#gamergate drama kings memes whaaaaa?

Completely Inexplicable #GamerGate Meme of the Day

Wait, what?
Wait, what?

Found on the Twitter. Here.

And a couple bonus pics that aren’t quite as inexplicable, but which are pretty ridiculous. From here and here. #WinningHeartsAndMinds #YesDudesImSureYoureAsBraveAsThatChineseGuyWhoStoodInFrontOfTheTanks

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When I think of the real Tank Guy’s bravery, it still brings tears to my eyes. He and Rosa Parks are two people YOU DO NOT COMPARE YOURSELF TO unless you want to be dismissed as a blowhard with no sense of proportion.

The real Tank Guy was partially responsible for my political awakening as a teenager. These fools aren’t fit to polish his shoes.

From what I’ve heard, Tank Guy disappeared shortly thereafter and was probably murdered by the state.

Because that’s exactly what GGers are facing here! Literal murder!

Freemage, not British but believe twat is an idiomatic insult there, as is cunt.

They’re not the nuclear option of swear words over there like they are here in the States, and they’re not applied solely to women. They’re about equivalent to “prick” or “asshole”. For what that’s worth.

British feminists do not generally onsider it to be OK to use those words just because they’re sometimes applied to men, btw. It should not be all that difficult to figure out why.

Is it meant to be a variant on “In Soviet Russia, [subject] [verb] you”, mis-remembered, stretched, and pasted onto an irrelevant image?

So when the MRAs go on about hypergamous women, what they’re actually talking about is women who, ah, are super rabid about gaming?

Almost sounds like all of gg, if men could be included too.

@ Cassandrakitty – Oh, not at all. But, taking it as given that it’s better not to use genitals as insults at all, I can’t help but wonder if “all pelvic organs are synonyms for obnoxious” isn’t a lesser evil than “female genitalia shall be reserved as a special insult for women, used to imply that they are nothing but their holes”.

Again, not arguing for a second that either is okay.

Uh-oh. Memes that make no sense? Check. Weirdly militaristic rhetoric and imagery? Check. Making up nonsense words co-opted (incorrectly) from actual language oppressed people use to discuss oppression? Check. Overblown “Us vs. Them” complex, where “them” is a vast faceless cabal that has somehow been wielding unimaginable power behind the scenes for years without anyone noticing? Check.

#GamerGate is officially the Men’s Rights Bowel Movement of games, and I imagine it’s going to go in exactly the same direction in terms of its internet status. People will lose interest, anyone with half an ounce of empathy or reason will jump ship, leaving only the most intellectually and morally bankrupt gaters seething away in their forums and on their hashtags, growing more and more incoherent and irrelevant, and occasionally venturing forth to harass individual women in the name of their “cause”.

Making soup out of miso is against nature’s food roles. It is your hatred and vitriol of the miso identity that makes you make soup of it.

…I am so tired of oracle over on the other thread, if you didn’t guess… he is much more entertaining if you replace “masculinity” with “miso soup.”


Oh, have any of you got any good recipes for miso? The store-bought stuff I find isn’t usually that great.

What? Seriously, what?

I have no idea what that first thing is about. Misogamy is NOT A THING.

And comparing themselves to that brave man is just wrong on so many levels.

Where is my even? I need to can’t it.


Also, doesn’t this mean that MGTOW are misogamists? Oh dear, looks like gamergate has to oppose them too.

Yeeeaaaahhhhh. I don’t think they’ll take you up on that. We can wish, though.

After all these years, those Men Going Their Own Way STILL have not gone!

It reminds me of Pirates of Penzance, when the police are singing their song, “Forward on the Foe.”

“We go! We go! Yes, forward on the foe!”

“Yes, but but you don’t go!”

“We go! We go! Yes, forward… on the foe!”

“Damn it, they don’t GO!”

“We go! We go!”

But then, in the end, “Yes, yes, we really, really, reaaalllllyyyyy goooooo!” And then they actually do go.

