#GamerGate in 35 Seconds

Meanwhile, Zoe Quinn offered a somewhat more coherent take on the subject on MSNBC today.

H/T — for tweeting that first video.

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This is GamerGate:

Last night I was watching that Louis C.K. special while my laptop was open to some gamerbro saying, “Zoe didn’t even make the game she made, she had sex with two guys and got them to make it for her, EDUCATE YOURSELF,” and I went, fuck this, Pig Newtons are a more productive argument.

Even better than the truck, as a linked video I got this.

It’s like YouTube just knows me or something. Also the cat makes a lot more sense than any of the gamergate dudes.

@Shaenon: What? How exactly did it change from “she cheated on a man” to “she had sex for a good review” to “she had sex to have a game made for her?” Just how much are they going to continue to making shit up without evidence?

For the video to be truly representative of GamerGate, there should have been at least one decipherable yell of “WHORES”.

Otherwise, spot on.

Oh wow, thanks Jaspers. That one female game developer says she hasn’t been harassed completely disproves all the harassment and threats that have been a key part of gamergate since it started. Newsflash: this is anecdote. It isn’t usable as a statistic to generalise from. How coincidental that the AMA was for a female developer (not sure if she actually is one, she said she manages a team of programmers, so YMMV re definition of developer) who fucking supports gamergate.

Just like one female CEO exposes the myth of the glass ceiling for women.

Thanks for trying to play. 1/10 for participation.

Yeah Jaspers, for anybody who’s actually watched this crap unfold for two months a single AMA means very little in the face of:
– dozens (hundreds?) of women tweeting to #StopGamerGate2014 talking about how scared they are to be in the industry, consider entering the industry, or parents talking about how GG has made them worried about their daughters going into the industry
– the hundreds of women who’ve been harassed by troll brigades for saying “you know, the people who are saying the industry has sexism problems aren’t entirely wrong”
– Brianna Wu. Zoe Quinn. Anita Sarkeesian. I shouldn’t even need to explain.
– the way all the “journalistic ethics” ideas in GG are splintered six ways to Sunday but the anti-feminist sentiment is a uniting theme (and IDGAF if they manage to find one or two “feminists” who’ll turn a blind eye to the harassment to be held up as trophies by the movement, the 8chan/Reddit rallying points are dripping with contempt for feminism – I mean FFS you’re linking to KiA)

Nice try.

Ten bucks says the “Female dev” in Jaspers’ link is a sockpuppet anyway. Every single other #NotYourShield I can think of has been.

The AMA includes groundbreaking new anti-feminist arguments such as

I have never been mistreated for being a woman.

Also victim-blaming:

This is a girl straight out of high school, in college to do what she loves, and these people are literally scaring the crap out of her and making her second guess her career choice.

…where “these people” doesn’t mean the people doxxing, threatening and harassing, but the people complaining about being doxxed, threatened and harassed.

She goes on to state that she’s anti-feminist and a fan of Christina H Sommers. Wait, I thought Sommers was the one GamerGate-approved feminist?

Would I be correct in assuming that today’s influx of half-assed trolls is a result of JB screaming at David during her breakdown yesterday?


Why is it that so long as they confirm your world view, just one single person’s experiences are worth more than the experiences of hundreds of women?

I am a woman who has worked in games for seven years. I am absolutely opposed to #GamerGate and anyone who supports it. It is a hate group. It has chased numerous women out of the industry, and if you don’t know that already, you are embarrassingly ignorant of the things you support. Is there a reason you are doing everything humanly possible to ruin my craft? Because plenty of game devs I know, men and women, have lamented that #GamerGate is making them not want to be devs any more. Why make games for an audience that’s so awful? We want to speak out against you all. But unlike the chill girls who tow your party line, we would be risking having our families threatened and our employers harassed and so we are censored by your little harassment brigade. You should be fucking ashamed of yourself.

Oh, and congratulations on proving that there is absolutely a correlation between being a “gamer” and hating women.

Most developers are awesome people, even if a handful of assholes and their cheerleaders are hanging about. #GamerGate is doing their best to ensure that all of the good people burn out and leave, and all that’s left are the assholes and the cheerleaders.

Charlie Brooker wrote a column about GamerGate here, which is mildly amusing:

But it got me thinking – with so many sock-puppets and false-flag chicanery, would it be likely for GamerGaters to get mixed up and start harassing, doxxing and abusing other GamerGaters who are, or pretending to be, women? Would it cause them all to have a sudden epiphany?

