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We Hunted the Mammoth 2.0 is coming! Add your suggestions for improvements.

Hard at work, or hardly working?
Hard at work, or hardly working?

We’re working behind the scenes to bring you a new, improved We Hunted the Mammoth — at least as far as the design of the site goes. As I think I mentioned earlier, I’m not doing anything radical. The aim is to streamline and declutter the site and to make it easier to navigate and use.

Here’s what to expect:

  • Less-cluttered sidebar
  • Less-cluttered main bar
  • Cleaner, clearer design overall
  • Better navigation between pages of comments
  • Buttons so you can blockquote, etc without HTML in comments. No more need to fear the blockquote monster!

Someone also suggested it would be better to do “nofollow” links for MRA sites rather than using donotlink, so I’ll be doing that.

I will now be able to use WordPress plugins, so I can add other features/options as well. I don’t want to add them willy nilly, but if they can add some useful functionality without cluttering stuff up I’m open to suggestions.

Any other features/plugins you want added? Upvotes and downvotes for comments perhaps? Polls in the sidebar?

Any stuff that gets in the way that you want moved or removed?

Any issue that you have with the design or functionality of the blog now that you think could be improved?

Let me know what you think, from your feelings about font size to possible WordPress plugins to look at.

Oh, and again: this redesign is costing me some $$, so if you’re a fan of the site and haven’t already donated, please consider donating through the PayPal button below. Thanks!


137 replies on “We Hunted the Mammoth 2.0 is coming! Add your suggestions for improvements.”

Viscaria, yeah, WP really fucked up by not blocking those malicious ads faster. The main ad platform I intend to use shouldn’t have that issue ever (fingers crossed).

I’m thinking of using a tabbed widget to save space and offer people different ways to keep track of recent comments and posts. Would something like this be helpful to you all? (scroll down a bit to see what it looks like on a web page)

Or this one (you can see a live demo in the sidebar here).


Yeah, that’s fair. Like I said, it’s how I use the thing.


Tabbing would be nice regardless. Freethoughtblogs uses a similar widget for recent comments and posts.

For those wanting to be able to edit things, maybe a forced preview, such as operates on Making Light and, might work (you’re required to preview your comment before you can post it, which gives a chance to spot and fix the points where the tyop unfairy visited your posting, and also gives you an idea of how your post is going to look on the site once you’ve actually posted it).

I’m another voice arguing against any sort of up-vote/down-vote system – they’re too easily exploited by the sort of hyper-competitive mindset which is out to score points rather than actually contribute to a discussion.

Definitely in favour of numbered comments given a lack of threading – if you have numbered comments, it is a lot easier to point out which comment you’re replying to, and give people a sense of where the discussion is going (plus it also means it’s easier to spot cases of ninja-ing along the way).

Any forced preview should also come with a large and obvious link to the Comments policy.

Please please please DON’T BREAK MOBILE. Your original post show no mention of mobile interface, and the interface is fine, please don’t carelessly change the desktop interface without checking that mobile is fine.

I always come here on mobile, I don’t even know what the desktop interface looks like.

Two things :
One more chime-in in favor of numbered comments.

Whenever you update the store, don’t get rid of all the old designs. I need a cock carousel shirt but won’t be able to afford one till hubby gets a job. Also, take Paradoxy up on her offer, she’s got great designs.
Okay, three things.

I often read through old articles just for the lols of it, but I have a feeling that the recommended posts that pop up on the most recent posts are often the same ones. I’d love to have more handy links to click to read more on similar idiocy or to see fewer of what must be the most popular ones?

But if that can’t be done I’m fine clicking random months in the archive and seeing where that takes me.

Hmm. I’ll think about better ways to highlight older posts. (There are certainly plenty to choose from.)

Does anyone ever use the category list to do that? I’m thinking I should just get rid of that.

