The Man Boobz Survey Results are in!


So the Man Boobz survey results are in, and Argenti Aertheri, who ran the survey, has taken the time and effort to make an impressive set of interactive charts to display the data in all of its gory details. You can find that chart below — thanks again, Argenti! — but I thought I’d highlight a few of the results first.

Let’s start with the white elephant in the room. I know I’ve made some somewhat rude remarks in the past about the high percentage of white people in the Men’s Rights subreddit.

Well, it turns out that the Man Boobz readership is even whiter than that. Yep. Using the same somewhat limited set of choices used by the dude who did the Men’s Rights subreddit survey, the MB survey found that the readership of this blog is nearly 92% white, and less than 2% each Asian, Hispanic and Black, with the remainder answering “Other.”

There is also a more complicated breakdown of ethnicities, based on a more nuanced set of questions, that I’m not even going to try to summarize; you can look through the charts yourself.

But, basically, yeah, this blog’s readership, like me, is pretty darn white. I  take these results as an indication that I need to do a better job dealing with issues of race and racism. While this blog is primarily about misogyny, there is plenty of racism in the manosphere — from the white-supremacism-lite of Heartiste to the fetishization of Asian women as submissive — and it’s worth pointing this out on a more regular basis, as well as addressing some of the more subtle ways misogyny intersects with other forms of oppression. As well as the ways in which the standard (non) issues of the Men’s Rights movement can actually serve to obscure the very real issues faced by men of color. (See yesterday’s post for a perfect example of that.)

So what are some of the other notable results?

You’re all younger than me. Well, not literally ALL of you. In fact, there are a whole 4% of you older than me.

But the fact is that if you’re reading this, the chances are really, really, really good that you’re in your twenties or early thirties. Still, I feel fairly confident in saying that eventually you will be as old as I am now.

Also, it’s pretty likely that you’re a lady. Most of the readers of the blog — 59% — are cis women, with 30% cis men. The remaining 11 percent are made up of trans* women (2.2%), trans* men (0.9%), intersex (o.2%), “non-binary” (5.2%) and “other” (2.5%).

See the interactive charts below for a much more detailed breakdown of the data on gender and sexuality.

We’re a bunch of pinkos. More Man Boobzers identified themselves with Democratic Socialism than with any other political label. The second and third place winners in this category? “Other US Liberalism” and “Social Democratism.”

The sun never sets on the Man Boobz empire. Predictably, most Man Boobz readers — roughly 58% —  live in the United States. And there are lots of Man Boobzers in other English-speaking countries around the world, particularly the UK, Canada, and Australia.

But Man Boobz attracts readers in a lot of places where English speakers are in a minority. I was a little surprised to find that there are twice as many Boobzers in Germany, for example, than in New Zealand, and that there are nearly as many in Iceland as in Ireland. There are readers in countries ranging from Argentina to El Salvador, from Jordan to Japan.

There are all sorts of other intriguing factoids to be found in the survey results, from a rather complicated slicing-and-dicing of religious beliefs to answers to the critical question: how many of you are actually me?

If you don’t have Flash, go here to see the charts in all their glory.  See here for the footnotes and survey questions and raw data.

If you’re not a regular commenter here, this will help you to make sense of some of the silly in-jokes at the end of the survey.

One last note: The survey doesn’t tell us what percentage of Man Boobz readers consider themselves feminists or, ick, Men’s Rightsers. I’m going to do a quick followup survey on that in an upcoming post.

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9 years ago

Pecunium, it’s really cool that you know so many languages. I just know Swedish and English. I studied French a lot in school, but I’ve forgotten almost all of it now, since I haven’t really used it since.

For some weird reason I dreamed the other night that my parents-in-law were South Korean immigrants (although Husband still looked his usual self, despite having Korean parents). They argued that I ought to learn how to speak Korean. For some reason they thought I should start learning the eating utensils. In my dream, the general name for eating utensil was “geber”. “Fork” was “gebo” and “knife” was “gedobebe”.
I doubt that’s actually what they’re called in Korean.

9 years ago

OMG… Korean is a bitch to learn. Gender divided (men and women use different words,and some different forms (as I understand it from talking shop in the mess), and worse, status divided, you use different grammatical forms speaking up, compared to speaking across/down .

But the alphabet/words are easy to learn, very phonetic.

9 years ago


9 years ago

@Dvarg – “you sort of breath out, like you do when you say H, but you have, um, a more narrow throat I guess? Which is apparently a very tricky thing to do for people who aren’t used to it.”

I suspect if I tried that, it’d sound like I was trying to clear phlegm. 🙂

Argenti Aertheri
9 years ago

Yeah what is with “bitch” creeping in here lately? That’s easily the fourth use of it I’ve seen in the last week.

On topic, Japanese has similar problems, particularly related to the gender of the person you’re speaking to, and the status difference between you and they.

9 years ago

It’s a word I can sure do without. Gendered slur, plus the idea that female dogs are horrible – it’s a stupid, stupid, ugly word.

It’s a pity MRA etc aren’t pronouncable. They’d make excellent insults of the “hopelessly stupid” variety.

9 years ago

Sorry guys! Gotta think about that in the future!

9 years ago

Sorry for what, Dvarg? I didn’t see you use “bitch” here.

9 years ago

I said earlier in the thread that as a kid, learning to spell Swedish was a bitch.

9 years ago

Pecunium – I grew up bilingual, but sadly my mothers second husband had to be a dutchman. She could have picked a russian, frenchmen, spaniard… pretty much anything, but no, dutch it had to be. So my second language is basically useless in the world. *sigh*

I think I’m doing ok at english. I should be able to speak basic french, but no, can’t do it. I could understand it in text, but I could never follow the spoken word. The hearing disability might not help, but meh, the teachers didn’t do a great job either. I always felt sort of resentfull towards french/french classes. That’s stupid and by now I regret it, but I’m not motivated enough to learn it on my own.

I also have a very faded, passive understanding of latin and ancient greek (back from college). This helps with medical terminology, but meh.

I’d like to learn russian though, sometimes after my final nursing exams. Because right now my energy is drained.

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