Down the Drain

I hate doing dishes too.
I hate doing dishes too.

I am still sick as a dog –more specifically, as a sick dog — so I thought I’d share the misery with you all by sharing this, what is possibly the most depressing ad for paper cups ever devised. Who knew that the solution to “the problem that has no name” was Dixie cups?

Mr. Show offered an updated take on this ad technique with their classic Mayostard/Mustardayonnaise ad parodies:

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Also I didn’t feel like lurking because I very seldom read blogs. Sorry.

No, I’m sorry. We get so many trolls trying to bait us that I’ve let hostility become my default setting, and that’s not really fair. If you’re not an asshole (or if you’re our kind of asshole), you’re welcome here 😀

:scented candle: :bon bon: :SPINSTER: Crap. How are we supposed to communicate?

Glad you’re feeling better, David!

Burritos, but no pizza. And no dogs 🙁

I am now going to restrain myself from typing random words between colons to see if there’s an emoticon for it.

Good that you are feeling better, David.

@Kittehs, you’d think there’d be a cat smiley, this being the internet and all. Here, have an ASCII kitty: =^..^=

So you don’t like misogyny, that’s cool. What is your opinion on gay men? Just wondering.

My best friend is one. And he’s fabulous.

PS: Not seeing any of the “hidden” emoticons here. 🙁

Ally, your kitties are adorable, though!

:bear: :bear: :bear:

Okay I love the new emoticons and I promise to work to rein in my exuberance.

I hope you’re feeling better soon, David.

I saw this on AgainstMensRights today

Not impressed… particularly since they are using logos from real domestic violence shelters without permission. Bryony House has contacted the police about the situation. Gotta love Elam’s response to Bryony House saying that they did not consent to the use of their logo “Your consent is not required for these posters.”

MRA’s not caring about consent? I’m shocked!

@magnesium, I just came here to post about that. There’s a r/AMR thread about it too:

Paul Elam and the frothing rage-spitters over at AVfM run “campaigns” like petulant 12-year-olds made ’cause their parents grounded them. In what world is it ethically defensible to use another organization’s logo on your poster without their permission. Not to mention that they misuse statistics to make it look like women abuse children more than men do, when the reality is that it’s more or less even once you control for the fact that women still spend way more time with children.

I hope this gets the same kind of coverage the Occidental false-rape-accuse-a-thon did.

p.s. One of the organizations wrongly listed on the poster is called Bryony House, which has been endorsed by folks on AMR as doing good work. I think it would be great to start a donation campaign to make something good come out of AVfM’s noxiousness, so if anyone has a few extra dollars go here:

If I didn’t know anything about AVfM, I’d think the organizations at the bottom were places one could go to get help if one were being abused. Since I do know about AVfM, I don’t understand why they were included.

Even if I didn’t know anything about AVfm, I think the way the poster refers to a child as an “it” would give me really unsettling feelings about the people putting up the poster. Does not really send the message that you actually care about children, like, at all.

I’ll be sending a little bit of $ to Byrony House for sure. That response from Mr. Elam is just “classic.”

So the new campaign is… a campaign about how child abusers are sometimes women, complete with what looks like links to shelters and so on. I mean, I see the police and Bryony house and others, so, they must be places you can go to get help in abusive situations. Certainly the Halifax Regional Police and that shelter.


So if I’m understanding the links of thought here it’s:
1) All women are evil, but some people don’t know this
2) Evil women abuse children, but some people don’t know this
3) We know this, so we’re telling people about abusive women
4) People will read about this, and come looking for our site, where we’ll tell them women are evil
5) Then they’ll join us as MRA’s, and now know women are evil
6) We’ll include actual links to situations where you can recieve help in abusive situatons because…. women are evil? Paul likes being a wanker? A bit of copyright fraud adds spice to our posters?

One person in the reedit thread totally summed up about half of all my problems with ever:

Have they considered other, more meaningful, posters?
“An Erection isn’t consent. Don’t be that girl”
“Just because he’s unable to resist, doesn’t mean it’s consensual. Don’t be that girl.”
These are scenarios that I’ve seen in places like AskReddit threads were men have been raped, and those are the misconceptions that I’ve seen.

But, no, Paul! Let’s just keep warping stats, doing the stealing logos thing, and misogyny thing, instead of addressing the false stereotypes that are hurting both women and men. You know, the ones that say guys ALWAYS want it? Or that guys are incapable of control, so women shouldn’t tempt fate by dressing pretty.