Might as well pick nits while I’m here… Either get rid of the tag cloud or make the font sizes the same. I know the random font sizes is sort of the point of a tag cloud, but they always annoy the hell out of me. >.>

If I keep it I’ll try to make it look better, but I think I’m just going to get rid of it.

Wow, I thought donotlink did a little more than just making a nofollow link. It’s a little worrying that the garbage people would have got our IP addresses helpfully marked with WHTM as a referrer.


Christ, you married a total beta, didn’t you? Ya can’t even buy your own misandrous shirts? No, your poor beta hubby has to do it for you, because no real alpha would buy them for you. Misandry! That’s misandry! I’m pretty sure, somehow…

[This post may involve sarcasm.]

If the comments are numbered, does that mean the numbers will change when a new poster is let out of moderation, or when an egregiously policy-breaking comment has to be removed in its entirety? That would mean anyone referring to a comment by number (rather than permalink) risks having the reference broken later.

Speaking of which, can posts that have been held in moderation somehow indicate both when they were posted and when they were published? eg. having them appear in the thread at the time they were let out, but with the original posting timestamp, would stop drive-bys from going ignored on the previous page.

This is unsolicited and probably not needed, but I’m a professional web developer who’d love to donate some hours if you ever need help. I can provide whatever info to show I’m not a secret mra plant and my intentions are honest – I’m just scared of putting my real name bc of harassment from /r/kia.

Oh, Rabid Rabbit, you have NO idea! He’s also a total SJW mangina who’s always wanting to get my opinion on things and talk about feels and stuff.

Not a new thing, but the sidebar seems to be cut off partway: it used to display links labeled “Misandry Central” and “Misogyny Central,” but now it ends in the middle of “Misandry Central.” At first I thought it was just my machine, but it I’ve noticed it on another too.

If you go for edits, include a mandatory explanation of changes or a “see recent changes,” sort of like on Facebook?

Also, I vote more of an @ system for the comments section. Replies are everywhere and it’s difficult to follow.

+37 to more kitties

If you want to highlight old posts, you could occasionally do a “greatest hits” day or post a rerun (clearly labeled). That would also give you an occasional day off.

Rabid Rabbit | August 25, 2015 at 7:56 pm
Any forced preview should also come with a large and obvious link to the Comments policy.


No more excuses!

Hambeast, Social Justice Road Warrior | August 26, 2015 at 2:36 am
Also, take Paradoxy up on her offer, she’s got great designs.
Okay, three things.

Bless your face. You’re awesome.

(Was it you that made a recent purchase from my store?)

… Is anybody else suddenly getting a button at the bottom that says “Follow” that follows you (irony) up and down the page? Is that supposed to be there?

Scented Fucking Hard Chairs | August 26, 2015 at 1:16 pm
… Is anybody else suddenly getting a button at the bottom that says “Follow” that follows you (irony) up and down the page? Is that supposed to be there?

I’m getting that too, whenever I comment on a page. I think it’s a WordPress thing because I follow the blog maybe?

@David, are you switching to .org? YAY!!!

Install iThemes Security. Best security plugin out there, I install on all client sites and it’s a huge help. You can get by just fine with the free version, IMO, though I use the pro. (Happy to donate the use of my unlimited license to you, if you like)

Also, BackupBuddy by the same folks is great for regular, automated backups and easy reinstalls, if required. It costs, but again I’d be happy to donate it to you if you like. Hell, I’ll donate myself – I do a monthly maintenance/security package for clients for $100/month, and would happily donate that to you so you can focus on writing/researching and not have to worry about the tech stuff at all. I’ll email you.

(Just thinking about possible attacks here… even my clients, who do nothing controversial at all, have been hacked or hit with DDOS and the 2 plugins above have saved their bacon,, and mine)

I nth no comment threading and no edits. Typos are not a big deal, and I like having to think about what I’m saying before I hit post.

Being able to quickly get to the first page of the comment thread would be great – I usually go to the url and change it so I get there without having to click click click, but easier access would, well, be easier.