By this point, the whole thing is such an unintelligible tangle of duplicitous nonsense, how does anyone know which SIDE anyone is on??
– I’ve heard claims of SJWs provoking GGers to commit suicide; GGers harassing and then calling for emergency assistance for Chloe Sagal; True-believers who still think GG really is about journalistic ethics; GG trolls pointing out true-believers as the “real” majority of GGers to cover for the tide of shit; attempts to coerce Anil Dash into voicing support for GG; Claims that GGers are raising money for anti-bullying charities… All of which is probably at least partially lies, distortions and wilful misinterpretation.
There are those who are ignorant, and those relying on the ignorant to bandwagon onto whatever they tweet, and apparently some trying to manipulate the sheer force of GG towards their own ends, even against the stated aims of GamerGate…. Damned if I can keep up with any of it.

@Jaspers Wow… great um, take on it. And you guys claim WE’VE swallowed the koolaid. I’m pretty sure that’s a a) a sockpuppet and b) not actually a woman. And even if she is being up front and honest, one person’s good experiences don’t over ride a ton of people getting harassed.

All hail the Empanada Truck! I LOVED it.

Although I’m living in my grandparents’ house, in the richer side of town, for the past few years I’ve been renting small places in less-than-luxurious neighborhoods, and I could still see those trucks.

They were actually vegetable-trucks, but they sounded just the same.

You could even spot the occasional “I-buy-anything-you-can-spare” truck.

I’m gonna watch that Empanada Truck once more, right now!

A great and funny article on GamerGate by Charlie Brooker. Some of you may have already read it, but it’s worth a mention:

Gamergate: the internet is the toughest game in town – if you’re playing as a woman.
It’s a stealth adventure with nowhere to hide and hundreds of respawning enemies waiting to attack you the moment you stand out in any way

Because for all their “I’M SO RATIONAL” wank they have never examined themselves to try and reduce their cognitive biases

What? How exactly did it change from “she cheated on a man” to “she had sex for a good review” to “she had sex to have a game made for her?” Just how much are they going to continue to making shit up without evidence?

That’s what happens when the conspiracy mindset festers in an environment insulated from facts.

I liked this comment on the MSNBC clip – “Whenever a large group , in this case, mainstream media, gets the pitch forks out. You know you need to follow the money. In this case advertizing. Considering women make up 80% of consumption; it makes sense that the media targets “misogynistic white cis males””

The obfuscation games these GG gamebros are playing are so ridiculous.


The cat in that video looked totally familiar, and then it hit me. It’s a real life Maneki Neko!


It started as a post on Reddit, then Jesse Singal expanded it a little and published it here. 🙂

My favourite part is where he says you could almost have a little bit of respect for them if they’d just admit their little gang is 95% motivated by anti-progressivism rather than anything else:

I also believe the various Reddit and 8chan posts and the folks in the Hangout; I think Gamergate is primarily about anger at progressive people who care about feminism and transgender rights and mental health and whatever else is getting involved in gaming, and by what gamergaters see as overly solicitous coverage of said individuals and their games.

And here’s the thing: That’s fine! It’s an opinion I happen to disagree with, but it’s a coherent, concrete viewpoint. Say what you will about the tenets of anti-progressivism, dude, but at least it’s an ethos.

Strivingally – great excerpt. I’m chuffed that I got the Lebowski reference, despite never having seen the movie.

My son and I laughed so hard at this.
And empanada is a funny word, the whole thing is just priceless.
Now if gamer gate really was that garbled, maybe people woudn’t need to call the FBI and leave their homes. Hilarious none the less.

What? How exactly did it change from “she cheated on a man” to “she had sex for a good review” to “she had sex to have a game made for her?” Just how much are they going to continue to making shit up without evidence?

Hey, don’t look at the Gamergomers. Those goalposts just got up and walked all by themselves!

It’s saddening that when I read “gaters” now, I think of these folks instead of my fellow Stargate fans.

Ditto with “gators” meaning these bros, and not adorable reptiles relatively closely related to avians.

Oh, and now for some reason GGers back to ZQ’s sex life because she once did porn or something.


These garbagelords don’t even realise how incoherent and hateful they look to outside observers.

Dear gawd. An epiphany just epiphed. Empanadas, if filled with pork, ARE Pig Newtons! Somebody alert Louis…

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