The Power of Paint and Powder: Brave Men's Rights Redditor takes on women and their evil deceptive makeup.

Evil woman preparing for battle.
Evil woman preparing for battle.


Ladies, watch out! Men’s Rights Redditor warspite88 is on to you! Your painted faces don’t fool him! Your concealer cannot conceal the truth! He knows your lips aren’t really that red! He knows your eyelids aren’t really that blue!

Yes, that’s right: it’s time for another angry MRA rant explaining to us why women wearing makeup oppresses men, somehow.

In a post with the delightfully over-the-top title “Men’s rights are directly tied to the power of paint and powder. Ill explain,” warspite88 sets forth his theory:

It is my belief that women have become so beautiful through the use of makeup that most women and men are influenced dramatically and view women more as goddess and men as dogs. The power of makeup has helped to fuel a war against men’s basic human rights.

Uh, what?

Lets face it, men are ugly compared to women, right? Many men feel sorry for women or think it is oppressive that so many women wear makeup.

I’m pretty sure most men don’t get angry when a woman puts on lipstick. That’s just you, dude. Well, you and a thousand other MRAs.

Well, if you dig really deep into history and our modern use of makeup, you will see it points to one key element of humanity, Power.

Wait. I thought female power resided in the ass, not the face. Didn’t Warren Farrell write a book about that or something?

Power to attract those you want (or label unwanted attention as harassment as a result of powder power)

Powder power? Is that like miniskirt power? You are Warren Farrell, aren’t you?

Power to influence Power to feel good about yourself (vain or not) Just a few examples

Dude, sorry to interupt your little rant here, but would it kill you to put periods at the end of your sentences?

Makeup is expensive, a huge industry, so money and making others pay for your power is in high demand.

I had no idea the women were so devious. Making men pay for their makeup, which they then use to make men pay for … more makeup. Lather, rinse, repeat. It’s ingenious. At least until the makeup-using manipulator is found dead in her apartment, lipstick tube still in her hand, crushed by the gigantic boxes of makeup she conned poor male suckers into buying for her.

[W]e see it in every day life, in relationship, those trying to get relationships. we see it in business, court rooms, churches, places of power. We see it in schools, young girls even. We see it in the media oh yes those sexy Fox women, wonder why those women were hired? Why they put on so much makeup? Take a guess boys, take a guess white knights. Take a guess MRMs.

You seem a little fixated on the Fox News women.

The power of paint and powder to influence others minds, their reactions, their actions, it is one of the most deeply rooted human aspects of power projection yet few ever take it seriously. The power of makeup to make women beautiful to seduce and control a horny man or a white knight has built kingdoms, it has destroyed kingdoms, it has had major political influence around the world for all of history.

Behold, the most powerful woman in history:

Hey there fellas!
Hey there fellas!

Weird. I feel an almost irresistible urge to buy that woman some more makeup. MUS T RESIST.

There is a reason why most women use makeup, because it gives them power, subtle, acceptable power that few men can ignore.

Women’s sexuality, it is natural and men are pawns to it because men are wired to view women as sexual objects. … So when men see a woman dolled up with makeup more often than not his head falls head over heels with lust (not love) desire (not caring).

His HEAD falls HEAD over HEELS with LUST.


Let’s just think about this for a second. How does a HEAD fall head over heels? A HEAD DOESN’T HAVE HEELS IT IS JUST A HEAD.

Does it borrow some heels for the occasion? Does it hold the heels in its mouth? So many questions.

The power of beauty and charisma that comes with paint and powder changes the world.

So how is it related to mens rights?

Oh, this oughtta be good.

Go outside, yes leave your computer. Go to any public place and watch people. Watch how men react to women who are dressed sexy or wear more makeup.

Uh, ok. But then I’d have to put on some pants.

Or just watch this stuff on TV.

Yeah, on second thought, let’s not go outside at all. Let’s base our entire knowledge of how men and women interact on old sitcoms and Fox News. You know, the news channel with all those sexy Fox women.