I notice Recent Posts and Most Popular Posts are often the same/similar, so just using one would likely suffice – a tabbed interface for seeing Recent Posts, Recent Comments etc would be handy.

If there is a way to keep better track of new comments, that’s always a good thing… threads get necro’d or comments get added, but often get buried under newer comments in the sidebar Recent Comments. Managing comments is hard 🙂 I can subscribe to comments in my Feedly, but that’s all of them and a bit hard to manage – if we could subscribe to/follow certain threads, that would be awesome (I guess we can now via email?).

Ooh, also being able to get to the next/previous post from below the comments would be handy! Not necessary, but handy!

Thanks everyone!

Oh, and that “follow” thing must be a new thing; I’m getting a similar message that says “customize, edit” because I’m signed in on my own blog.

Tracy: Thanks! And yes, we can do it: we’ll have a link to previous/next posts at the bottom!

The ideas about recent comments are good as sometimes I miss the necro comments which make interesting, if sometimes harrowing, reading.

Also up voting and down voting is something which may cause ill feeling.

@ Paradoxical Intention

I made the recent purchase from your store, Love the Pokemon types and Teddy from Persona 4.

smithshadow | August 26, 2015 at 11:15 pm
@ Paradoxical Intention
I made the recent purchase from your store, Love the Pokemon types and Teddy from Persona 4.

Oh, sweet! Thank you very much for purchasing from my store, and I’m glad you like the designs!

I got the manufacturing receipt a week ago, so please let me know when you get your order! I would also like to know what the quality of the products are as well, because I have minimal experience with RedBubble’s quality (It’s always been good for me), and I don’t know how their new products turn out. : /

I’m sorry if this has already been mentioned David, and it’s not strictly related to improving the site, but did you ever find out what the issue was with some people’s (attempted) donations being backed a while ago? I’ve tried to donate once or twice since then and each time I’ve had an email after a while telling me that it was unsuccessful but without any obvious explanation for why. I’ve tried both a one off donation and setting up a standing order kind of thing but neither have worked. It’s just a shame because I’d love to throw a few quid your way here and there.

Other than that, no complaints! Keep it up!

YES to previewing comments before posting. This shows up any html errors and seeing the comment in a new box with different shading makes it easier to read ‘with fresh eyes’ and catch typos and such; definitely a good alternative to allowing edits after posting.

Also it would be great to have threads so when someone is replying to a comment, there’s no need to blockquote and the discussions are far easier to follow.

Amy, no I haven’t figured out what’s been going on, alas. It usually seems to happen with monthly donations, Thanks for letting me know.

Joe, yeah, the new design will work fine on all devices.

– Definitely agree with others on improved pagination on comments. Please also if possible include an ability to select how we prefer to see comments appear in that pagination (latest comment as first or traditional timeline)

– Reduction in the “around the web” style ads that seem to appear frequently on the mobile version. They are some that are really bad for this site (lots are body shaming images). Same for the ads on iOS that automatically launch the app store.

– Direct reply for individual comments where it automatically includes the person’s name and quote

– For recent comments: A few wordpress sites I follow make the first few words of the comment visible in their “recent comments” section instead of what post they are replying to. Makes it a bit easier to scan for the general idea of the current thread going on to see if it is interesting to jump back in.

I would also LOVE to see a “who’s who” section added, kind of like the glossary but with the person’s name and a brief description with links to the tag/category for that person (as a writer, I’d volunteer to help set that up, but I’m one of the readers who consistently needs it XD).

From a buisness standpoint, I’d say keep both recent and popular post sections simply because they’re not always the same and, depending on how the popular post section’s algorithm works, it will show older posts that newer readers might not otherwise see.

May I suggest disqus as a replacement for the comments section? Some people don’t like it, but I personally do since you can set up your own profile through disqus and it works across any blog that uses disqus. That would take care of both the issues with comments and the username idea that a few people have brought up. Also, if you have an account with disqus it will email you when someone replies to/quotes your comment so you can keep up with the discussion.

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