Trogdor005 awaits the apocalypse, which will totally put those bitchy single moms in their place

The average man

Our friend Trogdor005 has returned with a new manifesto on the greatness of men and the utter suckitude of women. It’s inspiring stuff, rendered extra HEROIC through his use of CAPS, BOLD TEXT, random “quotes” and “italics,” and, from time to time, red lettering.

Trog starts by setting forth a now-familiar thesis: Men do everything, and women are just useless parasites. As he puts it:

Men …  are survivors, innovators, explorers, fighters. Most importantly, we men have the ability to ADAPT to changing conditions and environments … something women are incapable of for the most part. …

Take away all the take-out/fast food, automatic cars, cell phones and place one of these self-proclaimed “strong and independent” women out in the wilderness with nothing but the clothes on her back and watch how quickly she starves to death or gets eaten by a bear/lion/tiger/hyena/snake/shark, whichever comes first.

Especially if she’s on her period. Bears love menstrual blood. Sharks, too. Whereas the average man could easily knock a bear out with a swift left hook to the jaw or fend off a shark some sort of clever shark-killing tool he’s managed to fashion out of seaweed, jellyfish and his Speedos.  That’s because men are HUNTERS:

[T]he average man is a natural hunter thanks to instincts ingrained in his brain by evolution and (barring injury) can fend for himself. Women on the other hand are PARASITES that depend on, and live almost exclusively off of, MEN for their survival. Even today with all of the technology that we have, women are still COMPLETELY and HOPELESSLY dependent on men.

Trog then provides a long, long list of the things MEN and only MEN do.  Some highlights:

– It is MEN that create and service the cars, trucks, and SUVs that women drive to/from work, to/from their “thug” lover’s place, to/from the mall, etc. …

– It is MEN that create and service the computers that women use to hop on Slut-book/MySpace and do their attention whoring.

– It is MEN that build and assemble the couches, sofas, recliners, and other furniture than women use to sit on their fat asses watching shows like “Oprah”. …

– It is MEN that toil and sweat in the fields in scorching temperatures, collecting the raw vegetables/fruits that are then shipped to the grocery stores that women visit.

– It is MEN that work in dangerous unsanitory conditions inside the meat/butcher plants to provide safe meats to the fast-food/take out chains that women frequent.

– It is MEN in the form of police, security guards, and soldiers that provide women with a “safe atmosphere” in which they can walk around freely at night.

– It is MEN in sweat shops halfway across the world, working in some cases for nothing but a meal, that produce the “designer clothes” women buy and wear.

– It is MEN in semi-trucks that transport all of the goods I just mentioned (except real estate of course) to their intended destination and “keep the machine turning”.

– It is MEN that set up and maintain the necessary electrical, telecommunications, and sewage “grids” that make “civilized life” possible….

– And finally, it is MEN who venture deep into the deadly, hazard prone “diamond mines” located in remote locations to retrieve the raw stones which are necessary for, and later cut to create the shiny looking object that goes in THE RING

The bottom line is, women need men, but men DON’T need women.

So here is a collection of pictures of Women Who Do Not Exist, in the World of Trogdor:

Imaginary female auto worker
Imaginary female computer assemblers
Imaginary female furniture maker
Imaginary female farm worker
Imaginary female butcher
Imaginary female police officers
Imaginary female sweatshop workers
Imaginary female truck driver
Imaginary female electrician
Imaginary female diamond miners

Trogdor follows his list of Things That Only Men Do with another familiar MGTOW fantasy:

And of course, if things go total “Road Warrior” on us and the electrical, financial, and transportation grids finally fail altogether, women will be in an even more untenable position. I suspect they will be getting raped, robbed, and otherwise not be safe in “the streets”. The police will NOT help, let alone “other” men … who will not have forgotten all the abuse these same women imposed on them in years past via “divorce”, “child support”, “false rape accusations”, “sexual harrassment”, and “I cheated on you … I love you _____ but I’m not IN love with you”. Aside from the contempt for/distrust of women that will have been built up over the years in such a scenario, most men will simply be too busy trying to survive to the next day to give a fuck about some “desperate” single mom that comes to their front door begging for food.

