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Hey, you asked for it.

One of the many happy benefits of moving this blog to WordPress is that I can now see in gory detail the search terms people use to get here. The most common search terms are, naturally enough, “manboobz” and “man boobz.” It’s on the third-most-popular search term that things start to get weird: it’s “Australopithecus.”  Why? Well, because once upon a time I posted a picture of an Australopithecus couple going about their Australopithecus business.

Let’s take a quick tour through the rest of the search terms list. I think we can learn a few things, both about this blog and about the dreams and desires of people whiling away a boring afternoon at work by poking around the internet. Here are some preliminary conclusions I have drawn from the data:

1) The teeming millions want to look at dudes with lots of muscles:

world’s most muscliest man

most big muscle in the world

world’s muscular man

disgustingly big muscles

silly muscles

les muscle man end the world

And no, I have no idea what that last one means either.

Clearly, the prevalence of muscle-man related search terms is the side effect of having that little picture of a muscly man at the top of the sidebar in the blogger version of this blog. I feel bad that this was all I had to offer the searchers, so as you can see I’ve added a pic of a man with some, yes, ”disgustingly big muscles.”

2) Human sexuality is a weird, wonderful, and often horrifying thing. Sometimes, it involves advanced computer and/or robotic technology:

future lady robot

create a virtual woman with boobs

will cherry 2000 ever happen?

computer mouse in vagina

Other times, animals:

panda furry porn

animal dildo porn

fish meat and women porn movies

I am trying to get that last image out of my head.

3) If you regularly mention sperm on your blog, you’re going to attract a few weirdos:

how to steal sperm

do lizards like human cum

I just Googled that last one and this post of mine was the FIRST RESULT! I would therefore like to publicly state that I DO NOT KNOW THE ANSWER TO THAT QUESTION and have never even tried to find out the answer to that question. And if you by chance actually do know the answer to that question DO NOT TELL IT TO ME.

4) Angry dudes trying to find men’s rights sites can be careless typists:

why do you always here fiminist indoctorin at school but nothing about mens right activist?

women are like chilfren

A few final thoughts:

Many of the questions listed above are questions that are frankly best left unanswered. But there are some others I would dearly love to see answers to:

what do intellegent agressive beefcake nerds want

what does germaine greer think of buck angel

And one question I can answer pretty definitively:

can socially awkward men find love

Yes. The answer to that one is yes.

170 replies on “The Searchers”

NWOslave – Wow, you really can’t say anything good about men, or any supports or freedoms that men deserve. It’s still just all about the evil women.

You’re not pro-man at all. You don’t even seem to like men, let alone having put any thought into their needs or rights. You’re only anti-woman.

Goddamnit. That’s what I get for fooling around with html tags I guess.


A man (you) is drunk, a man talks him into bed, he says yes. Was he raped?

I’m curious to know if you apply the same standards to yourself as you do to women. Because the last time I checked rape was less about “talking someone into something” and more about, you know, rape.

@Holly…Oh no you’ve befuddled me with reverse logic. I can’t say anything good about men. Priceless. Seriously you need to do much better than that.

How about you Holly care to answer my questions?

How about another one just for you. Here it is. A woman is proven to have falsely accused a man of rape. Should she be punished, and if so what is that punishment?

You know what I would do if a woman falsely accused a man of rape?

I would be concerned about clearing the man’s legal record, about getting the man reinstated in his job if he was wrongfully fired, about the man’s financial support reentering the community from jail, about clearing the man’s good name in the media, about protecting the man from misguided vigilantes.

Charging the women with filing a false police report would be my second priority.

Do you give the first shit about men?

@Snowy…Well snowy you seem to be a bit shy in your knowlege of LAW. If a woman has been drinking, even one drink and she consents to sex, she can indeed claim rape. Can you imagine a man trying that one out in court. “Judge I was drunk so she raped me.” Holy fuck, he’d be a laughingstock. The judge would tell him to rush home so his mommy could change his diaper.

@Holly…Oh Holly ya got me agin! Incredible. However my question remains unaswered. Lets try it again. A woman falsely accuses a man of rape, does she deserve punishment and if so what shall it be?

You should be a crooked politician because you dance around without actually answering the question. Please try again.

Hyperbole aside, if you are accused falsely of a crime, you may bring a lawsuit against your accuser in a court of law for defamation. So the fact that there are no reprisals against false accusers is…a false accusation in and of itself.

I think there are some unanswered questions here!

