Happy Thanksgiving and/or Thursday

Mmm, stuffing.
Mmm, stuffing.

The world’s been a pretty dark place recently, so whether or not you celebrate Thanksgiving, I’m thinking it might be worthwhile to spend a few moments reflecting on things we’re thankful for.

I’m thankful for you, dear readers and commenters, for all that you contribute to this blog, and for supporting me (and each other) when things have gotten weird. Also, stuffing. I’m thankful for stuffing.

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I’m thankful that we have Thanksgiving at a reasonable, civilized time of year; none of this November nonsense. But also, I’m thankful for the smart and interesting people who comment here, and for Dave, tirelessly logging this ridiculous crap and somehow making it funny.

Thank you, David. It’s great to have a place to turn when the news is weird and bad. I always appreciate what you have to say. And thank you, commenters, for your insightful, witty remarks. Thanks, everyone, for keeping me laughing!

I always eat out on Thanksgiving, so I’m also thankful for spicy Pakistani food at a pretty good price. And a movie afterward. This year it might be “Suffragette.”

And I’m grateful to my cats, who guide me into whatever success I might enjoy in this life.

Thankful for kitties, even when they wake me up by pouncing on me at stupid-o-clock in the morning, puppies belonging to friends that jump into my arms for cuddles when I visit (I am aware of the grammatical ambiguity of that sentence, which way it is read depends on which friend I visit) and for pumpkin pie and coffee.

I am, sadly or otherwise, stuck working this Thanksgiving. On the upside, the spread catering is putting out sounds wonderful: 3 different kinds of turkey, crab legs, lobster bisque, etc.

And we’re playing Rum & Bones after dinner, so I get to laugh maniacally as the Kraken pulls pirates to their doom.

Thanksgiving is a relatively new thing to me, having been in the U.S. only nine years and having yet to adjust culturally. But thanks for all you go through in bringing this blog to us, and providing a space where so many witty and decent people can share their views 🙂

Happy Thanksgiving, American WHTM commentariat. (I’m Canadian so mine happened last month. I went to a friends-only dinner. Someone brought homemade ice cream and we got drunk. It was great.)

To be honest, and sorry that this is contrary to the intent of this post, I had to think for a bit about what I’m thankful for because I have been really depressed lately. I’m getting only occasional work with a couple of companies for which I am on call, and my applications for other jobs haven’t yielded even one bite. I’ve also gone through a long series of romantic rejections. I have never found love, and it’s looking increasingly likely that I never will (I’m in my mid 30’s, so I’m not a kid.) I generally feel like the world doesn’t want me.

So…The one thing I’m thankful for is friends. Seriously, I have an embarrassment of riches when it comes to friends. Oh, also, my parents are both alive, healthy, caring and relatively sane, and I get along well with my other relatives. I guess that’s at least two things.

Mmmmm! Stuffing!

We don’t do Thanksgiving in Australia, but I hope y’all have a great holiday doing whatever makes you most contented and grateful. Because happiness comes out of gratitude, not the other way around. 🙂

I don’t celebrate the holiday myself, which one of cartoonist David Malki’s characters once memorably described as a day dedicated to “making national heroes out of the villains of ‘The Scarlet Letter.'”

But I am thankful every day for David Futrelle and all of you other folks who stand up to the MRAs and all of the other bigots and bullies who blight the landscape. Cheers y’all!

I’m thankful for my new job, which keeps me very busy but which pays me considerably more and has tons more advancement opportunity than my last one.

This is going to sound strange, but I’m thankful for my supervisor, who has been so supportive since I moved here. He even invited me out for dinner with his family tonight, since he knows I don’t have other Americans to celebrate with.

I also introduced them to the Macy’s Thanksgiving Parade. It was good fun.

I’m also very thankful for Skype, so that I could see my family today, even if I couldn’t be there.

I’m thankful for finally, after a decade of constant pain, being properly diagnosed and medicated so that I can continue with my life. I’ve now gone back to university and work for the first time in 2 years, and it’s going ok.

No thanksgiving out here in Japan, but hope all you Americans have a great day! Thanks for the great work on the blog, David.

Thankful for the big bag stuffed full of new pj’s and nightgowns my mother bought me for the hospital stay I’m going to have (I have surgery coming up in a few days). I’m wearing some of the pj’s now, and they’re so comfy!

@dhag85 Well, it’s back surgery, and moderately serious. But there’s a good chance it’ll help me with the chronic pain, so I’m ready for it.

I’m thankful for a patient husband, who realized that when I fell asleep superhard this afternoon/evening that we could have the little vegan roast i’d bought later, and made himself dinner (mac & cheese with sausage). He also graciously accepted my apology and did dishes.

I’m thankful for my children who are thoughtful and kind and loving but also hilarious and fierce and full of chaos. I have kidney problems, I was in hospital last year from it. This week I’ve been in a lot of pain with it and my youngest son who is only 6 surprised me earlier by helping me to make lunch. He also wrapped me in a blanket in the evening because he didn’t want me to get cold. My two lovely boys give me hope for the future. When they do things like filling a box with toys and clothes they want to give to refugee children or when they bake cakes for the homeless shelter I’m so proud of them I feel like my heart will burst.