Anyway, so how does this relate to Men’s Rights?

Men are ugly compared to women with paint and powder right? How dare men show attraction to beautiful women, they must be pigs! Right?

Uh, what? Is this your actual argument? Are you actually trying to make some sort of sense? Or are you just typing?

White Knights love beautiful women on the outside , oh yes the white knight shield of justice is like a mirror to reflect the beauty of any female even a woman who murders her husband or rapes a boy.


But a white knights sword is dripping with the blood of innocent men who dare even attempt equality with a beautiful woman.

Damn, this got dark, really dark, all of a sudden.

The power of paint and powder, it has affected every one of you reading this at some point in your life. it will again.

Well, not if one of those white knights has stabbed you to death, I mean, yikes! But let’s not get hung up on details.

It is not evil or wrong to wear makeup in my opinion but it is important that we become aware of how much of a paint and powder worshiping society we have become.

Is it any wonder men’s rights and well being have been left far behind in society that craves women and their paint and powder? Just saying.

Just saying?


THAT’S how your ending this post?

Dude, your cockamamie thesis is that evil makeup-wearing, husband-murdering, boy-raping women rule the world, while easily manipulated white knights are going around wantonly stabbing any Men’s Rights Activists they can find.

And you end your rant with “just saying?”

Really? I mean, if you’re going to put it out there, fucking put it out there! Commit to it! End with something, you know, dramatic.

“By Grabthar’s hammer, by the suns of Warvan, you shall be avenged!”

You know, something like that. Something cool.

End strong! End big!

Just saying.

Oh, and in case you’re wondering about that Grabthar’s hammer thing:

Click my kitty to see the smash hit new blog!
Click my kitty to see the smash hit new blog!

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yo. There are many places in which it is cool for men to wear make-up. put on some pants and go find one, sir.

Nothing’s stopping men from putting on makeup if they think just artlessly slathering shit on your face makes you look better.

Waaaaay late to the party and Kitteh stole my head joke.

Leum, that’s just how gloss do, it disappears quick. I don’t like the hoppy feel of it myself. NYX makes good cheap eyeliners.

Hi Kitteh! Seattle is great. Just came back from NY, where I went to my 25th high school reunion, which was weird.

Hopefully now that I’m not living out of boxes and have settled, I’ll have more time for chew toys!

Kitteh–also went to the Secret Lentil studio while I was home and snagged some goodies.

WOW Yet another man calling witch. Just look at those evil sirens, rendering us “White Knights” (seriously, dude? That is so lame) powerless with their magical powers!!! Oh, I mean, makeup…. Ha, so predictable. “She made me do it! I have no control over myself when she bewitches me with her magical makeup!” This dumbass needs to get his head out of his ass and come back to real life.

Kitteh–also went to the Secret Lentil studio while I was home and snagged some goodies.


I haven’t been game to look at the website. It’s too tempting. So I spend the money I don’t have on yarn instead. (Logick! I haz it!)

Glad to hear Seattle is great and you’re not living out of boxes. I hope said boxes have been handed over to the kitties. How’re they settling in?

The kitties are good. They seem to be a little confused by a slightly smaller space, but they love the carpet, it gives them more traction for tear-assing about the place.

Did I mention how good they were on the drive up? Best kitties ever.

LOL I can just picture the tearing about. Saves all those embarrassing skid-bang moments.

You did mention they were well behaved, yes!


“Trying to please anyone but yourself with your appearance is absolutely pointless, especially for women.”


What’s garvathemad’s point or problem? What the ever-loving-fuck?

He posted:
“Actually, if anything I feel like it’s possible he was raped by an older woman when he was a youth, and as an adult had a terrible wife.

Just saying.”

Why do assholes always end their horshit statements with, “just saying”?

Men view men as women objects


“The hell you say”

These are what abusers think they blame everyone one else and want others to think like him.

These girls reactions just nailed it at this entire post and what our all reactions are.

