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Totally authentic and not at all fake leaked footage from The Sarkeesian Effect documentary

Some amazing leaked footage from The Sarkeesian Effect project. Weirdly, both Davis Aurini and Jordan Owen seem to have grown full beards and started talking with some sort of fancy British/Aussie/New Zealand accents.

CONTENT NOTE: Video contains not only poor lighting, a bathtub rant, and Davis Aurini laughing but also some in-character gaslighting and rape advocacy.

H/T — Everyone who sent me a link to this one.

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That was hilarious. I do wonder if it is just parody after watching Aurini and Owen’s video or if those are actual quotes from those two. I am curious but I am not spending my time to watch Aurini and Owen’s videos.

HAHA wow I’m so glad I watched that. They sound like Australians or maybe New Zealanders to me (I have a hard time telling the difference >.< especially when they're trying to sound American).

Anita Sarkeesian invented Tumblr! Amazing.

Needs more skulls.

OMG, my boyfriend bought two of these glasses the other day and I immediately thought of the fucknugget duo and their prop skulls and burst out laughing. I had to reassure my confused boyfriend that I liked the glasses and was just laughing at something else.

They look super cool filled with whiskey, or some kind of brightly colored liquor would also work well.

You know it’s a fake video because of the distinct lack of watermark background skulls that litter the original.

Ha! Oh man, between Matt Lees, that hilarious “Measured Response” video, and now this, guys with English/Australian accents have been *killing* it with the Sarkeesian Effect parodies.

Oh god the dramatic sigh he starts the Jorden Owen part with gets me every time. I’m dying.

That is the best Aurini/Owen video evah! Kudos to Shamus Davis — the Aurini impression is creepily awesome.

Yep, he sounds Aussie to me. New Zealanders swallow their vowels, the difference is really noticeable when you know what to listen for.


“We’ve spent the last five months travelling all around America, interviewing both sides of the argument: Both men’s rights activists and pickup artists.” LOL! Awesome stuff.

The parody made me reconsider the original… does Davis Aurini have fake teeth? A bridge? Full dentures? It would explain his strange mouth movements and pauses to show off the work he’s had done.

Video creator here. Confirmed Australian. If I was able to find a toy skull, I planned on buying a dozen of them and putting them all around the place. But I couldn’t find any, and it’s probably a good thing because then I would own a dozen skulls. Glad you guys enjoyed it. David, I’m a big fan.

Well done, Occam, this is amazing in so many ways πŸ™‚ I lost it during the very first few seconds with not-Owen’s glower into the camera, the annoyed sigh and fiddling with his hair. The Aurini segments shot in near total darkness are… outright creepy in their accuracy.

@Occam’s Nightmare:
You rock! Thank you so, so much for such excellent satire!

I think I peed a little…

Off-center framing… atrocious lighting… hotdog eating in the bathtub… I love it!

“More competent and well put together than anything the actual Jordan and Davis could pull off.” ~Some SJW

Four and a half skulls out of five on the Sarkeesian Effect scale from this reviewer!

Sounded Australian to me. Australians are utterly unable to do American accents, but keep trying!

The guy who plays the Mentalist is Australian and he always fooled me until I saw him on one of the late night shows.

OMG, they both sound like Aussie Elmer Fudd. When Aweenie — sorry, “Aurini” — talks about “cowwective wape”, I nearly peed myself waffing — er, laughing.

The hot dog in the bathtub was another delicious touch.

So the real “Sarkeesian Effect” video is to feminism what Jonah Goldberg’s “Liberal Fascism” is to liberalism, atheism, pacifism, Cultural Marxism … and feminism.

9/10 – hilarious, would (Will!) watch again. Point deducted for inaccurate lack of skulls.

Seriously though, I just gigglesnorted loud enough to freak out the cat.

The Jordan Owen scowl and woodenness is dead-on. I can’t stop watching. Fantastic job, Occam’s_Nighmare!

This is gold. Everything about this is gold. Everyone involved with this is gold. CAN’T. STOP. LAUGHING.

Is it weird that I kind of hope Owen’s okay, though? o.O LOOK OUT HE’S BEHIND YOU!!

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