Open Thread for personal stuff: November 2015 Mysterious Standing Cat Edition


What? I'll stand here if I want.
What? I’ll stand here if I want.


It’s probably about time for another open thread for personal stuff. As is always the case with these open threads, NO MRAs, no trolls, none of that shit.

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Thanks for the good thoughts/wishes, all.

Just visited friend after cuddling her old dog. She’s tired, but starting to feel a little better. They’re hoping to place a new PICC monday, and tentatively get discharged Tuesday.

@Argenti, scowl at your brother for me. SO MANY KITTY DISEASES! Hopefully they’re both actually clear and healthy, so no harm done.

Also the stray (indoor kitty) sounds like she’s adjusting pretty well!

Kitty update — we apparently don’t have a cat carrier, so once that’s sorted Cali’s going to the vet. Darwin’s vet offers free first check up for cats and dogs (but not reptiles, otoh, reptile vet next town over!). Tilly was there a couple months ago cuz bro panicked over what turned out to be nothing at all so she’s fine, but no idea with Cali.

Litter box probably sorted, he figured out where she’d pooped and relocated it to the box with her underfoot so we’ll see. But in the box or not, she’s doing her business indoors!

Contrapangloss — that’s wonderful! Hopefully she’ll make it to term, or at least nearly.

Yesterday the government raised the threat/alert level to 4 (out of 5), meaning “high”. Today I was taking a stroll through the city. Barely knew we had cops before, but today I saw them everywhere. Very strange feeling.

Fuck, that’s shit.

Cali/dog meeting went exceptionally — much sniffing, one hiss accompanied by going back down a few stairs. Seemed much more like “this is my basement fucker!” than fear or actual aggression (she’s not afraid of him, they shared the yard for months, he always barked while she cleaned herself ignoring him, she’s a very cat cat)

I’m glad that it’s going well, kitty meeting excepted. But at least you’ve gotten that meeting out of the way!

Yeah, I forgot about kitty diseases. You do need to get her checked out.

And water. She needs to have water nearby at all times, even though it might seem that she never drinks it.

All best wishes.

Kat — don’t worry, water is readily available right by her food, same tap water we were putting out for her before she came in (same food too). I got used to that with Darwin where it’s super important — dessert tortoises won’t “go” if they aren’t positive they can replenish the lost fluids, it’s a double edged sword survival mechanism. Reminds me, he needs a bath, he doesn’t tend to soak in his water dish.

@Argenti Aertheri
Good work, kitty dad! I hope the little bundle of fur sleeps tight and makes some new animal friends. But if the animals never become really friendly, they’ll probably learn to tolerate each other. Our cats who weren’t litter mates only tolerate each other. I was less happy with this situation until a vet pointed out that any animal companionship keeps animals stimulated, which is a good thing.

Ick. It’s no fun encountering so many cops on a simple stroll.

Your situation in Europe reminds me of 9/11. That same morning I went to the grocery store to stock up. (You never know.) I saw only only a few people on the streets of my small city, and one of them happened to be a semifamous playwright talking on his cell. Then I got to the store, and the atmosphere was very subdued. I was just trying to hold it together emotionally. As far as I — and the rest of the world knew — the terrorists were going to bomb lots of places in the USA that morning. Then I heard someone laugh, and I kind of remembered that I was a human being and that I had a range of responses to situations. I felt better after that.

All best wishes.


Many people have made that comparison, although I would imagine the shock of 9/11 was much worse (at least for those of us who don’t actually live in Paris of even France). There’s no specific reason to believe we will be attacked over here right now, but it’s weird how people are suddenly suspicious and aware. I went out a lot this week and I actually think there were fewer people on the trams than normal.


Sweden, like SFHC said. From what I read the situation is 10x worse in Brussels right now. And no, I didn’t go see a doctor yet. Working on it. :p


So sweet that you remember. 🙂 And you’re Australian.

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