So, perhaps, if everyone sings enough, the MGTOW will finally make their exit.

Now I’m imagining Anton Jr singing “I hear the rains down in Africa” to his pet skull. Thanks a lot!

Now imagine him staring lovingly into its eye sockets as he croons “Roseanna, Roseanna”.

The Tienanmen Square comic is a joke, right?

No one is really making that comparison.

They couldn’t be.

It’s so lovely that they compare a knee-jerk opposition to more diversity in video games to someone who risked (and probably gave) their life protesting a brutal and oppressive regime.

Oh wait, no it’s not. It’s disgusting and disrespectful.

Ludophobia would have worked.
I really do not understand why the assorted bigoted garbage heaps have such severe issues with language, it is one of their stranger traits

Michelle, that’s a good thought but I was thinking of Jordan Owen as Toto.
The site with belts video was so incredibly irritating, like a jumpy little dog.

No offense to dogs in general but you get the idea. I love dogs.

I can’t stress enough that these are the same assholes that mock Tumblr relentlessly for being too dramatic.

Thought: Is their tendency to use unnecessarily long YouTube videos instead of written articles a symptom of the previously mentioned language problems?

Can’t we just send the flying monkey instead? Let them touch him, I’m not going to.

Also, they’re passing around one with every video game character pasted into it with an inspiration poster caption like “Games are diverse already” or some bullshit. Hilariously they’re still hella white.

But it’d be better to have one arranged like a timeline with the caption “Aren’t games diverse enough already?!” under the sea of still white characters.

It’s even more insulting that the tank/Tianamen Square comic is a crudely edited Pablo Stanley comic (its ‘creator’ didn’t even bother to match the font for the new text) – they didn’t even drum up the creativity to draw their own!

If there’s one thing I’ve learned lurking on 8chan lately it’s that these dunces sincerely believe they’re at war with the forces of cultural Marxism.

There was a great thread where they debate the merits of adopting the flag of the Spanish fascist regime as their official flag.

@A Wolverine

I don’t think it’s “language problems” as much as it is that they are people who invest their identity into vacuous skinner-box entertainment. The written word is anathema to their short attention spans.

P.S. this implies that these are the people who ruined games until the indie revolution.

“adopting the flag of the Spanish fascist regime.”

oh, please, please, please…
” In related news, Francisco Franco is still dead.”

That doesn’t really account for the tendency of the non gamer MRA/Racists/Other assorted trash doing the exact same BAD AT WORDS (poor comprehension, endless YouTube videos being considered better than written articles that can be more quickly read, purple prose when they do actually write, the cargo cult like use of feminist/social justice language, the mra double dot ellipsis ) stuff though.

A theory on that first one.

A lot of the 8channers seem to think feminism is about getting “butthurt” (in their idiom, disproportionately wounded and outraged) over relatively trivial things. Their definition of “trivial” is, well, I think WHTM does a pretty good job of discussing how manosphericals minimise anything that causes women harm or distress.

Being the mature, analytical people they are, I’m guessing the channers thought it’d be hilarious to equate the life rings being inflated en masse in that pic with haemorrhoid pillows. The implication being preparations for a mass casualty disaster of “butthurt”, I presume.

Or in other words, the assholes are once again showing that This Totally Isn’t About Sexist Bullshit, Not At All by implying that women who oppose GG are “hysterical”.

See also:
* Monogamy: playing one game at a time until completion.
* Bigamy: starting a second game before finishing the first.
* Polygamy: having multiple games on the go at once.
* Hypergamy: speedrunning.

The real Tank Guy was partially responsible for my political awakening as a teenager. These fools aren’t fit to polish his shoes.

I had no political awakening, but seconded about the real man. Someone incredibly brave and risking his life, and these scum dare use his image? That didn’t make me laugh, it made me coldly angry.

OH SHIT you can get hon dashi granules on Amazon! Hooray! Miso soup is in my future again!

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