Has anyone else noticed just how much MGTOWers love talking about how bad women will have it when The Shit Hits The Fan? How much they enjoy fantasizing about women being robbed and raped in a lawless world? How much Trogdor seems to relish the notion of single mothers (and presumably their kids) starving to death?

Trogdor continues on, suggesting that our future looks a lot like “any African country where lawlessness reigns.” Naturally, he manages to throw in yet another reference to women “in constant fear of being raped or robbed every time they are walking thru the streets.”

He ends with this happy picture of the End Times:

The smart men will expat before shit hits the fan and watch the entire debaucle from a safe distance. The “thugs” will not go anywhere and will simply rob the women to deal with their “food shortage” issues. The manginas will cower in the corner like pussies … unable to grasp reality, and will also be robbed of their food, water, and possessions by the “thugs” and “bad boys”. The real losers will be women in the end (as it always is following these “Feminist” periods of history … look what happened to women in Babylon, Greece, Egypt, Rome, etc), I suspect many of them will be reduced to fucking for food. …

I’m not really quite sure I’m willing to accept the dire prognostications of someone who can’t spell the word “debacle.”

318 replies on “Trogdor005 awaits the apocalypse, which will totally put those bitchy single moms in their place”

Yeah, I’d really love to have someone with awesome writing skills like that teach my children. Ellipses are useful in some places, but not at the end of every sentence. Also, you, your imaginary friend, and DKM can all go not hang out here if it doesn’t suit you. I have no interests in your dumbass beliefs, and as someone who was raised Catholic, I feel that I have decent perspective on dumbass beliefs. Thus the term. You’re poorly educated and believe in an imaginary sky fairy, and think that’s the best way to raise kids? Sorry, but I beg to differ, though I feel it’s your right to do it, I just feel sorry for your kids because they didn’t get to choose and you did.

Ozy, what I can’t figure out is how the poster, Charity, even exists.

Meller is constantly sliming up these threads, with his little webbed feet flailing about, and asserting that feminism has ruined everything for everyone, everywhere! According to him the fact that I, overeducated feminist she-weasel that I am (with, of course, all apologies to she-weasels), even exist means that women like Charity do not.

I’ve pointed out to him, on numerous occassions that feminism is not preventing him from meeting a “traditional” woman and having a life with her. And, sure enough, here is a woman -who I disagree with- who claims to be living a very happy life that is traditional, places her husband as the head of household, and is content as a stay-at-home wife and mother.

How is this possible, Meller?

You’re constantly croaking on and on about how feminism prevents men from having “traditional” relationships. And yet, here Charity posts; as happy in her relationship as I am in mine. Idealogically, we probably couldn’t be any further apart. Still, somehow, against all of your predictions and narcisstic, megalomaniacal (thanks, Pecunium) and bigoted, toad-like rambling… here we are. Each of us having found the life that suits us best.

How can this be? What do you suppose are the important differences between a toad like you and man like Charity’s husband?

How can both Charity and I exist if you aren’t a vile, bile filled gas-bag with barely any grasp on reality?

Obviously all of you here except for Charity and DKM are reading from the actual texts.

Please stop. You need to stop yer book learnin’ an’ listen to the TRUE learnin’ o’ the Prosperity Gospel!

For Yea! Shall ye heah the WORDS of the ALL MIGHTY DOLLAH!
It is NOT in the BIBUL that you shall TRUELY be freeah! But in The HOLY church o’ PROSPERITY! Theah is NO WAY you can learn the TRUTH by yoself! But ONLY through the PREACHIN’S of the SHEPARDS of the ALL MIGHT DOLLAH!

How can both Charity and I exist if you aren’t a vile, bile filled gas-bag with barely any grasp on reality?

No offense to bile-filled gas-bags!

Charity, your god didn’t design men at all. The best evidence suggests that we came about independently. More to the point, none of the shit you said has been true throughout history. Men and women have had to work in most economic strata, in most cultures, in most of the world. The simple fact is that agrarian societies needed the labor too much for women to only restrict themselves to the home. They just don’t get recognition from assholes like you. Most men throughout history simply could not provide sufficient income for the household to exist on their own. If that makes them horrible people to you, you’re *also* a classist bigot as well as a misogynist; in my book it ain’t a reflection on you that there simply aren’t usually the means to provide for a family alone. You’re just ignorant about class politics, even in the US; a lot more women probably WOULD be housewives if it was remotely possible to live on just one working class income, but it ain’t.

but in the end if you dont change your views you might just end up in the lake of fire

If God actually existed, and actually did the shit you impute to him, we would be obligated as ethical beings to rise against that god and slay him, or fail. To allow such a tyrant to exist is anathema to anyone who believes in freedom, or in good ethics (Protip: No offense justifies eternal punishment. None whatsoever).