*waves back*

Not much. Doing a 2nd job interview soon to try to maximize my ability to oppress male worker drones by moving up in the ranks while feeeeemale. I was just up in your neck of the woods (but before you arrived back there) and it was fucking gorgeous.

Be sure to wear the Lipstick of Oppression and the Mascara of Mind Control. Good luck!

I fake my eyelashes with Latisse. I use it twice a week, with a lip brush, and it lasts months – and becomes very cost effective. I am fooling all the menz with my fake thick, long lashes. Bwahahahaha

@hellkell: good to hear your shift went well, I had a look at the shop on Etsy, then at the prices in NZ dollars. I shall drool from afar.

@cloudiah: good luck on the job interview.

cloudiah, good luck with the interview!

I have an even tricksier way of oppressing teh menz with my eyelashes. Travatan eye drops for the win! I can look like I have mascara on when I don’t have mascara on. ::sound of male brains assploding::

I hadn’t heard of Latisse so I looked it up, and it sounds like it works kind of like Rogaine. But men use Rogaine so it must be a completely legit way to change your appearance.

@Kim: the active ingredient is used to treat glaucoma. In NZ it requires a prescription for purchase, but I just get it through a clinic that does plastic surgery (ha!) and other treatments such as IPL for hair removal. While there is nothing wrong with my intraocular pressure, it did lower it a bit. I asked my optometrist to compare the pressures pre-Latisse to post-Latisse. I then asked if the product would mask glaucoma, but she* said no as pressure is not the only test used for diagnosis and monitoring. She also said there is a theoretical minimum possible intraocular pressure, but there are no hazards associated with low pressure. Hooray for useful beauty treatments.

For the eyelashes, Latisse keeps the lashes in the anagen stage for longer, in particular reducing the period of time in the telophase stage. The result is longer and thicker lashes. I laughed at the product advertisement showing the changes at 4, 8, 16, etc weeks as marketing, but this stuff bloody works.

My eyelashes are gorgeous. 🙂 It was really noticeable from week 12 onwards. In the first few months, I did use the product daily. I’ve dropped use down now I have the eyelashes at maintenance phase.

* I have a female optometrist. Oh misandry!

I wondered whether warspite might be a crossdresser in denial – angry that society would stigmatise him for using the power of makeup to transform from ‘pig’ to beauty? I’d certainly have more sympathy for his views if he was

I’m pretty sure if I squint hard enough at his… “argument,” I can see the Mona Lisa formed in the shape of the paragraphs.

I saw a video recently of several men having makeup professionally applied to half their faces ( as in, half of each face). Interesting to watch, and the final results were as well. One man said, “if men had to wear makeup to get laid. . . they probably would.”

Two things:
1. Attraction to make-up can’t be, by definition, biologically “hard-wired”.
2. Simple solution for those guys: wear make-up yourselves. Done!

I’m so helpful. =)

Most women wear makeup for themselves. How does that oppress men? Does this twat think because women can make themselves feel confident with a little face powder that it shouldn’t be allowed? because other women would agree with me that it is looked upon as ‘lazy’ to be a woman that does not put effort toward her makeup and hair. We don’t magically wake up and are up to societies beauty standards every morning.

OMG that explains why I’ve been single for all these years! My makeup bag only has foundation and mascara in it.


No worries though, I’m off to the store to buy paint for my lips and powder for my eyes. Then I’ll have a plethora of menfolk at my manipulative disposal. >:D

That was an interesting video – my main impression was that the guys looked good, but the eye makeup and lippy seemed a bit heavy-handed.

I had a sad watching moustaches get shaved off. :/

Speaking of optical illusions, makes you wonder, doesn’t it, if the prat in the OP thinks Photoshop and makeup are the same things.

Yeah, I was just thinking: if make up has some kind of seductive power, why doesn’t he wear it himself? Women would fall for him like ripe apples! These guys in the video above look SO much better after. He says it himself: men are ugly. So, why not do something about that bro, instead of being a victim.

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