I’m thankful for this blog, for without it, I wouldn’t have met all you wonderful people and sharpened my troll-slaying skills to a razor’s edge. I also wouldn’t have a place to reference whenever manospherians were being shitlords.

I’m also thankful for kitties and stuffing. Mmmm. Stuffing.

I want to share something apparently there’s going to be a movie about the first thanksgiving and it’s about native Americans. I’m happy but nervous at the same time I hope the movie will be ok.

Just got back from Black Friday it wasn’t bad thankfully but it’s really funny that Black Friday exists right after a holiday that we suppose to be thankful for what we have. America amiright?

I’m thankful for you, David, and other allies. Without you and people like you, I fear I would be treated as just an hysterical woman and not taken seriously, especially working in a male-dominated field, like I do. Knowing people like you and my husband have my back helps me to keep going despite blatant sexism.

I’m thankful for you David; he who daily trawls through the seedy world of the mansophere and filters the worst of it so that you can provide us with some entertainment, and shield us from the worst of this hate filled internet sub-culture.

I’m sure it is grueling, and you are frequently under attack by these cretins. You definitely take a lot for the team.

So thank you David, and may your thanksgiving be one of relaxation and fun, free of the stain of manosphere absurdity.

Like others here, I’m thankful for this blog and all the mud David is willing to filter through his satire. No, wait, I’m not thankful for the mud but I AM thankful for David’s humour. And the people here. Ohhh I’m getting all warm and stuff. I’m going to need a hug. This is why we don’t do thanksgiving -type stuff in the cold Northern-Europe!

Also I’m thankful that my dog overlord decided that a bath can handily be replaced by a roll on the fresh, fresh grass.

Had a cozy, low key but ritually appropriate Thanksgiving dinner with the spouse and kinder. Lots of dressing, lots of gravy. Even managed to bake two loaves of bread in the middle of it all. Now husband is baking an apple pie for one of his clients, so I can skive off for a bit.

Grateful to be living here and now, where and when I can be openly and legally married to my husband and parents to our children. Very cognizant how recent this is in human history, and how hard people* have worked so I can live my ordinary life.

*Including me.

David and commentariat, I am indebted to you for the best source of puns, community support against the miserable misogynist stance online but especially for the pictures of moggies. I have been somewhat stunned to find myself alive and free of cancer since surgery, chemo and radiotherapy seem to have treated my grade three carcinosarcoma. I have another thanksgiving and possibly many more to share with the mogs, my dear caring husband and all here.

Going kyaking tomorrow because the sun is shining and the ice is making pretty patterns to paddle among. I hope everyone here has a chance to take time for themselves and do what makes them content.

Hmm, I was gonna list, but it’s long, so I’ll just go with — I’m thankful for my menagerie, and that Cali has turned into a total lap cat (now, I just need to get Tilly to accept her so she doesn’t have to be a basement lap cat!).

And stuffing. My mother made me vegetarian stuffing, and I said fuck it and just avoided the overt chunks in the gravy, and had a wonderful diner followed by “really, we’re decorating NOW?” (from me, it was her damn idea)

And my wonderful aerials instructor, and canned cranberry sauce (what can I say, I love the slooooosh), and coffee. But you knew that.

And, of course, all you lovely folks!

Happy Black Friday, everyone!

What am I thankful for in the last year?

– I’m thankful that this was the year when the Daesh lost its myth of victory and got its ass handed to it by the people of Kurdistan.

– I’m thankful that this was the year when the gamergaters got crushed so badly they started pretending they’d never been gamergaters at all. (I’m looking at you, Bain and Benjamin.)

– I’m thankful that if I fell in love with another man, I could now marry him.

– I’m thankful that the nations of Laos, Denmark, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan have ventured into space, further democratising it.

– I’m thankful for a great new job which gives me really interesting work and develops my skills.

– I’m thankful that I’ve gotten my life sorted out to the point where I’m stable enough to sort of have my shit together again.

– I’m thankful for all my old friends who have stayed with me, and all my new friends who give me support. This includes everyone on this blog.

Thankful to be alive, two years almost to the day since I realised II had breast cancer.

Thankful to be with Mr B and lovely stepdaughter in Amsterdam.

Thankful we can afford this holiday for B’s 70th birthday.

Thankful for all my friends.

Thankful for the work David does here, and for all the great commentators on here too.

As a fellow plump person, I am thankful for that yummy-looking photo of the stuffing. As a Brit, I am less than thankful for our import of the whole idea of Black Friday sales, but maybe I’ll pick up a bargain on something on Amazon, so that’s not too bad either. And, of course, I’m thankful for cute dogs and my ridiculous cat. Who is thankful for the tuna I brought her as a special treat.

I know nothing of Thanksgiving but I am thankful for my wonderful sons, and this anecdote explains a little.