Rutee: And (at the risk of No True Scotsmanning a lot of bad theology), most good/coherent reading of the texts agrees with you that nothing justifies eternal damnation (though the question of what it means to “blaspheme the holy spirit” is tricky, the actual offense is really hard to commit, very specific [save the question of what “holy spirit” is meant; the trinitarian readings of God actually seem to stem from this verse, though it’s possible to read it as Jesus not wanting to use The Name, and so one could make an Arian argument that Jesus wasn’t divine, but made; as any other man).

It’s all a simple logic problem.

1: God is omnibenevolent.
2: Omnibenevolence requires that God be willing to forgive any offense.
3: QED, no offense can get one damned for all time.

The various explanations of how such forgiveness is meted out have been the subject of millions of words of theological debate, which isn’t likely to end until Mankind ceases to be in the universe.

Holly: Ignoring the fallacies in Pascal’s Wager, that’s not quite what it is.

Pascal’s Wager is that of conformity. One need not believe, one must merely obey.

This is more true, as a “go along to get along,”, if one is living in an earthly hell, such as that of Meller; since the most critical of the fallacies in Pascal is that of figuring out which God is the One True God, which makes dictates one must obey.

There’s a lot of coherent theology that justifies people burning in hell forever, actually. You’re not just no-true-scotsmaning gibberish. The one I remember best is that an act that harms the eternal, such as a sin, justifies an eternal response, but there’s a great deal of it.

And it’s all for our own good as a species so it’s love, or some such. I don’t remember those particular arguments.

Rutee: Question is… what can Man do which causes real harm to The Eternal?

Sin may Pain God, but if God is the Omnipotent, then Man cannot do real harm.

And the idea that eternal punishment is needed is sop to those who want to see revenge for what they see as crimes against the social/moral order. It’s projection.

But we are quite unlikely to come to a meeting of minds, esp. if you see it all as gibberish.

Rutee: Question is… what can Man do which causes real harm to The Eternal?

Sin may Pain God, but if God is the Omnipotent, then Man cannot do real harm.

I dunno, but if you nibble off one of His noodley appendages He’s gonna be pissed.

I see it as assuming facts not in evidence. You’re the one who said you’d mostly seen incoherent thoughts justifying this particular claim; incoherent thoughts, IE Gibberish.

It’s not exactly a wild leap to say vengeance in justice is a big part of biblical law, even after the NT. It’s not a useful one, regardless, and people haven’t been very good at moving past it in the US. Other areas are seeing a backsliding into it as well.

What I said was that the internal logic of those ideas is lacking in coherence, in that it requires God be less than God is described as being.

Either God is All-loving and All-forgiving or God isn’t. God is All-powerful, or God isn’t.

If Man can actually hurt God, then God isn’t All-powerful.

If God has things which God will not forgive, then God isn’t All-forgiving.

If God isn’t All-forging, then God is not All-loving.

If one is arguing (as those theologies try to do) that God is All-loving, and All-powerful, but he isn’t All-forgiving, they are not coherent; in that they are logically contradictory, no matter how much special pleading they indulge in.

Pecunium: Unless you’re talking about Vulcan/Hephaestus, in which case, metals are kinda their thing. But I don’t think they were great moralizers – very few of the Greek/Roman gods bothered, they were to busy boning everything in sight.

You know, DKM, Eleanor Roosevelt once said “It is not fair to ask of others what you are not willing to do yourself.” Of course, she is a woman, so you probably wouldn’t listen to her.

Suppose that for some reason, your gender was changed. Everything else, personality, interests, likes and dislikes, stayed the same. Instead of a male, you are now female. Would you really be willing to live the sort of life you prescribe to women? Somehow, I doubt it.

As limiting as charity’s beliefs are about all women belonging in the home, at least she is advocating for an arrangement that she is willing to live with.

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