1) Are both partners at similar levels of intoxication?
2) How drunk is drunk? Are we talking “unsafe to drive” drunk, or “passed out” drunk?
3) Did either partner say no at any point?

The woman should receive whatever the statutory punishment for a false police report is, with the judge taking into consideration the harm done to the man.

I’m not going to ask for some medieval “and then she should have to go down a slide of razorblades INTO A POOL OF LEMON JUICE” bullshit, but I would expect her to go to prison and/or owe the man a substantial judgement in a civil suit, yeah.

This conversation is gross beyond belief. I volunteer with rape victims. Sit in on the police interview sometimes. And you know what? It doesn’t happen like NWOslave imagines it does. Surprise!

Most people who are raped and report it are women. Most are marginalized in some way. They are usually: very young, very old, very poor, mentally incapacitated, homeless, addicts, sex workers, or disabled. They live in homes and are raped by caretakers. They live on the street and are raped by some dude who got mad because they won’t give up their cigarettes. They needed a place to stay, and the person who let them crash on their couch raped them. They are raped by abusive ex-husbands and ex-lovers who were able to weasel their way into the apartment. Give me a fricking break, NWOslave–you have no idea what you’re talking about, no desire to learn, and yet you’re still typing.

When we’re talking about (or, more to the point, prosecuting) men who rape drunk women, these aren’t men who have gotten the woman’s consent (or at least not in my experience). These rapists are taking advantage of a situation where they believe they don’t have to get consent, and their victim will not fight back (or if she does, it will be ineffectual) and will not press charges (and if she does, no one will believe her report). And that happens quite a bit, actually — that not believing the report bit. A lot of police do an excellent jobs, but at least some don’t. And sometimes the hospital staff doesn’t. People who have just been raped, once they realize how much they actually have to go through to file a report, and the likelihood that their attacker won’t be punished, often decide not to file.

Jesus. How privileged and removed from the world do you have to be to read about rape reports that weren’t followed up on and turn it into a story about the poor menz and how no one can be raped after they’ve taken a drink? Unbelievable.

@law1204…Well with a name like law1204 I’m guessin you know lots about that lawyerly stuff. Let me hep ya out with how thats workin out. I think there actually been a whopping 2 cases where a woman has actually been, what can one say, rebuffed for false accusations.

Average time served…0.0000000000001 seconds for false accusations.

Average defamation payment…0.0000000000001 cent for false accusations.

Yeeeeaaa, I’m guessing it’s not a real big deterrent.

That’s not literally true, though, NWOslave. If you’re just going to say things that aren’t true, go with “women are evil because of their collusion with the pink elephants,” which has about as much correlation with crime statistics and news reports as your figures.

And man, you’re at it again! You’re always at it: talking all about women being bad, and not at all, not sparing one sentence for defending men or advocating for men!

@ozymandias….Only one party is drunk in either of the scenarios I presented. By law one is rape the other isn’t. Your thoughts?

Also no one, and I mean no one has answered my question on does a woman who blatantly falsely accuses a man of rape deserve pusishment and if so what shall it be?

I answered your question — the normal statutory punishment in her state for filing a false police report (plus obstruction of justice if she submitted false evidence or concealed real evidence), plus a civil suit by the man.

And then I talked about actually helping the man recover from all this, but you didn’t like that part.

@Holly….Please stop with the not caring about men. Do you really believe I can be so easily decieved?

Put it this way Holly, if the false accusations ceased because there was a punishment for trying to incarcerate a man. That is the root of the problem. Not golly gee, lets clear is name and wish him well. What? Don’t you care about men?

Seriously, please stop with the you care about men I don’t ploy. It’s not working. OK.

If one party is very, very drunk– the kind of drunk where they are puking and literally cannot make their own decisions and people should be drunksitting them– and the other is sober, then it is rape, regardless of the genders involved. I believe this is the idea of mainstream feminism.

@Holly…You answered nothing, the normal “punishment” for a woman who falsely accuses a man of rape is, “the case is dismissed.” There is NO punishment.

Stop with, oh golly! Lets all help the man get back on his feet. The question remains which you won’t answer because you just can’t bring yourself to punish a woman for any crime.

NWO – I care about men. I don’t know if you do or not. You seem weirdly reluctant to show it.

How hard would it be to say, at a minimum, “the woman should be flogged and have to swallow a porcupine whole and have to eat Satan’s poopy, and also the man should receive counseling and financial reparations”?

I know I’m harping on it at this point, but I’m just amazed how little you think about men. (And then you say “stop saying I don’t care about men!” but you never do seem to say “I care about men!”)

