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MGTOW: Keep women out of combat because they’re easily captured while on their periods

Women having their periods are easy to locate due to white shorts, big smiles
Women having their periods are easy to locate due to white shorts, big smiles

If a recent conversation on the Men Going Their Own Way subreddit is any indication, MGTOWs remain baffled by and terrified of the human vagina.

In the midst of one of that subreddit’s typically dreadful discussions, the subject of women in the military comes up. One Reddit MGTOW lets it be known that he “f**king hope[s] women get drafted some day.”

One of his comrades steps in to MGTOWsplain just why he thinks that would be a bad, bad thing:
Some_one498 1 point 13 hours ago I hope they don't. Women would just get in the way which would cause more casualties. A woman wouldn't be able to carry a dying member away from danger. Depending on where they are their monthly cycles would cause the enemy to be able to catch them easier. So many reasons for women not to be in combat roles. It just doesn't make sense

So … how would that work, exactly?

Either Some_one498 thinks that

  1. Our enemies have secret squads of vagina-sniffing dogs that can detect the scent of menstrual blood from miles away, or
  2. Women are so incapacitated by the monthly visit from Aunt Flo that they’ll just lie there and let enemy soldiers capture them

I made Some_one498’s quote into a meme using a still from the Goldie Hawn comedy Private Benjamin, but somehow I don’t think it’s going to catch on.


tl;dr: Vaginas are scary!

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Jenora Feuer
Jenora Feuer
5 years ago

Oooh, A Tribe Called Red. Been hearing them on the local morning radio show up here, actually. (Then again, that’s the CBC Metro Morning show in Toronto; probably the only more likely place for them to show up would be in Ottawa.) Just a couple of days ago the morning show played their remix of Buffy-Sainte Marie’s Working for the Government.

As for Jinkies up there, well, I have Crohn’s. Thankfully, the sulfa drugs keep it under control (though unfortunately that means I can’t donate blood anymore, due to worries about people with sulfa allergies). For a while before the Crohn’s was properly diagnosed and treated I was losing a significant (and edging towards dangerous) amount of weight.

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