This gently bubbling stream will relax the crap out of you for 8 goddamn hours

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This stream is here to burble and kick ass and it’s all out of burble!

Well, ok, that doesn’t really make sense. It has lots of burble left. In any case, enjoy, because I sure as hell am going to!

This PLEDGE DRIVE CAPYBARA is enjoying a nice sit-down in some water.


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Oh hey, I’ve played the 11 hour bird song track from this series to my cats to calm ’em down and give them something to think besides tearing around the house.

Does a birdsong track really calm cats? Doesn’t it just mean “food which I can’t find” to them?

Ah, thank you David. Our Roger troll is irritating the heck out of me right now, so bad I almost went double-Fluttershy on him. This is very nice.

(Kinda gotta go pee now, though)

Hey, I’ve been wanting to start commenting again. This year has been absurd and I needed a break; I never expected the kind of wretched asshats routinely featured on this blog to make it into the mainstream political discourse. Suddenly here I am discussing the alt-right, 4/8chan and Milo Y with my dad O_o

Oh yeah, and I’m now officially a member of the Children of Atom (because them being featured in Far Harbor was why I got Far Harbor), especially after they gave me a ridiculously overpowered super sledgehammer for my Melee-only character.

Oh, and ace attorney gifs are now in season? YAY!

I still need to play Spirit of Justice

A few weeks back, I read an article online (no longer remember where) that took a critical look from an intersectional feminist perspective at some of my favourite tv programmes. It wasn’t comfortable. After reading it, I felt slightly differently about them. And myself. And Gamergate. Bear with me…

Having had that experience, I have a window of empathy into Gamergate that I didn’t before. Having read that article, I enjoy, what I used to enjoy, slightly less. My eyes have been opened. But… here’s the thing, or things.

a) The reason the critique upsets me is because I agree with the critique. I agree with the underlying philosophy and I agree the critique applies. Neither of these things are true of GG. Unless they’ve buried it very deep down.

b) My anger FWIW is directed at the creators of the tv programme (although I recognise hindsight is 20:20) and at myself for not noticing these problems until they were pointed out. GGs direct their anger at the critics. For being smarter? If they disagree with the criticism, why should it matter?

So that’s my little revelation of the week. Hope everyone else here is having a good week.


I’ll admit, I was listening to my comfort soundtrack of Oh, Brother, Where Art Thou? and Spotify kept throwing me other songs so I just decided to look up a plain ol’ bluegrass playlist and found an entire one dedicated to covers so, I mean, throw any bluegrass my way. Outlaw country, folk and honky tonk, too.

You link any of that new country stuff, however, shame on you. Shame on all of you.

Also, congrats on your new ID! I hear the paperwork part is daunting but it makes everything 500% smoother.

Have more bluegrass covers in celebration!

Been meaning to post these:

Can anyone tell me how to embed videos? I somehow managed to embed them a few times.

@Handsome Jack

so, I mean, throw any bluegrass my way.

in that case, I categorically recommend every track Doc Watson ever laid down, because if bluegrass has a patron diety, he’s it. I’ll have more specific stuff later on.

Don’t Stop Believin’ – Pine Mountain Railroad

I never mentioned it because it’s never came up but this song is trash and I want it far away from me. The amount of things I actually hate can be counted with just a few fingers and that song is one of them.

I shall kindly ignore it.

But this manouche jazz, I can dig it.


Sortakinda. When the birdsong parts start, when it gets loud, that’s when their heads perk up and they scan the ceiling.

However — that, at least, means they switch to silent mode and observe the ceiling and top shelves, instead of running around like their butts are on fire…

Additionally: next Friday I’m gonna be -2 cats, as Riff Raff and Magenta leave to their new foreverhome. I’m gonna miss them, of course, but it is also going to be a huge relief, as four kittens and two adults are pushing the limits of my endurance.

@Handsome Jack – I’m not overly fond of that song, or anything Journey ever did in its bland trademarked existence, but the bluegrass translation is skillful. I give them props for at least making it listenable.

OT: Took my cat to the vet today, vet recommended hairball remedy. Choice of: tuna or maple.

Pfft. My cat will only eat medicine if it’s flavored with Nanaimo bars.

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