The 7 Most Surreal Pro-Trump/Anti-Hillary Memes of the, Let’s Say, Week?

Poop-related content removed from meme. Well, mostly. 

Hey, remember when Friday was meme-day here at We Hunted the Mammoth? We’ve missed a couple, mostly because of horrible things happening in the world, but we’re back!

Today, some of the weirdest pro-Trump and anti-Hillary memes I’ve run across lately. Most of these are from Reddit — in particular, from r/The_Donald and r/HillaryForPrison. Enjoy, I guess.

Er, what?


I don’t think this is an actual American proverb. Also, FYI, fear the army of lions more.


Less frustrated than confused, really.


No idea what’s going on here.


Or here.

Now this last meme — which I’ve censored a little — isn’t really all that weird. It’s just kind of revealing, at least about the sort of people who sit around making anti-Hillary memes.



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Oh, actually, I was somewhat confusing Selina Kyle from Year One and Dark Knight Returns.

She’s, er, a bit complicated. She starts out as a dominatrix, and ends up picking up things as Catwoman after seeing the things Batman can do. She starts burglarizing, but the blame gets set squarely on other heads, so she decides to go bigger and goes right for Carmine Falcone.

I wouldn’t necessarily classify her as “lost soul with a tortured past”, but she definitely got the grittier end of Miller’s pen.

does anyone kno why Miller is considered homophobic? I was surprised to hear that but havent seen the source of it, and he does have some pro-gay (albeit from a v dudebro perspective) stuff in Sin City….

@ dslucia

My memory is a bit spotty at the best of times. I was tracing Selina’s origin to that but a lot of what I remember comes from the rather dodgy 90s series she had. Perhaps all the Dickens-esque orphanage stuff was original to that. It referenced Year One and I just assumed that it came from there.


I could be remembering incorrectly because it has been a while, but I don’t believe that Year One really explores Selina’s backstory.

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