Off-topic Poetry Korner: Don't Make Me Ralph


Sometimes, when going through the mod filter here, I run across a bit of spam so wondrous I feel the need to share it with the world.

So here is a lovely little poem I got today, from an obscure poet named Ralph Lauren Sale.

On Sundays and holidays, paddleboats reveal to visitors
a unique view of everything one of the most beautiful Rio postcards
can offer. The banks of the lagoon contain one of
the best equipped leisure areas in the city and invite the visitor
to go walking, jogging or cycling on bicycles hired on the spot.

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It brings a tear to my eyes.

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Since we’re OT I’m going to do some shameless self-promotion of my new tumblr – Where’s the cat at? where I photoshop pics of cats into other pics of places they weren’t.

Quite a few mammotheers have sent their cats on adventures, but I need more kitties. So if you want to pop over to the tumblr and submit your kitty, that would be awesome. Then your cat could be famous on the internet* just like Weirwoodtreehugger’s cat.

*famous for very low values of fame.

Wow, I love the brutal interruption of the narrative mid-sentenceβ€”and then the enigmatic litany in the last stanza. Powerful stuff. Thanks for sharing.

It is kitteh, well spotted!

Citizen Justin – did she invent the one special trick? Or does she just use it to work from home?

skiriki – Your kitty is lovely and I already have an idea of where he will go.

The pic of Frankie has taken off. Over 200 notes. I know that’s not huge in he greater scheme of things but it’s a lot for me. πŸ™‚

So I think the takeaway from it is, there is popular support for giant cats being sent to destroy monuments.

Popping off to look at your Tumblr again now. Thanks to you and David, I got a note from Tumblr that I have upvoted at least 50 post-things. πŸ™‚

Go Frankie! He was in a shelter for four whole years before my mom adopted him because he’s timid and nobody wanted a really jumpy cat. Glad to see in his middle age he’s finally getting some love thanks to Kim’s photoshopping skills!

I think it is cumulative. I only have three or four hundred followers but something I said a year ago has seventeen thousand notes at last count. Things go round and round in ever widening circles.

I could be one of your followers too, thebewilderness, if you tell me your Tumblr blog name thing (I do technical definitions good).

If you don’t want to mention it here, David, Kitteh, and Emily have my email address.

Sometimes I use thebewilderness and other times tehbewilderness cuz I want to be sure everyone knows when I am wearing a sock. On Tumblr I use teh.

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