NWO – in both of your scenarios the determination of whether the drunk person was raped will depend on whether that person was intoxicated to the point of being unable to give consent. Both men and women have to give consent.

I said the statutory punishment, not the customary one (which isn’t actually that lenient but let’s not even go there), and I guarantee you no state has a statute saying women are exempt from Filing A False report or Obstruction of Justice.

Oh, Jesus H. Fucking Tap Dancing Christ on a Cracker and/or Pogo Stick! Can someone call NWO? His slave is loose again.

Also, a man falsely accused of rape has the same ability to seek legal repercussions against his accuser as any person falsely accused of a crime. And if, as you suggest, being found “not guilty” is the same as being falsely accused, then the person found not guilty should have a relatively easy time making their case as the standard of proof in the civil defamation case is significantly lower than the standard of proof in the criminal trial.

C’mon ozymandias, it’s mainstream feminism that wrote the laws on this. You know as well as I do that a woman can accuse a man of rape/sexual assault at the drop of a hat. Don’t pretend like you don’t know this.

Do all women do this? Of course not. But lets add up the numbers shall we? If theres a million a year, which is probably on the low ball side. In fourty years thats 40 million. Since there are 3 million “restarining orders” handed out a year, on a womans word, thats 120 million in fourty years. If there are a 1/4 million jobs given to women a year due to quotas thats 10 million in 40 years. If there are a 1/4 million sports/classes given a year to women due to Title IX thats 10 million in fourty years.

Do you see how the numbers are adding up? Thats a lot of disgruntled men. Since these numbers are now perpetual, can you not see how this will lead to a very bad ending? And this is just a tiny portion of the LAWS instigated and written by feminists. There really can be only one outcome to this situation.

Since there are “only” about 240,000 sexual assaults reported in the US per year, that’s quite a number you got there.

Sure, NWOslave. I’ll answer. I suspect you won’t like my answers, but whatever.

This? If a woman has been drinking, even one drink and she consents to sex, she can indeed claim rape.

Is wrong. It may depend on her tolerance (and the state’s statute), but generally speaking, to reach a level where one cannot legally consent, one would have to be pretty drunk. One beer wouldn’t do it.

Like the other people who answered your question, I think that there are already punishments in place for people who file false reports with the police, and those should be used when the police are sure that that’s what happened. Not in cases like this one, where it didn’t. The falsely imprisoned man might be able to file a civil suit also. But most of the time, when MRAs talk about the high incidence of false rape reports, they’re not talking about reports that were filed in bad faith. Usually it’s more like, the wrong guy was caught. Which is sad, but it happens, and it’s not the woman’s fault nor does it mean that rapists don’t get due process. I glanced at that link, by the way, and it stinks. Due process has nothing to do with whether rape victims’ names are made public or whether victims of crimes are compensated.

Men who have been raped should be taken seriously as well. It’s a shame that they aren’t, and a shame that resources to help men who have been raped are limited.

If you have more questions, I’ll answer them.

@Holly…Please stop pretending you give a flying damn about men. It’s not working. You quick to punish a man for any slight against a woman, yet when a woman attempts to jail a man, for who knows how long, you simply can’t bring youself to punish her.

If your all about equality and helping men, why not forgive all men for their transgressions and help the women they’ve hurt?

I mean if I said, well lets let the rapist go free but focus our efforts on helping the woman recover. Would you believe I really wanted to help women? Because if ya do, I’ll start rolling out comments that’ll burn your ears!

But I never said to let women who accuse men go free. I said to support the man and prosecute and sue the woman. And then I marveled that you didn’t consider the problems of the man, and continue to prioritize “giving men rights” way, wayyy below “WOMEN ARE HATE MONSTERS FROM MARS AND THEY GET FREE CANDY BARS FROM THE GOVERNMENT EVERY TIME THEY THROW ROCKS AT A MAN.”

(It gets weird after a while when I stop and remember that men and women, are, like, related. True fact: I grew up in a house where there were both men and women! Living in harmony! One of those rare “mixed” households, you know.)

@Bee…Please read this, the wrong guy wasn’t caught.

I mean c’mon, you can almost hear the exasperation in the report. He just wrote ect. at the end of excuses women gave for filing false reports, like they were endless.

Please stop saying women are punished for this behavior, you know it isn’t true.

If a woman has been drinking, even one drink and she consents to sex, she can indeed claim rape? Hmm… I suspect it is you NWOslave and not me who is a bit shy in his knowledge of law.