I was telling my 19yo son about how I ‘got revenge’ just a little on a bf who had treated me like I was less than nothing when I was my sons age. I started having a relationship with a woman and I saw the ex after a few months of not having any contact at all, and when he asked about who I was with I told him.

The reaction was priceless. This homophobic, sexist pig of a man was gutted – his macho pride was in tatters! I have just found out that this would have been around the time when his long term gf was pregnant and they were about to be married – I am glad I added to the stress for him, but I hope he didn’t take it out on the gf (previously my ‘love rival’, but once I was free of him I just felt sorry for her).

Anyway, I just told my son about this and when I said the ex bf was gutted that I was in a relationship with a woman my son just said ‘why?’. He just does not have the knowledge of that macho crap – and this makes me thankful – my work is done!

I am also thankful to the college that my other son is going to because since he has been doing performing arts the difference in him is great – no more academic subjects and donning uniform, his confidence is growing and he is so much happier. He is becoming more expressive and his creativity is free to express itself.

I’m thankful for having a four day weekend. I kind of needed it. I’m thankful that while my job isn’t so great it’s for the time being enough to not be broke. I’m very thankful my right wing religious fanatic uncle mostly behaved himself and didn’t start prattling on about the end times until the end of the evening.

Like Wednesday Adams I’m not so grateful that this holiday glosses over the treatment of native people by colonists. But I am grateful that my city is one of those to have renamed Columbus day Indigenous Peoples day.

And of course I’m thankful for all of you!

Your sons sound like they’re in a great place, Ellesar. Congratulations to them and to you too.

On this Black Friday, I am realizing a dream I’ve had for eight years; I’M NOT WORKING TODAY!!1! I’m not even going to poke my head out of my house today cuz I’m not planning on getting dressed! WOOHOO!! Better than Christmas!

*ahem* Now that I’ve used up my allotment of exclamation points for the rest of the year:

Husbeast and I went to friend’s for Thanksgiving dinner and played Cards Against Humanity (well, actually the Card Cast version) after. Good times!

I’m thankful for this blog and commentariat, thanks David and everyone!

Downer alert, sad stuffs:
I’m also actually thankful that I was privileged to help my dear, dear dad leave this world in the way he wanted to go; in his own bed, in his own home and that he passed peacefully. I’m so very thankful to have had his guidance and love for 55 years of my life. I will miss him every day.

@bluecat – I hope things are going well on the cancer front.

I’m thankful for my husband – currently trading off gaming and adulting time with me ( 😀 ) and also generally the best person I know.

I’m thankful for our children – they’re great, geeky kiddos who are kind, (mostly) considerate, and are into Steven Universe, Doctor Who, Star Wars, Star Trek, and an assortment of other goodness.

I’m thankful for this beautiful day.

And I’m thankful for you all.

Have a wonderful weekend 😀

We don’t celebrate thanksgiving here, but we had set that date with my former partner to get together as a sort of “closure moment” of our relationship. A relationship he decided to end about a month ago, and then was “too busy” to actually talk to me about the reasons.

And guess what? After I confirmed with him TWICE during the previous week that he’d be here to talk… he didn’t show up 🙁

So I guess I’m thankful I could close the relationship all by myself (says it all about it, really), and that I don’t need to bother my mind about stupid assholes who don’t care about me anyway.


Late to this. Also thankful for David and the Mammothers.

Malice, I’m sorry you feel unwanted. I’m glad you have good friends. I hope things get better soon.

Luzbelitix, I’m sorry the relationship ended badly, but grats on getting rid of someone who doesn’t care enough about you.

Good luck on the surgery, Peaches.

Yay on being done with cancer, blue cat and pain, dhag.

To everyone with caring children, I’m grateful for your kids. We need more caring in this world and this sort of thing helps keep my faith in humanity

Happy belated thanksgiving/turkey-day/thursday, all. I spent the last few days mostly offline, and it was good.

I noticed when I dropped in that some of the other threads have gotten a bit rawr-y (and the news got a bit ugly, sad, and nasty) while I’ve been out, so I figured I should drop in here and try and add some positive stuff?

My grandpa had some exploratory bladder surgery, and the results were interesting. Basically, they took out a tumor. So… he had cancer and didn’t know it, but doesn’t have it anymore. It was an interesting day.

My friend with the pregnancy from hell got out of the hospital in time for me to drive her and her kiddos to thanksgiving dinner with her hubby and the guys on shift. So far, the potential little is staying where s/he’s supposed to be, and has a good heartbeat.

The station dog was super cuddly this morning.

I got to fire off a massive dry chem fire extinguisher (that the local extinguisher company needed to dispose of anyway) for training. It was fun. It had wheels and a good 25 feet of hose.

I officially got (re)accepted to another undergrad program (I’m totally procrastinating on grad programs) at a school a little closer to home. It’s kind of a mixed thing, though, because I really love the people I know in the little town I’m currently in.

I know there are some really terrible things going on right now, but have some happy?

Biggest thing I think we can all be grateful for: Adorable Cat Gifs.

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