The Al Jazeera English show I’m appearing on starts in a few minutes [UPDATED: It’s over. Will post a YouTube link shortly]

The Al Jazeera English show I’m appearing on starts in about 10 minutes, at 3:30 PM

You can watch a live stream of the show (TheStream) on the Al Jazeera website here.

419 replies on “The Al Jazeera English show I’m appearing on starts in a few minutes [UPDATED: It’s over. Will post a YouTube link shortly]”

Excuse me? There seems to be a general consensus that I am a “loser” and I work a “dead-end job” and I am ultimately dissatisfied with my life. I am merely countering these erroneous beliefs. I believe it may be difficult for the Boobzers to accept, because you are invested in the idea that MRAs are “losers”. Unfortunately, the losers are the misandrist-feminists.

Excuse me? You’re a loser, but that has zero to do with your socio-economic status.

Also, Steele, have you mentioned to Ella in your imagination that you have asked her to move in with you? Or is that a conversation that you both have imaginarily had many times?

i mean, it’s just kinda gauche to tell a bunch of strangers on the internet that you’re contemplating a big step like a move-in without telling your imaginary girlfriend first.

Steele, you said before that you were an “executive.” So why do you have a supervisor? Could you tell us what your job title is?

@captainbathrobe, i’ll save cookies for everyone with here who has a life when i bake some later on for me and my hubs-band.

i’m gonna need a lot more cookies.

Varpole: Pecunium, you have just provided a perfect example as to why I don’t interact with you. I’ve explained my situation on multiple occasions. I am both.

Both what? Sufficient in yourself? Not hardly. If you were, the need to try to prove to us how above it all you are wouldn’t happen. You don’t see us coming in to tell you what a douchecanoe yuo are, just because.

No, we do it when you are being a douchecanoe.

I suspect you don’t see the difference.

If you mean you are a successful cog in a corporate machine, and a writer… well I have to admit, you do write.

Any books in the pipeline? Any thing sent to publishers to be bought, or rejected?

Because I’m published. I’ve also been a successful cog in a big machine. I did things which are still being used in that machine. If you are lucky, you’ll be able to do the same when you retire.

Do you expect to be able to retire at 43? Because that’s how old I was when I started getting the pension checks.

Meanwhile the Boobzers post on Boobzland.

And you… are here trying to show us what a swell set-up you have. I mean a condo in the suburbs? Dude… condos are in the city, and houses are in the suburbs. If you were a hip sort of dude, you’d be talking lofts “downtown”, but no.
You progress in life? OK bro, cool story.

What have you got to show for it. Don’t tell us, ask yourself; because it doesn’t matter what we think. What matters is what’s actually going on in your mind. Your personal sense of accomplishment and achievement.

My lovers (note the plural) think (note the present tense) that my posting here is a good thing.

Of course it’s not all I do. I spent Tuesday at the District Court in Lower Manhattan, showing that I give a damn about civil liberties.

I wrote it up. Feel free to take a look, it’s not a bad piece of writing, esp. for someone who isn’t actually a lawyer.

You, were working on an efficiency project. I’m impressed.

Excuse me? There seems to be a general consensus that I am a “loser” and I work a “dead-end job” and I am ultimately dissatisfied with my life. I am merely countering these erroneous beliefs.

No, you aren’t. That you think you are, is why we say you are a crap-writer. You have no ear for subtext, can’t put together a moving piece of rhetoric and think repetition is going to make up for it.

Show, don’t tell. That’s what makes for moving prose. You aren’t even good at telling (Ella is, “semi-attractive”, for fuck’s sake). It’s not that MRAs are losers because they have this job, or that job. They are losers because they center their life around the nonsense that they are oppressed. To ice the cake they hate on women, as the agents of this mythical oppression.

Look at you, with the idiocy of your boss telling you women are preferred, but you are such a special snowflake that your massive testicles aren’t stopping your promotion.

This is oppression? Where? Some teacher told you the truth (your writing talent is stunted), and you decided it was because you have external plumbing.

Boo-hoo. Get over it. Be a grown up, and look at what you can do; and what you can’t. I’m a good runner. I’m not world class. Best I’ve ever done for two miles is 11:31. For the mile I never beat 4:55, and my best quarter was 54 seconds.

I tried out for the Olympic Air Rifle Team in ’84. I had a slim chance (if I’d had a career day I’d have made it. I didn’t have a career day).

Why? Because I’m not quite that good. I can hit anything I want to, but managing to keep the pellet in a 4mm circle from 33 feet away is more than I can manage (when in practice my consistent target coverage was about 8mm. over a string of 60 shots).

My coaches told me I wasn’t going to make the cut. I tried anyway. They were right, and I knew that I wasn’t likely to make it. But I did what you couldn’t. I tried. I could have quit. I could then have blamed them all my life for not making the Olympics; just as you blame your teacher.

Keep telling yourself it’s her fault you aren’t a writer. I know better, because I know writers. I know people who have file cabinets to hold the rejection letters; because they have thousands. They aren’t authors; because they’ve not been published, but they are writers.

You’re a whiner.

@Shadow, @red_locker: It is verbatim as it was told to me. I wasn’t there, I have it second-hand, but that’s pretty much as I heard it.

Falconer, your shirt is brown:

SCHNIFTER: Das ist immer alles Aulung und ist rauch mit and potzen Volkswagen und niemann stint und “Swell Pizza!!”

CROWD: Sieg! Freud! Sieg! Freud! Sieg! Freud!

— The Firesign Theatre, Don’t Crush That Dwarf, Hand Me The Pliers

For real, though. Cool video, bro. I don’t think I’ve seen production values that high since middle school.

Oh, I forgot – my supervisor (who is a woman; it has been explicitly stated to me that women, as a group, receive preference in promotions relative to men), mentioned somewhat obliquely that there may be a substantial raise in my future. I think I may move out to the suburbs, buy a condo. Maybe Ella and I will move in together. And I continue to progress in life.

congratulations on continuing the life trajectory of dull unimpressive cog in the corporate machine?

the world needs faceless bureaucrats drunk on the little bit of status they get in return for their utter subservience, i guess?

Frankly, I find you Boobzers’ tiny attempts to tear me down vaguely amusing, more than anything else. Had a hard day posting on Boobzland?

which is why you go into poutrage mode every time we do it, say lame ass stuff like ‘respect my station, and tell us over and over how much you totally dont care

sure mikey. go back to work.

Excuseeeee me princess, but no one cares if you have a life or not. People are making fun of you because you seem to keep insisting about how great your life is randomly. People that have lives they like generally don’t need to brag about it to random strangers on the internet. Also you are very vague on what you do which makes people doubt you have a good job if you can’t even say what it is. XD

What I find interesting is his idea that everyone else is the same person – that in the commentariat is posting around the clock, then it must be because no commentator ever leaves their computer.

Mikey, you seem so enthusiastic about your awesome job and your awesome girlfriend and your awesome life.

Now tell us again how damaging the gynocracy has been to your life?

I think you’re losing sight of the big picture here.

Do you want to convince us a)that you’re awesome and successful in every way, or b)that feminism has ruined your life?

You can’t do both.

(well you can’t do either at this point but, come on, you look ridiculous)

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