt to sabotage voters, as he has already encouraged his supporters to go to the polling places and make sure people aren’t voting twice, which we know is code for questioning every POC’s credentials or standing nearby exercising their second ammendment rights in plain view.

@History Nerd
Agreed. I see it as a measure of emotional intensity.

In my experience the bit Weird pointed out is a defense mechanism used by bigots. That’s when it gets fun to dissect out the feature that the comparison is making to show that yes indeed one can invoke Hitler and Nazies. My favorite was showing the parts of Trump’s speeches that were xenophobic, bombastic, bigoted and showed that he was a demagogue. There was no reply to that of course.

@kupo: Thank you very much for the link, seriously I’m learning loads about US electioneering via the good people at this site. I did like this quote from the article,

Still, Trump’s comments, like many of his remarks, are jumbled and vague.

So it looks like it wasn’t all the fault of the poor person trying to subtitle him “live”.

@varalys the dark

I’d like to see some footage of it going up when they do it. Also the Katie Hopkins one.

It’s a spectacular effigy isn’t it? They must have a very big field. When I was about 8 some mates of mine dad’s cleared some houses and built a bonfire on the street (there was a gap on one side where the school field finished) which was tall enough for whole staircases to be laid against it. It did look awesome, but what was more exciting was the fire brigade coming and putting it out because everyone’s roofs were beginning to melt. Ah, the 80’s.

@nparker: There were doors in the bottom of the bonfire so we could open them and go inside. We mainly made sure it was clear of cats, but hedgehogs were checked for as well. I seem to recall removing a couple because it was the first time I’d seen a hedgehog up close, they are adorable little creatures.

@ varalys

terrorist attack on the seat of government by burning the fella

Shouldn’t that be “burning the ‘guy’ ” (American vernacular, if it’s not the same there)

“Remember, remember the 5th of November, the gunpowder treason and plot….”

I must say, “V for Vendetta” is my absolute fave revolution movie!! And, of course (not to put too somber a tone on it), if the vote turns bad, my grandbabies will be living in exactly that kind of society 🙁

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