Another mass shooting on college campus: 10 reported killed at Umqua Community College in Oregon


UPDATE: The shooter apparently posted his intentions on 4chan yesterday; see my post here for more details.

What the media is reporting so far:

  • A man opened fire in a multiple classrooms in the science building at Umpqua Community College in Roseburg, Oregon
  • 10 have been killed; 20 have been injured. One report claimed 15 dead, but that seems to have been erroneous
  • The alleged shooter is apparently in custody or otherwise “neutralized”
  • Police know who the shooter is; he apparently posted on social media earlier today about what he was planning to do
  • Police are still searching the campus in case the shooter had an accomplice

This is what is being reported; it hasn’t all been confirmed.

For the latest news coverage, see here. Please post any seemingly reliable information you find out about the shooting in the comments below

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This is horrible… I wish I could be glad there aren’t (known) mass shooter here, but I’m not. This is too horrible.

I’m so sorry for the victims and families, and I’ll stop writing before violence overcomes me 🙁

Oh fucking hell… David, he posted about it on 4Chan (TW: 4Chan archive link). The thread’s all about the “Beta uprising;” the shooter didn’t confirm that he’s an MRA, but he didn’t deny it either. (Unless I missed something, 4Chan threads are always a mess.) I think it was exactly what we’re all dreading.


To the families and friends of the victims: I’m so sorry for your loss. The circumstances of their deaths are particularly sad.

They knew. And they encouraged him – advised him on the best type of ammunition to use and the best targets. And it’s all a big joke to them – it’s not real, the only worry is that the “libcucks” get more fuel to say that this is wrong.

Fuck me.

I’ve lived here nine years now… I need to get out of America.

Oh lordie. I am so sorry.

There are rolling updates here:


It cites a statement by a group called Everytown for Gun Safety.

As the world is being destroyed by the hyper-yang-death-frenzy of uninitiated Mars, so it is redeemed by Venus: acts of Dedicated Beauty, guiding Mars to the true heroism of husbandry.
–Caroline Casey, astrologer, host of “The Visionary Activist,” Pacifica Radio

My sympathies to the families of the victims, and I hope that they’re in a better place. And my sympathies to the family of the shooter. They didn’t deserve this either, and now they’ll be branded for the rest of their lives because of it.

My thoughts and prayers to all those affected by this tragedy. The families, friends, students, faculty, and those reminded of their own similar tragedies.

To those who shouted encouragement to the shooter from the sidelines, I can’t even articulate my thoughts. I hope you never have to be on the receiving end of that kind of devastation, and at the same time if I could set up a VR machine I think that an appropriate punishment for you would be to be placed in the role of a devastated family member, and have your loved ones read out to you all the things you said to egg the shooter on. How dare you play games with people’s lives on the line? Are you so disconnected from your own humanity??

I don’t see the commenters on 4chan being “ironic” or making offensive jokes in bad taste. It seems more like they were encouraging him or they didn’t care whether he killed anyone (except perhaps if that would bring negative publicity to 4chan).

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