Reminder: My "Friend Zone" talk at Northwestern is tonight!



As I mentioned before: I’ll be giving a talk titled “Escape from the Planet of the Friend Zone,” tonight at Northwestern. No, I won’t be giving dating advice; I’ll be talking about the Friend Zone as a cultural construct. The talk is part of Northwestern’s Annual Sex Week, sponsored by the College Feminists; it’s cosponsored by NU’s Men Against Rape and Sexual Assault.)

The details: It’s at 7 PM in Kresge Hall 4365, which is on the Southern end of campus, near “the rock.” (Here’s a map.) If you’re taking the el, get off at the Foster stop and head east; then a little ways south when you hit campus.

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Awesome, I wish I could be there to hear your thoughts on this subject in speech format!

Good luck with your speech, David!

Maybe you could post some highlights, for folks who aren’t in the Chicago area and don’t have access to a functioning wormhole?

Beware of red-haired women protesters! I hear they’re scary or mean or something.

Thanks, everyone! I’m back from the talk. It went well, decent crowd (50 or so, room was full), good discussion. No protesters.

It wasn’t taped, but I may end up doing a video version if I can figure out how to turn my powerpoint powerpoint presentation — I used a lot of internet memes to illustrate my points — into a youtube video (which I gather is possible; I know there are some tutorials on youtube).

I’m three hours south in the Peoria area, just far enough to *not* be able to make the drive in time to catch your talk. I do wish I could be there, though! I read your blog frequently without comment, but I absolutely adore what you do! I suppose I should say so more often!

A post outlining most main points would be worthwhile. Sometimes I’m so shocked and yes, intimidated by the violent speech and attitudes of men you write of, so don’t comment but it is good to see your commitment and real anger. You write as you must be speaking because it’s smooth to read and some of the antagonists really sound like creepos.

Breaking news: First feminists murdered Erin Pizzey’s dog (only Pizzey admits that she has no idea who shot her dog, and the dog didn’t die), and now they’ve taken over Canadian utilities in order to harass feMRA typhonblue! Will feminazis stop at nothing?

(Just for the record, the feminist professor (Adele Mercier) who apparently controls electricity in Canada might be a terrible person. Someone using her name posted a number of comments on her University’s newspaper implying that female correctional officers having sex with underage male inmates was kind of not a big deal. If that was her, then Mercier is not a good person at all.)

@cloudiah: Well, we’re all communists up here, didn’t you know that? Feminist Communists…so of COURSE we control the power companies.

Glad the talk went well, David. I would also join in the requests for a transcript.

If you run into difficulties turning it into a video, give me a shout. I’ve got an alternative set-up I’ve used for generating videos with timed images and so forth that’ll work if the direct conversion proves troublesome.

Not that this altruism is in any way motivated by wanting to see the presentation myself. No sir.

Cloudiah: LMAO! Literally the whole argument is “someone didn’t like something Typhonblue did, and then something bad happened to Typhonblue. She must be responsible!”

There’s an old expression that we like to use up here during the long, cold winter nights: “Don’t piss off the feminists, because they own the utilities.”

Just showed the Morpheus meme to my son (who turns seventeen tomorrow). He thought it was quite amusing.

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