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Pledge Driven: Thanks for your support!

This was the worst gif I could find. You’re welcome!

I’m winding down the 2013 Man Boobz pledge drive, Part Deux today. It’s gone well. Big thanks to everyone who donated! And if you haven’t yet, here’s another chance:

Of course, you can feel free to donate at any time with that little button in the sidebar. The pledge drive is really just me nagging for a couple of days.

In any case, I appreciate all your donations, big and small. And all the ways you, my readers, contribute to this blog. Thanks again!

PS: Can any of you explain what’s happened to that poor mouse’s feet? I’m a little worried.

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The legs look to me as though the mouse is marching toward me. It’s dead eyes show it has no will of it’s own; it’s driven by some black magic and will not rest until I’m thanked.

“Thank you so much!” is says, the voice somehow manages to be saccharine sweet and raspy at the same time.

“Pardon?” I reply.

“Thank you so much!” is says again, as it moves closer.

“Oh, well I didn’t actually donate.” I say sheepishly.

“Thank you so much!” is says again, now close enough for me to see that it’s mouth is not moving.

“Ummm…” I stammer, trying to bide time while frantically logging into paypal.

“Thank you so much!” is says, not slowing it’s advance.

Panic is setting in, but I’ve made it into paypal, but it has the old expiration date for my debit card.

“Thank you so much!” says the mouse, it’s be-glittered scepter glinting in the sun.

As I pull out my wallet, but it slips from my hand and the mouse is upon me. Blood splatters as the scepter makes contact with my skull, the mouse hollows out my soul an in it’s plage I’m filled with … feelings … of … g-gratitute. I, I don’t know how much longer I have. Please, can .. anybody help me!? Th-THANK YOU SO MUCH

I’m more worried about what has happened to that poor mouse’s face. Even for a cartoon mouse it seems off…those bulging cheeks are surely a sign of either a serious tooth infection or possibly an injury, at the very least.

Everyone just think for a moment about the fact that someone actually took the time to make this GIF. Someone thought about what animal to use, what it should be wearing, whether or not it should have those wings and wand, what font to use, how glittery it should be, and how many fly-aways the head should be sporting (a lot, apparently, what the fuck).

Someone had this picture in their head, for who knows how long, and then they put time and effort into making it a horrific reality.

PS: Can any of you explain what’s happened to that poor mouse’s feet? I’m a little worried.

It’s a technologically advanced cyborg being whose science is indistinguishable from magic. The ‘feet’ are antigravity devices. The ‘wand’ is a kitschsaber. And it looks something like a mouse and something like a koala because it’s of an alien species which developed far from the fields we know.

PS: Can any of you explain what’s happened to that poor mouse’s feet? I’m a little worried.

It’s clearly been stomping on fairies on it’s terrifying quest for gratitude

I think that gif just gave me a headache. I’d never have thought one could make pink sparkles look bad before.

Figures the drive ends right before I can donate. Will I still be thanked if I donate now? :3

And I’m actually going to do that cuz I finally can.

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