Women love creepy stalkers, and other insights from “The Females’ Harem of 6 Types of Men”


I found this insightful manosphere graphic on the Blue Pill Subreddit; it seems to have originally come from a blog called “Females exposed.” 

I hope all the women reading this will see this as the challenge that it is: Gotta Catch ’em All!

Click the pic for a much larger and far more readable version.

Oh, and if you’re wondering how many types of women — er, “females” — there are, apparently there is only one, at least according to Females exposed.



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Hi, I don’t mean to pile on Virtually but I’ve been following the breadcrumbs through different threads as well.

I was particularly bothered during a conversation on BDSM, in which they answered my post ignoring half of what I wrote (so they could “agree” with me on the “bad” parts) and then completely disengaged when I called them out on it.

It was surely annoying, rude, and kind of childish, but I let it go because hey, it’s the internet after all.

I believe Virtually deserves a chance to apologize and explain themselves, and mend their ways a bit, if so they wish.

If they want to keep posting without any acknowledgement of this, I wouldn’t mind seeing them go, since it’s probably going to get worse over time. I have no hurry about it, though.

The pattern I see with Muslim immigrants and refugees here is that the men want to (or, frankly, have to) get a job as a truck driver, bus driver, delivery guy, construction worker, etc, and the women want to study and get a career. In many cases this hasn’t been an option previously. Obviously, some still want to stay home with the kids (especially if they’re already a bit older), but I would say the majority are eager to learn the language, get an education, and get to work.

It’s funny how that varies from area to area.

Every prime-age (not elderly) adult Muslim that I know is in tech or medicine (or is still in school for one of those), excepting the mother of my daughter’s best friend. She’s an absolutely lovely homemaker but quite shy about her lack of education – she’s from Afghanistan and is illiterate. She kept making apologies for that and for her English until I said, “Your children know how to read – that’s the part that you’ve been able to really influence – and your English is a heck of a lot better than my Pashto!”
I just so love her daughter (my daughter’s friend) – she’s a huge geek who comes to our house to watch Doctor Who and Sherlock (we do get her parents approval for everything we show her – they’re religious but not terribly conservative). We’ve done our part by introducing her The Princess Bride and lending her our copies of the new Ms Marvel comics ^_^


I miss my daughter’s friend.

We haven’t seen her for a bit because my daughter’s been grounded for pretty much the whole school year for one thing or another. Early puberty’s a fun time.

Alright, How can I sign up for a Harem like this? Should I also buy a mini skirt like that? I´d love to catch up on what I obviously have missed on being a feeemale.

Thanks for pointing me to the creepy stuff Virtually has been doing, everyone (really!). I hadn’t noticed any of that, but it certainly is a pattern.

I don’t buy into the “Personal experiences” excuse for racism; it’s lazy-ass thinking

but this is at the core of what I’m trying to say: how can we, as humans, ever hope to understand another person if not through their personal experiences, and by interpreting the language that they use to describe them? This basic, human failure to fully understand another person is exactly the thing that political language tries to exploit in order to get people to categorize others, and to disagree where otherwise they might agree.

I would let this point go, if I didn’t believe that it is extremely important, and not just in the context of politics and immigration. I’m also talking about the importance of this idea to the purpose of this very blog, and what we would all wish to agree upon as what that purpose is. Am I making sense? (not a rhetorical question)

also no intention for it to be a condescending question, or any other thing. You might say I’m just trying to understand what you are saying 🙂

@Scented fucking hard chair, Katz and EJ
I thought it was a well-known fact that Virtually is a troll, as I have seen him/her being called out on casually racist comments. I also may have misinterpreted her/his comments in this thread, especially the one directed to me. I interpreted it as sarcasm, and this “false rape claim” subject is something I really am sensitive about, especially coming from someone I thought was not a feminist.
Well, I have been fragile about everything lately, so don’t you mind if I make a little drama now and then. The problem is not anyone here, it’s me.
If Virtually is just a feminist who was making a joke I didn’t understand and has a little bit to learn about intersectionality, I don’t mind, after all, we’ve all been there. But if a troll comes here and comes to me directly talking about false rape claims, I will ask for his head or rip it off myself, hahaha.
I am sorry for my thin skin. I will stay, I love you guys <3 But be aware I'm an emotional bomb at the moment.
BTW, the thing with my boyfriend didn't work. He still thinks Europe should stop receiving Muslims, I still think punishing people not for committed crimes but for their country of origin is called Xenophobia, and my people die from it everyday. He chose not to talk to me today, but I think everything will be fine tomorrow. Thanks for the help. But his head is just thick and the fact he worked at refugee camps and saw men doing terrible things there doesn't help.

“though not really against Mid-Easterners, but people of romani descent”

Are you talking about “gypsies”? Isn’t it thought they are of South Asian, specifically Indian descent? I find that fascinating considering my background. Also I was amazed when I met some in Europe that they had some similar beliefs, customs. Like they had managed to hold onto and pass on some Hinduism through the generations.


I wonder…
Is having two hands considered as having a harem, for somes ?

Have a nice day.

One more thing that bothers me about the idea of friendzoning/women using their male friends as “emotional tampons…”

In addition to providing emotional support for one another being a traditional component of friendship, I’ve noticed personally that whenever I’ve had a male friend who was romantically interested in me, I ended up being his, er, “emotional tampon.” He’d confide in me all of the time about his past problems with women, with his other friends, with school or work, and with life in general. In fact, we’d spend so much time on his emotional problems that any time I tried to bring up stuff that was going on in my life that was bothering me, I got bulldozed by more of his problems, which were more important than mine. I didn’t keep them as friends to use for emotional support or for validation. I kept them as friends either because I felt sorry for them and thought that I was one of the few people who was there for them or because they were likable people otherwise.

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