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Science Proves that Men Going Their Own Way Don’t Go Anywhere, Really

I highlighted that one big word.

If you ever wonder what a bunch of dudes who are Going Their Own Way and totally don’t give a good gosh darn about women, nosireebob, like to talk about the most on their special Men Only No Girls Allowed We’re Totally Going Our Own Way forum, well now you don’t have to rely on the comments I so cavalierly cherry pick from their forum.

Nope, I just realized we can use SCIENCE, in the form of the tag clouds that the site puts above the various subforums, to SCIENTIFICALLY see what they talk about. If you cast your glance upwards, for example, you’ll see the tag cloud for the most active forum on the site.

Seems like these Men Going Their Own Way haven’t gone very far, huh?

I’m guessing the National Organization for Women spends less time talking about women than they do.

EDITED TO ADD: If you would prefer to hear this post read aloud by an actual Man Going His Own Way, one of them has helpfully prepared this video. It’s an uncanny impersonation, by the way. They showed me, I guess!

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6 years ago

I also believe that it is wrong for the older men who have been through the wringer to advise younger men to never marry or have kids. I mean, it’s like they want to believe every guy is doomed to their bad luck and choices. That’s also not true. Some people get very lucky. But some other people are unlucky all their lives and you see a pattern of unhappiness. Some people are dissatisfied with life in general.

A lot of the older men are not squeaky clean either. They kill me complaining about the women being whores, etc, yet those are the women they are choosing to sleep with. (Females also do the same thing when they date and marry certain wrong types of men and complain later.)

Anyway those older mgtow have sowed many oats. Some have had several marriages. Many have kids they don’t appreciate… yet, but I think they will when they are on their death beds. So it’s understandable when the older men have had enough. How many marriages does a person need anyway? And what is wrong with deciding to finally not marry again because you’re just not good at it?

I think nothing.

6 years ago

It is also amazing to me how men going their own way think women are going to miss them so much. I’ve also read many comments about how older women hit a wall, but men seem to still be desirable.

I just don’t get it.

Male of female does not matter. It comes down to the individuals. I have see older men who take very good care of themselves. They are clean, spiffy, confident and fit. But, I have also seen older females who exercise and take care of themselves. They’re not obese and unattractive at all. Yet men going their own way keep saying the strangest comments about women. It’s generally that men are just better than women and that women have evil natures and are good for nothing but taking from them.

Men going their own way focus a lot on themselves. They believe building wealth is super important. I think it will get “old” for many of them before their ends. They make elaborate plans for their futures (traveling and what not), when some of the older ones may not be around much longer.

5 years ago

I think if these men want to go their own way they can there’s no one stopping. them , anyone can go their own way but i think it is over the top thinkin every woman on earth is like that i know a lot of women who are not that they work. take care of their families. Ppl need to really get to know someone. Before getting married. it amazes me. ppl. Claim &say oh i didn’t know they were like that I’m like oh really it blows my mind. that ppl say that. They knew how that ppl was. Ppl want to hurry up get married blah blah no wonder it didn’t work out. U can’t take a sows ear &make a silk purse out of it.

5 years ago

Not worth getting married today the men loose everything, in divorce its that simple and most women just latch on to the man because of money they dont know the first thing about love , money and looks thats about it

weirwoodtreehugger: chief manatee

Is Mike afraid to use periods because they remind him of menstrual periods?

EJ (Scheming Liberal Race-Traitor)
EJ (Scheming Liberal Race-Traitor)
5 years ago

Oooh, it’s one of those punctuation puzzles. Lemme try it.

Not worth getting married today: the men lose everything.

Here mike warns the women out there that they shouldn’t get married: if they do, then their husbands will just misplace all their stuff. This was totally the case during my parents’ marriage.

In divorce its that simple; and most women just latch on.

This is a true warning: women are socialised to put their own needs behind other peoples’, and during a divorce this can cause them to “latch on” to the man’s needs instead of doing what they need to do for their own health.

To the man, because of money, they don’t know the first thing about love. Money and looks that’s about it.

Again, true. Men are told to prioritise things other than love: we’re told to ignore the people that mean a lot to us, and chase after shallow things like attractiveness and material gain.

Alan Robertshaw
Alan Robertshaw
5 years ago

@ Mike

Not worth getting married today

It’s always been more expensive to marry on a Sunday because you have to pay an additional fee to the Registrar.

But if money’s an issue do it mid week during normal office hours.

5 years ago

@ EJ, weirwoodtreehugger: chief manatee and Alan Robertshaw

I so enjoy your senses of humour!

@ Mike

Not worth getting married today the men loose everything, in divorce its that simple

I’m sure women are so, so saddened by your decision. Truly it is a loss to womankind that you don’t want to marry them! All the women around here are now crying their eyes out because such a lovely, thoughtful, kind, good person is off the market!

In all seriousness, no, the men do not lose everything. In practically all cases they only lose everything if they make a bad case or are such an utter pillock that they don’t deserve a thing. Sure, there are some women who will trick people and get the court on their side when they don’t deserve it, but the fact that you think all women will do this? The fact that you think any more than 1% of women do this? You only think that because you have no imagination of any description, and you clearly don’t know any women.

What is this nebulous idea of everything you are thinking of anyhow?

and most women just latch on to the man because of money

This. This is why you’ve had the problems in your love life that we just know you’ve had. You think an entire half of the human race are inhuman money obsessed harpies, with no reason but some sort of bad experience that was almost certainly your fault in the first place for being such a fucking dick.

What was it? Did the court not see that being a woman hater is actually just so beneficial for their health and so you should be able to have custody of your kids? Did they just not understand that it was your wife’s fault you hit her that one time, and the eight times before that, and so you deserve half the furniture? Did they simply not realise that you deserve all her money because that one time you did half a day’s work at the shop to cover for Burt from down the road so it is both of yours? People like you always have some sort of story along those lines to tell it would seem. What was your one?

If you think this about women, you don’t deserve a fair marriage or following divorce. You don’t deserve to get anything from whoever your ex is.

they dont know the first thing about love

You think all women are money obsessed harpies, so clearly you don’t love any women.

How can you know what love is while thinking that, while they apparently have no idea about it. How does that make sense?

You aren’t… You aren’t a… hypocrite, are you?

I’ve got an idea, actually. What do you think love is? I’d genuinely like to know what think love is.

money and looks thats about it

Yes, it is women who are obsessed with looks! Women totally constantly criticise men for what they are wearing, the colour of their lips, their tan, their hair colour and choice of dyes and how revealing their clothes are!

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