We’re back up after a little outage


Fixin ur computer
Fisin ur computer

Hey everyone, just a note to let you know that we’re back up again after a not-quite-two-hour outage.

The cause of the outage was a hardware problem at the host. The techs there swapped out the malfunctioning equipment, and hopefully that will fix the problem for good.

If the site goes down for you in the future, or if you’re having trouble connecting, let me know via Twitter or email.

Also, I’m curious if any of you had issues reaching the site before it went down this afternoon (at about 2:48 central time). I’ve heard from one person who was having troubles earlier today.

Thanks for your patience everyone!



4 replies on “We’re back up after a little outage”

I was thinking I was having trouble earlier, but then realized you said central time, so it was around then.

I’m so sick of seeing good websites become victims of our modern outage culture.

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