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Straight from Germany, it’s the Alt-Right Trump fans’ favorite game show!

As I wrote today’s post on Trump’s “unshackled” speech yesterday attacking an evil conspiracy headed up by a shadowy cabal international bankers, I kept thinking of this classic bit from The Larry Sanders show, featuring a baby Jon Stewart (as the new host off to a bad start), Jason Alexander (as the disappearing guest), and Jeffrey Tambor (as “Adolf Hankler”). Enjoy!

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OT but Trump has just said this, about President Obama:

Why doesn’t some woman say what they say about me about him?

(From the Guardian’s live feed)

Hmmm. I’m sure it’ll come to me if I think about it for a minute. Hold on.


Some men just can’t believe that other men aren’t selfish rapacious bonkeyheads.

(also, for Trump, doing that is needed to properly be powerful. He see this as part of the regalia of being powerful. So of course any other leader would have done that)

Also, OT, but @DavidFutrelle, any chance of an upcoming post full of cats doing “weird and interesting things” in tribute to the upcoming (fingers crossed) youngest ever woman president?

I realise this whole site has rather stolen a march on her over this, but I enjoyed her reference to cat gifs. And we could all do with the brain bleach.

The absolute certainty with which shitty people deny that anyone anywhere could be sincerely less awful than them is how we ended up with the phrase ‘virtue signaling’ and Trump and probably payday loans, tbh.

I forgot about those drunk trump videos! They’re awesome.

And you can make your own by changing the youtube settings to play videos at half speed.

Try this one at half-speed, starting at 1:28:

I tried slowing down Hillary’s cat gif speech, but she doesn’t sound anywhere near as drunk as Donald.

Re: the Larry Sanders clip-is the producer at Jason Alexander’s green room door Mary Lynn Rajskub, or am I losing it? Checking IMDb now, and it’s her. I feel especially proud that I recognized her because 24 was never really able to hold my attention.

HottoTrotsky – very well put. I imagine it as –
“I say the things that other people think, but are too AFRAID to say out loud.”
Well, I don’t think those things.
“See?! That PROVES my point! You won’t even admit to thinking them!”

Also, great nym.

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