A Voice for Men, LLC is in tax forfeiture;
I know, taxes are misandry. Or something like that. As he has not paid his taxes, he has no legal ability to conduct business until he gets that taken care of.

I wonder how that’s going to play into the conference he’s holding in Detroit in June? Because, he’s not actually able to sell tickets, legally. But, at $219 per ticket, I don’t think that’ll be much of a problem, although he had offered a copy of The Myth of Male Power to the first 100 attendees…

Yeah, this is not working out well for Paul.

[Content note: rape]

“Just because he’s a guy, doesn’t mean he’s always in the mood. Don’t be that girl.”

“Just because he was raped, doesn’t mean he’s a ‘bitch’. Don’t be that guy.”

“Just because he didn’t punch his rapist in self-defense, doesn’t mean he wasn’t raped. Don’t be that guy.”

More examples of misandric anti-rape posters.

IRS, the bane of criminals and charlatans. They’ll get you every time.

I would love to see PaulE get audited and have to explain why he takes donations from unemployed people.

Nova: That’s a beautiful thing. Absolutely beautiful. I’m not going to say that someone should nab their name while it’s up for grabs, I’m just going to say that someone could.

This means they’ll take back everything they’ve ever said about “men should get all the privileges because they pay all the taxes,” right?

I don’t recall seeing any feminists deny that some abusive parents/guardians are women. I also don’t recall feminists defending or minimizing child abuse when the abuser is a woman. Oh, AVFM. You are just so incapable of making an argument that isn’t a strawman.

It’s not the IRS, but the Texas Secretary of State that’s pulled his license. Essentially, because he has not paid his state business taxes, they’ve taken away his business license, and therefore his right to conduct business. By holding this conference and charging for attendance/ tickets, he’s breaking the law, as he’s not legally able to do business under A Voice for Men, LLC. I wonder if his speakers know? Especially the government officials that are allegedly on the roster.

Gotta love Elam’s response to Bryony House saying that they did not consent to the use of their logo “Your consent is not required for these posters.”

Well, actually, in the US, you do need an organization’s consent before putting their logo on your poster as an endorsement. Not entirely certain about Canadian law, but I bet there’s something similar.

I know, taxes are misandry. Or something like that. As he has not paid his taxes, he has no legal ability to conduct business until he gets that taken care of.

Heh, actually, yes, I’m pretty sure he believes that. Because you see, the government is taking away the money of hard-working MEN, who are still the PROVIDERS because they’ve been the mammoth hunters or something, and uses that money to pay women for being idle or for daring to have children without a partner. Or for feminist indoctrination.

MRAs really do see current society as effectively being culturally ruled by women and the government as one of the greatest agencies of their rule. So, yeah, taxes are misandry.

As for that current campaign… really, using child abuse to take lying, cheap shots? Fucking child abuse? That’s just disgusting.

I just did a quick post about the “don’t be that girl” posters. Thanks, magnesium and cloudiah, for pointing them out to me.

There are also posters decrying baby dumping, shoplifting and prostitution. And Paul has put the Halifax police on BLAST! If anyone’s arrested for this, he’s gonna mount the best legal defense EVAR. And he Will. Not. Quit.

Because these posters aren’t copyright infringement. They’re parody. Even though they’re not.

Way to fight the good fight, Paul… Maybe you can get enough attention that the State of Texas starts wondering why you’re still doling business under a license that was forfeited over a year ago.

I disagree with his campaign and all since it’s totally demonizing women, but my mother was extremely emotionally abusive to me for most of my life and I’m glad I live with my dad now, so I do think attention should be paid to who is causing problems in a family so the right parent or guardian gets the kid. He should use his resources to campaign against child abuse instead of this misguided crap.

Alex, do you know much about AVfM? They haven’t the slightest interest in helping men. Their idea of support for male abuse victims is to close down women’s shelters. Elam had his “bash a violent b*tch month”. These guys are about violence and abuse to women, first, second and last. They’ll throw any man under the bus if they think it’s scoring points against women.

There’s a much longer post on this up; come read it.

RE: David

I like mayo and gay men


…*offers mayonaise*

RE: hellkell

IRS, the bane of criminals and charlatans. They’ll get you every time.

Our last defense against the scum of the universe: TAXES.

RE: Alex

He should use his resources to campaign against child abuse instead of this misguided crap.

Alas, this is about as likely to happen as I am to shit rainbows and fly to Oz atop a pink unicorn.

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