Whether or not you and the other MRA incompetents can successfully prove your case in court is irrelevant to the reality that you can, in fact, bring defamation lawsuits against your “false accusers” who are, contrary to what you would like, entitled to their day in court as well. Innocent until PROVEN guilty by a court of law by a jury of one’s peers sound familiar?

And yes, filing a false report or obstructing justice is also a crime and is also punishable by fines and/or jail time. If in fact a woman has NOT been indicted for falsely reporting or obstructing justice, you can shut your trap accusing her of such if a judge didn’t even find as much.


And yes, women have in fact gone to jail for false accusations.,0,217790.story

@Holly…I too grew up in a fantastic household. In fact we’re so close that my sister lives next door, my brither and I share a house because we’re both on the road. My dad moved 1/4 mile away.

The problem is I blame men and women for their actions. And believe they should be punished equally. You however cannot ever bring yourself to have a woman punished. Thats a growing problem and the consequences will be unpleasant.


NWO typically stands for New World Order, a handy shorthand for determining that the user of this acronym is batshit insane. It is often altered depending on who the speaker blames all their problems on, for example by changing the N to a J for “Jew World Order”. So in this case, NWO could also possibly stand for Now Womanist Order, or something similar.

I also think it was a late 90s wrestling federation, but that’s a lesser possibility.

@law1204…Thats great, 3 cases out of a million a year, 2 of them right here in the US. Average punishment 0.000000000000001. Just like I said.

Not to get all up on your math again, but there’s 240,000 sexual assault allegations a year, and you gotta figure some of them are true.

You realize that that’s not a report that you linked to, right? And that those were only examples (perhaps based on real life and perhaps not) of situations where officers in 1984 might close a file out as “unfounded”? No one actually went to prison or nothing. You seem to be getting upset over police work leading to a result that you should be in favor of. You should be celebrating that liars (and probably some nonliars who were sick of being questioned by an officer who clearly didn’t believe them) were turned away during interrogation, before any money was wasted and any man was imprisoned. Instead, you seem angry. Why is that?

Frankly, in my experience, most people who have been raped don’t want to file a report about it. And some of them will run out halfway through, once they realize how awful it is, on top of an already awful experience. But I said that already, didn’t I?

And where did I say that women are punished for “this behavior”? I linked to an article where a woman was punished for filing a false report when it turned out not to be false. Was that what you meant?

@Holly… According to feminist, why just last month they said 1 in 5 women are sexually assaulted every year in colleges alone. Now unless my math is way faulty I’d say your 240k number is a tish low.

@Bee….Thats right Bee, it was 1984, can you imagine after almost another 30 years of feminism what it is today?

One more time.

If a woman falsely accuses a man of rape, should she be punished, and if so for how long?

Can someone please answer this question.

Okay, let me rephrase: according to the U.S. Department of Justice’s National Crime Victimization Survey, there were 248,300 sexual assaults in the US in 2007, the most recent year I found stats for on a quick search.

Roughly 1 in 6 women will experience a sexual assault in her lifetime (National Institute of Justice & Centers for Disease Control & Prevention.), not every year!

And, like I said, you gotta figure at least a couple of these (God, I’m being sarcastic and I still hate myself) actually happened, right?



If a woman falsely accuses a man of rape, should she be punished, and if so for how long?

Any takers, should she be punished by LAW?

@Holly…Did you say statutory punishment, and do tell what is that? Is it comparable for trying to imprison a man for up to 20 years? Or is it time served, now git ya little scamp.

Thats right Bee, it was 1984, can you imagine after almost another 30 years of feminism what it is today?

Help me out here, NWOslave. What does that second “it” refer to? Right now I’ve only got … it is almost 2014, but I don’t think that’s what you meant.

If a woman falsely accuses a man of rape, should she be punished, and if so for how long?

Didn’t I (and other people) already answer this? I say: If she there is enough evidence to find her guilty of this, then she should absolutely be punished for filing a false report, whatever the punishment for that is in her jurisdiction. Incidentally: Same as if a man files a false report. Because I support equality.

It’s whatever’s specified in the state’s statutes, the ones that apply equally to men and women. I’m not a judge, and each case is different.

I wouldn’t presume to decide the punishment for rape either by the way. I certainly think there should be one (durr), but that’s up to the court.

NWO you priceless idiot: Holly and others have already answer this question multiple times. She should receive the standard penalties for filing a false police report; and the accused should have the right to sue her for defamation.

Do you actually read anyone’s comments ever?

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